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domesticabusewillsaveusall: Stefon’s Wedding |x| SNL...


Stefon’s Wedding |x| SNL 18/5/2013 

German Smurfs, Gizblow the coked up Gremlin, Human Fire Extinguishers, Ben Affleck and is that Ryan Seacrest? No it’s a drowned albino who looks like Axl Rose.

I’m going to miss Bill Hader.

the best long term payoff for a joke ever on snl

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не говнорежисер-нищеброд сеня-сто долларов гонч, не?

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El Perro la Hizo!!!

Oh shit

Did dog whisperer just kick a dog?

hey i love dogs but sometimes you gotta kick a dog. like if it ever attacks you.

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NZZ Campus

by andy

Illustrations for NZZ campus magazine.
Art direction by Raffinerie.

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gentleconsideration: Eleanor Kent

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inechi: only $8 plus shipping

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3.88 МБ
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Saxy Moves!

Submitted by: ToolBee

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Talking about OCD: This reporter can’t say his name...

Talking about OCD: This reporter can’t say his name without moving his head.

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gettin his classic

gettin his classic

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Nice publications

by Gavin Lucas

This installment of nice publications includes illustrator Mr Bingo's Hate Mail book, Jon McNaught's forthcoming Dockwood comic, and B&W, the first in an ongoing series of colour-themed books from Victionary...

Top of the pile is Mr Bingo's Hate Mail book (Michael Joseph, £9.99). The book is essentially a memento of the illustrator's Hate Mail project from April last year in which he sent abusive (but hand illustrated) postcards to people who signed up (and paid £10) to receive some hate in the post. Hate mail has never been this funny.

"It was a late night drunk idea," says Bingo of the project, "but it really took off. So much so that I had to close the service after six days because it proved too popular."

The book gathers together Bingo's 100 favourite Hate Mails from the project. The copy we received in the post contains this appropriately hateful dedication:

More info about Hate Mail at

Next up is the first in a new series of colour-themed "palette" books from Hong Kong publisher Victionary. Black & White collects recent graphic design projects from around the world that incorporate no colours at all but which funciton in simple black and white.

The 256 page book contains graphic identiies, packaging solutions, branding projects, products and interiors from contributors including Here Design, ilovedust, Leterme Dowling, Michael Garrett. Non Format, and Studio Astrid Stavro, to name but a few. Here are some spreads:

Black & White (US$40) is available in either a white or a black cover direct from

Bristol-based illustrator Jon McNaught's narrative illustration style is distinctive: he favours small panels, almost like tiles of illustrations, which reveal sequences that tend to focus on the minutae of everyday life in order to set a scene or tell a story.

His new 64 page comic book, Dockwood (Nobrow, £13.95) weaves together the stories of three residents of a fictional town as they go about their daily routines on a cloudy October Tuesday. Here are some images:

Dockwood can be pre-ordered from now.

CR for the iPad
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CR in Print
In our October print issue we have a major feature on the rise of Riso printing, celebrate the art of signwriting, examine the credentials of 'Goodvertising' and look back at the birth of D&AD. Rebecca Lynch reviews the Book of Books, a survey of 500 years of book design, Jeremy Leslie explains how the daily London 2012 magazine delivered all the news and stories of the Games and Michael Evamy explores website, offering "data-driven insights into logo design". In addition to the issue this month, subscribers will receive a special 36-page supplement sponsored by Tag celebrating D&AD's 50th with details of all those honoured with Lifetime Achievement awards plus pieces on this year's Black Pencil and President's Award-winners Derek Birdsall and Dan Wieden. And subscribers also receive Monograph which this month features Rian Hughes' photographs of the unique lettering and illustration styles of British fairgrounds

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99 useful hints and tips for everyday life

by Mark Frauenfelder

Most of the clever tips on this page will eventually come in handy for me. I tried the toilet roll iPhone speaker trick and it works!

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Picture of the day!

by mads