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26 Feb 03:55

everythingfox:“What he lacks in agility he makes up for in...


“What he lacks in agility he makes up for in brains”


11 Jul 04:18

noctomania: thenatsdorf: Billi speaks. (via billispeaks) billi...



Billi speaks. (via billispeaks)

billi want food

billi get food later?

billi want food!

billi mad.

billi want drugs.

11 Jul 04:18

rubykgrant: captioned-vines: duanejosepholson: How Bert...




How Bert snapped

Ernie: “My waste paper basket. Bert, have you seen my waste paper basket?”

Bert: “Ask me that again and look into my eyes.”

these puppets are more real than real people

03 Jul 05:34

Do you have any recommendations for books similar to Six of Crows duology? I absolutely loved it and I can't find another book that has such great characters, let alone any good books where the protagonist(s) is amoral/in the morally grey area and just books without main characters being obnoxiously traditionally "good" and "heroes"

Finding good anti-hero(es) stories can be difficult, both in and out of the YA genre! The problem is morally grey and likable villains tend to blend and be mixed together. My definite first recommendation if you enjoyed Six of Crows in the Gentleman Bastard series which has the same heist set-up, morally questionable characters, high stakes, and humor! 


These books have a range of characters from heroes who do questionable things, anti-heroes, or just likable villains. Also, if you haven’t considered reading Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire, you should because practically everyone is morally questionable at some point but a lot of are still incredibly well-done and interesting characters. Oh, also keep an eye out for Forest of a Thousand Lanterns by Julie C Dao! It comes out and is an anti-heroine fantasy book I’m dying to get my hands on!

Also, here are some lists you may want to peruse:

If you have suggestions make sure to reblog or comment to add them!

-The Book Matchmaker