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Love Smacks By Justin Bedard

by TeraS

Love Smacks
By Justin Bedard


For @BridgeportChro1

“Tera wants me to what?”

Yeah, about what I expected when I finally got around to telling him.
“I know, I know,” I said. “But look! She’s got blueprints for it and everything!”

“Tina, that’s not the point…”

“What, you can’t do it?”

Just calling his bluff. I knew he could do it. He built a watch that can generate a motorcycle AND an actual freakin’ proton pack (which I still had to change hiding spots for every time he asked about it ‘cause Little Miss can’t have nice things). If anyone could do it, it was my big brother Lance.

“I can do it,” he said and looked over the scraps I’d pushed into his hands. “I just…I mean, what is it with them and pillows?”

“Running gag, I guess?”

“A running gag that’s gone a little too far, I’d say. Look at this.”

I’d looked at it more times than I could count. I’d already seen the room Auntie Tera rented out for it, and everything seemed perfectly legit. I mean…yeah, it looked like one of those rooms you toss convicts into after hooking them up in a straitjacket, but if you’re gonna make a quirky plan like this, you’re gonna do it with a little touch of totally weird.

“Not the room,” Lance said when I brought it up. “The cannon.”

The Linen-nator 9000, version 1.0 (© Succubi Enterprises). Twenty feet tall with a fifty-foot range. Meant to sit in the middle of a pretty big battleground (if that’s what you wanna call a pillow fight room). I liked it, but I was a preteen hopped up on sugar and anime 24/7 and therefore liked everything the least bit quirky. Basically I’m admitting I look before I leap even on my best days, and having a genius big brother with a bit of a cynical streak, believe it or not, doesn’t do a damn thing to fix it.

“Come on, bro!” I whined ‘cause that always helps. “It’s just like laser tag with pillows! Even Bianca and Sophia are coming!”
“To see their benefactor blasted into next week?”

“That’s why Auntie Tera wants you to make it. ‘Cause you’re a genius and you’re the best shot we have at getting it right…oh, and she wants you to upgrade the rifles you made last year.”

It was at that point that Lance rolled his eyes and swivelled his chair back away, tinkering away at what I was pretty sure was another watch just like his. And yeah, that was all well and good, but I’m not the little sister that gets ignored, dang it! So I parked my tiny tush right on his workspace and gave him the brattiest pout I could. Looked him right in the eyes, knit my eyebrows, and crossed my arms. He tried to lift me off. No dice. He tried to push me off. Nuh-uh. He gave me the Dwayne Johnson eyebrow, and I gave him the Grumpy Cat frown. I can do this all day, man. All freakin’ day.

“Tina…” he said.


Yeah. Hmph. Says so much and it ain’t even a real word. No, I’m not too old to use it ‘cause I am the utter cuteness and I can get whatever I want by being the utter cuteness.

What? You don’t believe me?

“It’s not that I don’t want to do it,” Lance said. “It’s just that there’s so much that needs to be figured out beforehand. Like…this guy we’re doing the whole thing for.”


“Yeah, Chris. How much experience does he have with this sort of thing?”

“Literally gets smacked with a pillow every time he and Auntie Tera meet up.”


If I knew, I’d tell ya.

“The point is,” Lance said. “There’s a lot of variables to this that all need to line up perfectly. How can we make the cannon so everyone playing can use it on the fly? How can we set up the play zone so there’s enough room to bob and weave out of its range? How can we make sure that anyone who does get shot by the cannon won’t have to go to the hospital afterwards?”

Good point, but stay sharp, folks! Harlita’s prepping her smarty-pants slapshot!

“That’s really the deciding factor,” he went on. “The ammo might be pillows, but firing out of something like this? It’s like if you dropped a baseball off the Empire State Building. It wouldn’t matter if it was two pounds or five pounds or whatever. Once it hits terminal velocity, it might as well be an asteroid.”

“Right. Except gravity goes down, not left and right. So it’ll get slower as it goes. And this isn’t the Empire State Building, it’s like twenty feet from the wall.”

Form looks good…she shoots!

“Right, but people can still get concussions from pillow fights.”

“Not if you don’t aim for the head. And this thing is supposed to be manual, right?”



“Ah-ha, and you thought I didn’t pay attention in science class.”

“I most certainly didn’t, Little Miss Straight A.”

Yeah, I’m pretty awesome. More awesome was that I could see him starting to come around as he looked at the blueprints, then up at the ceiling, and then closed his eyes and gently bit his lip. Most people had a thinking cap. My big brother had a thinking ritual.

“Materials all together?” he asked.


“Testing area secured?”


“Payment sorted?”

“Rina and Bran won’t kidnap you…without advance notice.”





What’re you looking at?! Be funny, get lovey!

“Gods, you’re lucky you’re so cute…” Lance sighed, then groaned again when I put on my sugar face and gave him a big hug.
“You’re the best, bro!”

“I wouldn’t get too excited just yet. The only way I can accurately test this thing would be on an actual person, and no. You aren’t even on the longlist for candidates.”

I wanted to argue just from force of habit, but he was right. You had to work hard and long to get a good body. Longer still if you wanted it to stand this kind of blast over and over ‘til it was just right.
Like, say…six hundred years?
“Aaaaaand I wish I had nothing to do with this…” Lance grumbled.
“Hey, you already built it,” I said. “No sense getting cold feet now.”
“No sense getting cold feet when we’re using my girlfriend to test a high-powered pillow cannon.”

“I was gonna ask Monica, but Kumi-chan still whoops her ass in wrestling. And Sandra straight up said no.”

Actually it was more like she looked up from the five-hundred pound barbell she was deadlifting and gave me the cocked eyebrow and bemused smirk combo until I figured it out myself. Still love ya, big sis.
For real, though, the Linen-nator came out great. Lance already fixed it up to make it a little less of a death machine. Widening the barrel to increase the spread and lower the range, programming a failsafe so the shots wouldn’t go above 20 KPH, and asking everyone for miles to PLEASE not fiddle with it. I figured that’d be the best he could do. Rule #1 of the Realm: you can ask them not to do something and have a better than crap chance of them listening. You can tell them not to do something and expect all the tricksters to come out and play. Gotta keep ‘em separated.

Speaking of tricksters, we spied a red tail swishing around inside the barrel, making the last few adjustments Lance needed and loading her own special breed of ammo. The kind of silk and cotton only the Seamstress of the Realm could weave, I saw when I walked around to take a look.

“Those are some pretty fancy pillows, Auntie.”

She spun around and smooched my cheek before I could even finish talking. Heck of a sight seeing her ditch her trademark jacket to come and help us out, but I guess she made up for it with the bandeau top/overall combo and the fancy red ribbon keeping her hair up in a ponytail. The sexy engineer look definitely worked on her, but then again, so did everything.

“Only the best for my dearest Brother,” she said, then looked over at Lance. “Thanks for pouring your all into this, love.”

Lance looked like he wanted to say something snarky, but Tera has those eyes that could make even a god go weak in the knees (or her super cynical nephew building a death machine against his will). That’s right, baby! Read ‘em and weep! Girls! We run this mother!

I mean, he knew that, anyway. Look at his girlfriend. You don’t get a girl like Akumi-doji without having a little respect for the fairer sex.

“Well, it’s not any of us that needs to be impressed,” he said and went back to his last few adjustments. “And while I’m on the subject and before someone tries to blindside me, seriously. What is it with you two and pillows?”

“Just he and I each indulging our inner child,” Auntie Tera answered with a sly little shrug. “You’re never too old to have a little…fun.”

Aaaaaand fishy face! …you know, when you open and close your mouth a ton of times like you’re going to answer but you can’t find the words? That’s a fishy face. Auntie Tera served them up like the pro of all pros, and my big brother wore them like a guy who’d already finished high school by the time he got his first real girlfriend.

Hey, don’t laugh so hard. I reckon that’s a ton of you guys, too. And I don’t think too many of you would have it in you to score an oni.

Lance called in Japanese once the fishy face was gone.

That’s what she said.

…I mean, it was. You ever meet Akumi? Fam, she is JACKED! And the sweetest girl this side of Sugarville. It’s a really cool combination, and really fun to watch when Lance ran over to help her get the last few bits of protective gear fastened on.

he said.

she answered and gave Auntie Tera a little wave.

Then she did this cute little pose where she bent down until her face was level with his and winked, pretty much guaranteeing she was learning way too much from Monica.

she joked even though she actually wasn’t joking.

I aspire to the adorable romance between my big brother and his oni girlfriend. Like, when you’re strong enough to bench-press a car and your man STILL worries about you getting hurt? And then he gets all cute and nervous when you get flirty and you just wanna hug him ‘til he’s permanently stuck to you? And now I’m sad ‘cause I really want a significant other but I’m too tomboyish for boys and too quirky for girls?

This isn’t supposed to be about me? Thank you, random audience member!

“Okay,” Lance sighed, pulling the last strap into place and then punching some code in on the Linen-nator’s interface. “If everyone’s ready for this to go to complete crap, the targeting system is set to only shoot at the torso. The end product’s going to be manual, but I have on automatic now so we can test the firepower. Too far under the threshold and it’s a love tap. Too far above it and Florence is gonna have a sudden influx of patients in the trauma room.”

“And that’s why we hired a genius,” I said.

“Hm. Anyhow, we’re gonna start with thirty-five KPH and taper it down from there. And please don’t mess around with it because I’d rather not blast Akumi back to 1955.”

“Hey, I love her, too! What’re you looking at me for?!”

“I’m looking at both of you.”

And there was Auntie Tera, one hand on her heart with her mouth open in a fake gasp. I think the word I’m looking for is “theatrical”, but I don’t reckon opening night on Broadway could top her.

“Moi?! Why, my dearest Lance, I would never! We’re already stretching the limit with the plutonium reserves I installed!”


“Well, how else are we supposed to generate the 1.21 gigawatts to power the flux capacitor?! Great Scott!!!”

“…you know, one of these days I’m gonna have a heart attack. And I’m gonna blame it on succubi the world over.”

That’s our Auntie. Playful even in the face of potential suckage. Such is life and love and everything in between. Suddenly getting a little preachy, eh? Go back to being funny, ya little diamond eye cutie pie!

Probably two weeks later when Lance finally learned to take a joke, he traced his fingers over the interface, and ladies and gents and enbys! Zee Linen-nay-tah!!! SHE LIVES!!! …and she’s a lot louder than I thought she’d be. Like…wow, she was loud. Work in progress, yeah, but it sure didn’t sound like a pillow cannon. It kinda sounded like…I dunno, NASA getting ready for liftoff?

…uh oh.

Lance asked. Akumi called back and took up a stance.

“Awesome…awesome. …okay. Linen-nator 9000, firepower test A-1. In three…two…welcome to Jackass.”

Just to put things in perspective here, Akumi is about 6’3” not counting her horns, weighs a little over two hundred pounds, and is about as close to a pro sumo wrestler as I’ve ever met. TL;DR? She’s a big strong girl, which was why I asked her to help out in the first place.

Guess how well it went.


Thrown across the room, flat against the wall. So hard that she stuck to the wall and the pillow stuck to her before she fell face first on the floor. I’d tell Lance to put an airbag in that armour, but let’s be real. The airbag just decked her at Mach 3.

Oh, and Bianca was here! Cool!

“I take it that WASN’T supposed to happen?” our resident vampire queen asked.

“No,” Lance answered…and broke my lifelong assumption that I’d never be scared of him. “No, it wasn’t.”

“Lance, darling. I don’t mean to undermine you, but before you point fingers, are you sure you converted the speed right?”

Yeah, bro. I mean, thank you for at least listening to her and checking, but Jay-zus. Give a girl a heart attack, why don’t ya? I guess it was just good that Bianca was on the money when all was said and done.

“They called you a genius, Parker, and you actually believed it…” he grumbled, then slammed his forehead against the panel and groaned out loud. “Goddammit, why are imperial measurements even a thing?!”

So instead of thirty-five kilometres per hour, Akumi got hit at thirty-five MILES per hour. Okay, gotcha…sorry, just doing the math here. Okay, so take MPH and divide it by…what was it…1.6093 decimal number that runs on forever, and you get KPH, so…screw it, where’s my freakin’ calculator?

Ah, here we go! So thirty-five MPH equals about fifty-six KPH. Which in car crash terms equals a 90% chance of death…proving once and for all that it doesn’t always pay to know stuff.

But it does pay to be an oni.

she laughed, getting up and dusting herself off like champ of all champs and giving us a wave.

“Glad I could make the test run,” Bianca called back.

“And the end of my relationship…” we could hear Lance whining as he ran over, but Akumi ruffled his hair and pecked him on the cheek before he could make too big of a stink. Love him to death, but even I gotta say he needs to take a load off. Like, damn. She was hugging and loving on him like nothing happened. There ain’t a single end scenario better than that.

“Pardonne-moi, little lady,” Bianca cooed in my ear. “Aren’t I owed a hug?”

Well, she got it. And a big kiss from Auntie Tera. We’ve got a big weird family tree, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

“Bravo getting him to agree to this,” Bianca chuckled. “I’ll certainly have to thank him later…personally.”

Never thought you’d hear that getting bitten counts as a reward, eh? Well, I never thought Krampus was real until I apparently got kidnapped by him…

…long story.

…that I don’t remember.


“Everything’s been arranged?” Auntie Tera asked.

“And then some,” Bianca answered. “My dear benefactor’s received his calling card to Pleasures. Sophia will be along to escort him. I hope you don’t mind, my love, but I borrowed your girls for a while to set up a small warp. Just enough for the dice to roll as they should…”

“They wouldn’t miss such a chance. No…suspicions to report on our guest’s end?”

“Oh, enough to fill the naughty-and-nice list. One guess which side we stand on.”

Still thirteen…is what I’d say if I didn’t have the biggest fan crush on Jensen Ackles. And Joe Keery. And Charlie Heaton. Oh, and Joseph Quinn, too! Gah, Stranger Things! Too many sexy boys!!! STAHP!!!
“I gotta ask, though…” I spoke up. “…is Chris really okay with this? The whole pillow smacking thing. Sorry, Lance got me wondering about it and now I can’t stop.”

“You know what they say about curiosity and the cat, love,” Bianca answered and drummed her fingers through my hair. “A good thing it doesn’t hurt to be…curious around these parts.”

Where the kitties were as curious as the rest of us. Still adorbs, though.

“It’s just something I do to show him my love,” Auntie Tera mewled (I think I used that word right). “…or my bemusement that he so often deserves. Nothing I wouldn’t mind done to myself.”

“So if I grabbed that pillow and smacked you with it, you wouldn’t get mad?”

“That depends. Are you feeling…lucky?”
Trick question. She’d be paying attention to me, so I’d be lucky either way.

“Alright, girls,” Bianca laughed and wrapped an arm around each of us. “Let’s save that banter for the battlefield. My darling Chris deserves nothing but our all…and don’t worry your pretty head, Tina. He’ll love meeting you.”

I actually wasn’t worried at all. C’mon, what’s not to love about me? Have you ever met me? I’m me!

“Well, as long as no one gets too hurt,” I said, which pretty much painted a big fat target for Lance to shoot with a snarky comment in three…two…

“Thankfully no, or else we’d have a very angry ogre girl to answer to.”

“Yeah, only Kumi-chan doesn’t have an angry bone her body and could give you diabetes she’s so sweet?”

So sweet that said ogre girl swept Lance up into her big muscly arms bridal style and nuzzled his cheek. Romantic aspirations. Right in my face. Really want a boyfriend now and dreading turning this into a Valentine’s special.

Akumi said.

“To sweep dear Lance off his feet, I’d assume,” Tera chuckled.

Then Auntie and Bianca swarmed them, and then all three started planting kisses all over Lance’s face. Me jelly? Yep.

“Um, help?!” Lance asked by the time his face was all red with blush and lipstick.

It took us about ten more minutes to get back on track, then about five tries and prying Akumi off the wall twice before we got the power just right.

No pressure.


I actually thought we’d given too much away when the big day came and Chris was a no-show at first. Auntie Tera and Bianca went in for a few final touches and first pick of cover while I sat outside the door and waited. It’d be almost too boring if I didn’t know what was coming up. Either way, I thanked holy Lilith herself when I heard a portal open nearby and two voices getting closer.

“This seems like a prank,” I heard one voice say.

“A prank? From the Queen?” giggled another. “Why, don’t you know our kind at all?”

“Yeah. I do.”

I got a little peek of him. Short reddish hair. Glasses. Some nice scruff. Pretty tall (though I’m smol, so that’s not saying a whole lot). Good lookin’ guy, all in all. Though he was looking straight at me when he and supremely sexy Sophia came around the corner. That’s a problem.

“Hey, who was that?” I heard Chris say just as I zipped through the door and jumped behind the closest cover.

“Who was who?”

“That girl I just saw.”

“There’s girls all over this place, babe. You’re gonna have to be a little specific.”

Yeah, she and Monica hung out a lot. I won’t say how those hangouts usually ended, but you already know in the back of your head, don’t ya?

…see?! He knows!

Chris threw open the door not too long after I managed to hide, and he saw the same décor that made me jaw hit the floor when I’d made it there earlier. The whole warehouse-sized room was covered in pillows. Like, so many pillows. Mom is scared there’s so many pillows. There were tiny bunkers and trenches to hide in, a couple sniper towers on each wall, and the crowning jewel itself sitting on a pedestal in the middle. The Linen-nator 9001. Fully operational and tailormade for all your supernatural elimination needs!

…wait, wrong story.

“What have you got planned for me now, Sis?” Chris murmured.
He started to turn for the door, but no dice. Sophia already locked it, and now she was giving him that weird hungry look I see older succubi give their S.O. all the time. Salacious, I think the word is? Chris is looking at me again, so best to play it cute.

“Hi-eeee!” I said and waved. “We haven’t met before. I’m Tina.”
“…yeah, okay. Hi, Tina,” he answered after looking at me like I was about to jump him. “Any chance Tera set you up to this?”

He turned to look at Sophia again, but she was already setup in a dugout. Stripped down to a bra and loose PJ pants, pillow rifle up on her shoulder like if Rambo holed up in a Sleep Country.

“Well, you know the saying, babe,” Sophia giggled.

There was Bianca up on the nearby sniper tower, her rifle aimed down and mounted up on her bare leg. God DAMN, she looked awesome in that nightgown!

“Love smacks!” she called.

Then the Linen-nator roared to life, and up popped Auntie Tera. Satin PJs with her initials woven into the back, evil grin plastered all over her face, rocking the battle-born bedhead like a pro of all pros.

“And so do I!”

Boom goes the Linen-nator, smack goes the pillow. Right on target and with the right power to topple Chris safely into the closest dugout. Not gonna lie, I was scared we made him a little mad. Smoking him like that on his birthday? That’s like number one in the book of dick moves.

But he was smiling like…well, a kid on his birthday, so I reckon all was well with the universe. Though that pillow rifle he was picking up was modelled after Lance’s combat shotgun and I was the closest target, so…yeah. Cover sounds good right about now.

“Of course you realize this means WAR!!!”

Free for all. Surprising each other around corners. Pairing up only to blast our partner when they weren’t looking. The winged among us taking flight only to get shot down moments later, and once the Linen-nator got going, you’d see one of us hurtling into the wall every couple seconds. But we were laughing and carrying on like the little kids we were. Nothing hurt. Heck, we barely got the wind knocked out of us when we got hit. It was just that much fun, and I don’t even think we were keeping score.

I ducked behind a pile to take a breather, and there was Chris doing the same. No point-blank shots. Just the two of us smiling at each other. Guess Mom was right about me being a contagious ball of good vibes. I’d barely met the guy, but I already felt like we’d been friends our whole lives.

“Soooooo, yeah!” I chirped. “Happy birthday!!!”

“What’re you saying it like that for?” he asked. “We’re just getting started!”

Best pillow fight ever? Dude, you had to be there.

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Focus by TeraS

by TeraS

Another week of not being well–which, honestly, is something of a concern as my family is well aware of. Still, at some point the issues need to be set aside for the sake of finding some …

By TeraS

In the realm of photography, the concept of focus is so very important. It’s not just a question of sharpening up the image to be revealed, however. A blurry image, one that is completely out of focus, can still provide the smallest of clues as to what the photographer was focused upon. Indistinct shapes suggest one possibility or another; the shading sometimes offers that little bit more information about what the subject might be. The brightness gives rise to the idea of the matter in question. Then there are the colours, ranging from smeared and blurred to being awash with everything else that has been captured. It’s something of a mixture to be tested and retested until the correct formula is found and the end result takes its fullest form.

For him, it’s something between a hobby and a calling. His flaw, at least he sees it as such, is seeking perfection in what is created with the snap of the shutter and what eventually is revealed in the darkroom where the proof appears. But before the fixing and setting comes the actual moment of the picture being taken. There is time spent sorting out what the setting will be, the positioning of the subject, dealing with the placing of this accessory or that one. Hours are spent on what the idea is, but the reality of the moment seemingly has its own purpose.

This isn’t a frustration, far from it. He knows she has her own ideas, that her scheming will influence the end result. What begins as a simple idea turns toward something more encompassing, more revealing, far better than where his first thoughts had led. But, of course, it would; she desires something, as well: a note from the past to the future, a moment in time frozen to be looked back on fondly, not a thing of art to be displayed in some museum or show; that’s not what the focus is meant to be.

Being the photographer, and seemingly in charge, though that can be debatable at times, he corrals the focus of the work, positions the parts of the puzzle here and there, fitting them together and then repositioning them to try again. It’s very much like herding cats, though in the midst of setting the smallest details he realizes that these particular subjects are a bit more difficult to get sorted. Then he returns to the camera, plays with the shutter, exposure, and, of course, the focus to bring all into perfection.

Slowly resolving the image, the camera brings into focus fiery red and gleaming silver. A bit more and deepest ebon black and bright platinum blonde shimmer. Now the focus becomes vital, shades of green made to draw the eye and the focus towards the peak of resolution. The smallest adjustment either makes or breaks the end result, he knows. The subjects tease from the other side of the camera, wondering what is taking so long in many suggestive ways to try and break his focus. A bemused smile is evident through the viewfinder as he chides them to be good and behave, though that really will do little except draw more of the naughtiness out, resolving into the end result, he’s sure.

There’s a moment, one never knows when it comes, where the looks are perfect, the expressions beyond words, the moment being captured can manage to hold onto some of the perfection as best it could. The shutter clicks and clicks again, the light being pressed onto the film and exposed. It’s unexpected, in spite of the preparations before; the subjects pout and moan they weren’t ready for the picture to be taken, waving for him to join them. He sets the timer, leaving the position of observer of the moment, becoming instead part of the moment. The camera is alone when the shutter fires again.

In his darkroom later, he watches as a sheet of paper floats in a tray, the image resolving into form. Three figures, embracing, looking towards each other, the camera forgotten. The last detail appears and the image finds itself placed with the others taken before.

He regards the completed image, but his focus shifts as his loves come closer, having watched his efforts, to join in his passions, placing focus on their passions together. It is a reflection of love shared, the focus on which is always perfect.

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Code Lifespan

Surely (no one/everyone) will (recognize how flexible and useful this architecture is/spend a huge amount of effort painstakingly preserving and updating this garbage I wrote in 20 minutes)
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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Esteem


Click here to go see the bonus panel!

Wake, work, wake, wink is the best sad story you can tell in 4 words that begin and end with the same sound.

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Appointment by TeraS

by TeraS

My year has gotten off to a delightfully poor start, though I am still hopeful that things will be improving with time. Those who know of what I am talking about will know what I am referring to. But it does offer a chance to return to parts of the Realm I haven’t been to in quite some time, even if that’s only for an …

By TeraS

It is rather uncommon of Tera to miss an appointment. She might be delayed at times, though her explanation for being so causes the concept of what a Tera minute is exactly to come forth. That particular esoteric idea is a source of argument among Realm scholars in much the same way that the importance of the number sixty-nine in the makeup of the universe in which the Realm exists provides endless musing over the Goddess and her particularly odd sense of humour. The Library currently has an entire wing to that subject matter as a result. The staff are considering building an extension–the sixty-ninth one, to be exact.

Regardless, we return to Tera missing an appointment, which in this particular case resulted in the blue-tailed doctor of the Realm, Florence, becoming irritated. Being that she is Tera’s doctor, and it is of upmost importance that the Monarch of the Realm is in better than excellent health, such an event becomes concerning, perhaps on the edge of being worrisome. It simply would never do that her Monarch would be unable to attend to an appointment. The rumours would fly, tails would be in a twist, and the entire Realm would be rushing about.

And so the concerned blue-tail arrived at the home of the rulers of the Realm, medical bag in hand, knocking on the door … vigorously … which then brought Keith to open the door in surprise: “Florence?” She noted that the King appeared to be in good health, his delightful, long, red tail turned about into the shape of a question mark, his next question an obvious one: “What did she do?” Shaking his head and motioning for the blue-tail to follow, Keith chuckled: “Ask Tera.”

As the King seemed not to be willing to explain the issue at hand, Florence made her way to their bedroom and entered unannounced to be greeted with the sight of her Monarch’s tanned back, her hair a tangled mess over the pillow she was moaning into, and her red tail flopped to the side, partly covered by the bedsheets.

Setting aside the eroticism of the moment, and falling back on her training as a doctor, the concerned blue-tail found a place beside the Queen, opened her bag and started to examine what the issue was. It didn’t take long to figure out that the problem was very clear, even through Tera’s moans and complaints about being poked and prodded. Pinching the bridge of her nose, Florence sighed: “What, exactly, did you do?”

Still buried in her pillow, Tera mumbled: “I sprained my tail.”

Given that the tails of succubi and incubi are so very sensitive, this was not a minor issue by any means. But a diagnosis would require further and more detailed information from the clearly under-the-weather patient before her: “How, exactly, did you do that?”

What followed was a very long and detailed explanation of the attempted ambushing by the ebon-maned Queen of the Realm of her King, which didn’t quite go exactly to plan when she slipped on the stairs and fell, her tail trying to save her, but failing to hold onto the banister, and causing the somewhat-overly-horny (though that was a matter of perspective, of course) red-tail to tumble into her Eternal’s arms … with a sprained tail.

Biting her lip, Florence considered what might be done, what could be done, and what should be done. Noting the condition of her Queen and the obvious concern of her King, the Physician of the Realm made her proclamation: “I recommend staying in bed …”

The Queen winced as she tried to move: “But …”

Florence continued: “… with your Eternal …”

Tera blinked.

The doctor put away her tailoscope: ”… who will have to provide massages …” The tip of Tera’s long red tail, which could barely lift itself, seemed to look at the blue-tailed doctor as the cure was explained: ”… and other exercises, which I will be prescribing, which should be done vigorously.” The doctor couldn’t miss the smile of her Monarch’s Eternal as she rummaged in her bag for a pen: “I will, of course, be monitoring your progress and you will remain in bed under the care of your Eternal.”

Tera rolled onto her side and frowned: “I can’t do that! The appointment schedule is overflowing and …” Keith reached over and started to massage that one particularly sensitive spot right at the base of Tera’s tail … following doctor’s orders, of course. The result was exactly as expected: “… I … have … mmmm … to …”

As her Monarch shivered and moaned in delight, Florence finished scribbling out directions for Keith in her completely illegible handwriting and placed them on the bedside table.

The doctor’s red-tailed Monarch mewled under the care of her Eternal, who sighed: “Be good, Tera. Doctor’s orders.” Then he mused: “How vigorously?”

Florence gathered the last of her instruments, stuffing them into her bag: “I expect the entire Realm to be well aware that their Monarch is indisposed. Loudly and often.”

Kissing his Eternal lightly, Keith chuckled: “Oh, I think we can manage that.”

Departing the home of her Monarch, the sounds of a recovering patient running out behind her, Florence couldn’t help her giggle. Simone would be cancelling a lot of appointments this week. Florence was sure the Receptionist wouldn’t mind that at all.

16 Jan 20:48

Grrl Power #1119 – How to survive a 1,770 mile fall

by DaveB

The thing about portal travel over that distance would be the sudden change in the pollen profile. Suddenly discovering hitherto unknown allergies, and not gradually like on a road trip. One breath would be all the pollutants you’re used to, next breath would be a full lungful of exciting new spores and molds. Even if you had really mild seasonal allergies, I think the sudden change would tickle the stoutest sinuses.

I lucked out on the allergy front, personally. I sneeze about six times in the spring, take a loratadine, and I’m pretty much good for the year. My wife on the other hand loves mangos, and you guessed it, is allergic to mangos. Isn’t that always the way? I’m fully indifferent to mangos. I don’t actively seek them out, but if a juice blend has mango in it, I don’t actively avoid it. I guess I’m actually not a fan of just straight up slices of mango. It’s kind of slimy feeling. They’re like… anti-pears. I mean, pears are kind of slimy too, but they’re also gritty. I guess mangos are really anti-apples. Apples being crisp and fibrous, and non-slimy.

Really went off on a tangent there. Anyway, superheroes!

The December Vote Incentive is still up! The new on is being worked on.

Please enjoy Cora in a workout outfit. Variant outfits and lack thereof over at Patreon, as well as a comic to put it all in context. Spoiler, Cora’s ship is like a Roman orgy most of the time.



Double res version will be posted over at Patreon. Feel free to contribute as much as you like.

16 Jan 13:09


by AlePresser


07 Jan 22:57

Plotting Anew by TeraS

by TeraS

It is, as I write this short story, the first evening of 2023. The new year has begun, the future will be what it shall. For one particular, silver-tailed temptress, it simply means she has been …

Plotting Anew
By TeraS

There are a number of constants which appear in the Realm of which all are well aware. Some of these are the noting of the dates appearing on the calendar, the observation of a sweeping second hand on the clock tower at the centre of the Realm’s mall. These are, of course, the notable things that precede the celebration of a new year’s arrival.

And there’s the climax of the Temptress’s plan, of course.

The first inkling of the plan occurred to the seductive blonde member of the succubi in the ebbing moments of the past year’s celebrations. One would think that both her Adored One and her Monarch, née dearest friend, Tera, might have suspected that something was brewing when Cassie offered, in the most innocently off-hand way, that she might want to be involved in the celebrations.

Firstly, there was absolutely nothing innocent about the Temptress and, secondly, when was she not plotting or scheming some surprise to befall the focus of her desires? One could continue adding up just how odd the request was on all of one’s fingers, toes and tail and there still would be reasons left over to bring questions. The single truth about the silver-tailed temptress was one that should never be forgotten: no one ever accused Cassie of being subtle.

This point, however, played right into Cassie’s plan, as vague as it was at the time. Both Keith and Tera expected she was plotting something. For Tera, the bemusement of watching her dearest friend twist her tail into knots in the creation of her latest plot really couldn’t be resisted. As for Keith, it was far simpler to give in to his Temptress and see where the plan went and how she would spring it on him and how delighted she would be.

When it came to plotting, there were very few in the Realm who could match the statuesque blonde. Stories were told about her seductive pleasures being tested, the surprises sprung on the unsuspecting who were caught by her tail. At least that was the expectation given; one could not miss the vision of the member of the succubi with a tail the colour of quicksilver traveling about here and there in the Realm, setting her plans into form and function.

Simone had, so she claimed, accidentally bumped into Cassie. Or Cassie had, innocently–though that was extremely unlikely–bumped into Simone. Either way, when the encounter was passed, Simone found herself shaking her finger at her adopted niece and scolding her about how complex her plans were. Cassie tried to explain that she found the fun in doing so a delight. Simone’s reply noted that Cassie was no Rube Goldberg. Cassie reminded her aunt that she was anything but subtle, of course, as she continued to set the next part of her grandiose plan into place.

The Queen and King of the Realm should have figured out something was going on by the time the summer had arrived. By this point, the committees that held sway over the year end celebrations would have, and should have, approached them both. There should have been discussions made over plans and concepts, as had happened every year before. But this was the first year where Cassiopeia was involved and, somehow, the meetings were deleted from their calendars, possibly by a conspiring Auntie who gave order to the appointment schedule of the rulers of the Realm. She, of course, would never do such a thing, not even for pastries made by her silver-tailed niece. Well, hardly ever, but there was such a thing as a good plot to enjoy the creation of. Not to mention that the apple tarts were surprisingly well done and such effort should be rewarded.

Still, they stumbled on a clue just before the Halloween celebrations started. Keith had been leading his Eternal to the grand celebration in the Grand Hall of the Palace when the Temptress exited a room and quickly locked it behind her. Not before, however, a glimpse of piled up scrolls, books, and other paraphernalia could be seen. They both regarded the silver-tailed schemer, having their tails twisted in question marks. As for Cassie, a far too casual wave and rushing off suggested that particular room held a secret–a rather large one. Cassie found herself teased, cajoled, and otherwise gently persuaded by her Adored One over several dances during the Halloween Ball to reveal her plot. As for what happened following the Ball, the Temptress was captured by the rulers of the Realm and made to … well, suffer isn’t at all the right word. Nonetheless, Cassie was rather pleased with herself in not spilling everything to the two of them. The wild mess of her blonde mane that she couldn’t tame for the next month was the talk of the Realm and she did nothing to calm the rumours. They weren’t even close to what happened.

The arrival of Christmas marked the countdown begun to the New Year celebrations. A hint was finally given when Tera and Keith opened the cards Cassie had sent and found they each contained another card that was sealed and the Temptress had written upon these instructions that they should be opened on New Year’s Eve. Thus, the plot of the Temptress seemed to be fully set and the trap, if one could call it that, was ready to be sprung.

At one minute past midnight on New Year’s Eve morning, the envelopes were opened, the instructions were read, and the Eternals shared a smile over Cassie’s plotting. It was a good thing they had not waited; the Temptress had worked very hard on this plot, after all, and they wouldn’t want to disappoint her. The plot finally came to pass at half to midnight.

The clock tower of the Realm was surrounded by tails of all colours, gathered to see the old year close and the new year begin. Cassie held court from the balcony just below the clock, marking off the time before the celebrations would commence, dressed in silver from horns to toes, the dress her Adored One loved most of all enhancing her seductiveness. She reveled in the party below, in the entanglements seen there, and in knowing there were many more to be found throughout the Realm. It was a quarter to the appointed hour when the King and Queen appeared nearby and watched Cassie delight in the moment she’d created for the Realm. The celebrations were that little bit more wild, somewhat less inhibited, both marks of the influence the Temptress held for this celebration.

The countdown began as Cassie beckoned to her loves to join her, to celebrate together the promise of the new year almost arrived. Tails twined, they held one another close, and the seconds ticked away. A year past of love, joy, and pleasure, Cassie knowing she was loved in return. The plot was a celebration of their love for all to see, the plan was for the Realm to share in their passions throughout the year. The bells of the tower rang as the new year arrived, fireworks burst into the skies above and the celebration took over the scene.

It was going to be a very good year.

06 Jan 13:45

Scaled Down – DORK TOWER 06.01.22

by John Kovalic

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05 Jan 02:55


by AlePresser


28 Dec 13:07

A Christmas Wish – Part I by TeraS

by TeraS

Today is Christmas, of course. Unexpectedly, I have something of a two-part story this year, being that tomorrow is normally the day a story appears on the Tale. There have been a few events over the past week which have placed this idea into my thoughts, and so a story to tell. Christmas is a magical time of the year for those that make …

A Christmas Wish
Part I
By TeraS

The weather outside was, very much, frightful.

It had been quite some time since the last really awful blizzard and cold had arrived to blanket the Realm in snows so deep that travel was impossible. Peering out the bay window of their home, Tera watched as whirlwinds of snow danced across their front yard and piled another layer of snow onto the piles of snow that, if you squinted, sort of resembled snow succubi and incubi. The smile from those memories wasn’t quite hidden by the mug of delicious beverage she was enjoying, of course.

It was Christmas Eve, a time for gathering family, that moment in the midst of winter where warmth of family came before the chill of the winter and reminded the red-tailed Queen of the Realm that it wasn’t the gifts that mattered as much as the family gathered.

But this particular moment in time came with the realization that this wouldn’t quite be the usual gathering. The snows had made travel more than difficult, various members of the family being huddled in their own homes as the storm had its way with the Realm proper. While it would have been wonderful for all to gather in the usual way, there was a point at which trying to do so would be foolish by far. So the calls were made, plans cancelled for the moment and then made for some future point to be sorted when the time came to do so.

Their Eve, and the Day to come, would revolve around their two blue-tailed daughters, and the mirth that came from the rest of the family taking part would come in time. Turning away from the window, an ebon-maned mother watched her daughters work away at the pile of gifts and presents remaining to be wrapped. The family Christmas might be delayed, but there were still things to wrap, cards to sign, and ribbons to tie.

Then the phone rang. She heard her Eternal answer, wishing the caller the best of the season and then he fell quiet listening. A few short questions followed, then a decision made before hanging up. There was something going on and, when Tera entered his study, the contemplative expression made it clear that something was serious. Sometimes words aren’t needed between Eternals. There’s a look that speaks volumes, a wave of a hand or a pursing of lips that tells more than any words really ever could. This was one of them.

The words didn’t explain everything: “I’ll be back before you know it.” Knowing full well what it was like outside, Tera was beside herself. As their daughters discussed red or blue bows, her Eternal explained: the reason he had to go was obvious. There was no possible way he wasn’t going. When Tera said she’d be ready to go in a moment, her Eternal held her close, brushed her wild mane into place before kissing her lovely red lips: “I’ill be fine, Tera. Look after the girls, I’ll be back home soon.”

Keith had left after hugging her tight, making his way out into the chill. Time passed, the piles of unwrapped gifts getting smaller as it did. The view out the bay window didn’t change much, the storm passing as she waited for her Eternal to return. She wished it would stop snowing. Cupping her hands around another warm mug, Tera wished for a lot of things.

Rianna looked up from the present she was wrapping: “What are you thinking about, Mom?” Tera wasn’t sure she wanted to share: “Oh, past Christmases, mostly.” Rianna finished putting a piece of tape haphazardly on the present she was wrapping: “It’s Grandma, isn’t it?” Branwyn stuck a bow on top: “Tell us, Mom.” The daughters of the Queen of the Realm were so very perceptive. Still curled on the sofa, their mother sighed and tried to put her thoughts into the open.

The weather outside was frightful that last Christmas they had with her. What followed next was unexpected and painful, and always would be when their memories cast back and they remembered. But before that darker time was the last Christmas a son had with his mother, the last Christmas they’d had as a family to know her joy when their family gathered and how much she loved this time of the year. The lights outside of her home welcomed all to the decorations within, the warmth of her love, and the wonder she gave in being herself. Her Christmas tree was always a wonder, Tera recalled: how it was decorated just so and how it was the single constant that was always there to greet their family when they gathered by the tree to open their presents.

She looked out the window again and wished he’d be home soon for Christmas.

27 Dec 19:55

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Prayer


Click here to go see the bonus panel!

A patreon subscriber points out that I've repeatedly done Daniel Dennett-related comics on Boxing Day, and that is the most wonderful coincidence I can image.

Today's News:

I continue to feel that everyone out to be freaking out more about developments in AI during the last 5 years.

21 Dec 22:54

Cold Complaints

Our investigation into whining-based remedies became the first study to be halted by the IRB on the grounds that the treatment group was 'too annoying.'
21 Dec 13:43

Holidays and Events of Note for December 21, 20...

Holidays and Events of Note for December 21, 2022.

  • Winter Solstice at 4:48 p.m. EST for the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Yule
  • Dongzhi Festival (China) Chinese solstice festival
  • National French Fried Shrimp Day
  • National Flashlight Day (U.S.) How to celebrate it? Make sure you have a working flashlight. That’s it.
  • Día Nacional del Coquito “National Coquito Day” (Puerto Rico) A rum drink popular in Puerto Rico during the holiday season.

Below is a recipe for a virgin Coquito to make it non-virgin add Puerto Rican rum

¼ cup sweetened condensed milk
 1 (15 oz.) can think of cream coconut
 1 (13.5 oz.) can of coconut milk
 1 cup evaporated milk
 1 tsp vanilla
 ½ tsp grated nutmeg
 1 tsp ground cinnamon

Combine all ingredients in a blender. Blend and serve chilled.

15 Dec 13:50

Holidays and Events of Note for December 15, 20...

Holidays and Events of Note for December 15, 2022

  • National Cupcake Day (U.S.)
  • Bill of Rights Day (U.S.)
  • Festival of Bastet (Ancient Egyptian)
  • International Tea Day
  • National Cat Herders Day
  • Lemon Cupcake Day (?) Right, like Cupcake Day isn’t good enough. Get over yourself, Lemon Cupcake
12 Dec 21:32

Damn buzzards.

by Jessica Hagy

The post Damn buzzards. appeared first on Indexed.

12 Dec 13:00

Perspective is power.

08 Dec 12:33

Texts From SuperheroesFacebook | Twitter | Patreon | Instagram

Texts From Superheroes

Facebook | Twitter | Patreon | Instagram

05 Dec 23:39

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Muskrat – DORK TOWER 05.12.22

by John Kovalic

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05 Dec 12:58

Duck Dodgers and Spaceman Spiff

by Ross


I recently completed my re-read of the entire Calvin & Hobbes run, and my admiration for Bill Watterson has only grown.  It's amazing how strong his art and writing are on the strip from the very beginning.  Often features will take some time to find their footing characterization and design wise, but C&H is just about perfect right from the first week - and never wavered in quality until its completion.

05 Dec 12:57

Tate's lone brain hamster is trying *so* hard.

01 Dec 23:32

Advent Calendars and last-minute gifts


It’s somehow Advent already!

If you haven’t got yourself a countdown calendar yet, why not download one to print and make yourself? My best-selling Ancient Greek Mythical Creatures calendar is available as a download in two versions – regular with creatures, or a Teacher’s version that also has the option to print blank for students to draw their own surprises!

Print and make your own:

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Downloadable kits!

Check out my Etsy shop!

Jenks x

30 Nov 01:17

Miriam by TeraS

by TeraS

Miriam by Avioetca

Miriam by Avioetca

Miriam by Avioetca

On December 1st the SuccuWiki will be having its 15th anniversary. Yesterday on the SuccuWiki I published the 8,000th article. On each thousandth mark I tell something about one of the Realm’s characters and for this milestone it’s Miriam.

Here’s her story…

  • Name: Miriam
  • Title(s): Yellow Tailed Librarian of the Realm
  • AngelKitty: Dewey
  • Age: Physically mid-20s, though she is almost a century in age
  • Gender: Female
  • Hair Colour: Strawberry Blonde
  • Eye Colour: Violet
  • Tail Colour: Yellow – The brightest yellow tail seen in a century
  • Personality: Kind with an air of innocence while oblivious to her sexual attractiveness
  • Strength(s): Highly intelligent with an inquisitive nature
  • Weakness(es): Odd things happen around her for… reasons
  • Favorite Place: The Library of the Realm
  • Home in the Realm: Etherial Hills
  • Alias: The Brightest of the Yellow Tails
  • Created By: JHB
  • Quote: 42 is all wrong… the answer is 44.


Miriam, better known as The Brightest Yellow Tail Seen In A Century, and the Realm’s Assistant Librarian to Tera, is a Collective Succubi, being known for the brightness of her tail colour and the odd events that occur around her, which are legendary. She is a yellow-tailed succubi; her AngelKitty is named Dewey and her boyfriend is Irving.

Best described as sweet and almost completely unaware of her initiate sexuality, Miriam’s main focus is being the best she can be as a librarian to repay Tera’s faith in her from the beginning of their relationship. The focus of unexpected events when she is nearby, as part of her nature as a yellow tail, is known throughout the Succubi Realm and beyond.

Physical Description

Miriam appears to be in her early twenties physically, having horns and tail of a gleaming yellow colour brighter than any yellow tail in the past hundred years and possibly the brightest yellow colour in Realm history, though historians still debate that point. Her normal scent is lemon, though in some circumstances she has taken on a slight cherry aroma when she is sexually aroused. She has medium-length strawberry-blonde hair which she ties up with red ribbons into curled ponytails over her shoulders. She normally wears red-framed oval glasses through which her lovely violet eyes can be seen. Both the red ribbons in her hair and the red rimmed glasses are nods to her mentor, Tera.

Miriam tends to appear somewhat shy in her personality and looks. While she is one of the succubi, her sexuality doesn’t drive her personality as it does others of the Realm. While outgoing and more than willing to be helpful. This reflects on her librarian role, although she is, nonetheless, still attractive to others. She usually appears in muted tones and colours which lend themselves to her librarian role. Preferring low heels, pencil skirts, and short-length bolero jackets over top of a yellow or white fitted top, she projects an air of cute sensuality of which she is largely unaware. She has a collection of costumes in her office in the library, which she chooses from on a weekly basis when she reads stories to the young tails of the Realm. Many of them are made of latex, likely being slightly influenced by Tera’s own preferences in that fashion choice.


Miriam has an openly cute and outgoing personality, which makes her an eager and attentive student willing to learn new things. While not overtly sexual or seductive, this does mean that, for the most part, others saw her as cute-but-weird, or maybe as a close friend but not necessarily sexy for some time before joining the Realm Library and coming under Tera’s mentorship. Occasionally unsure about herself when seeing the others of the Realm, she has learned about herself, what she likes, and—in the case of Irving, her boyfriend and co-worker at the Realm Library–whom she loves. Her adoration of Tera, along with Tera’s encouragement, helped to bring her from a young intern at the library into the confident assistant librarian she grew to be. But with all of her growth and abilities, she still sees herself as not being like the other succubi in their sexuality, even though her sexuality and seductiveness has blossomed over time.

Powers and Abilities

Miriam has all of the innate powers and abilities of the Succubi in the Realm. She can change her form if she wishes, though—much like her adored mentor, Tera–she does not do so. At most, she will use her powers to shift the clothing she wears into different looks and styles if needed, but her personality and nature tends to make such changes cute with an undercurrent of sexuality that she does not note. Being a yellow-tail, the greatest power she has could be described as being able to influence events in odd and unexpected ways. For example, she is probably best known for being the focus of an event whereby the entire Realm found themselves in physical contact with their TailSelves, something that was thought to be impossible, and then bring entwined with them and their loves, the event spiralling out of control until Miriam and her TallSelf Marilyn were able to find a solution and bring the Realm back from the whirlwind they had entered.


The only daughter of her mother, a teacher, and her father, a philosopher, Miriam spent her formative years being taught the whys and ways of the Realm by her attentive parents. Never without a question, and having at a very young age read all of the books in their home, Miriam was introduced to the Realm Library by her mother. This opened the door to her future. Though very shy and something of a bookworm in her younger years, she adored the Library, spending every moment possible exploring the treasures within, sometimes to the dismay of the staff, who worried about a yellow tail being let loose within the walls. Regardless, Miriam’s world revolved around the library and, when the time came for her to consider her future, she had only one goal. However, gaining an internship to the Library took three tries, the first two bring rejected due to her being a yellow tail and the staff’s concerns about the Library’s collections. On the third attempt, Tera intervened in the deliberations to gain Miriam’s acceptance.

What followed was Miriam growing from being shy and uncertain about herself and her worth, to blossoming into her true self, both as one of the Succubi and as the librarian she desired to be. While becoming the assistant librarian to Tera’s role as the head librarian, along the way Tera’s encouragement, along with that of her TailSelf, Marilyn, brought her to encounter Irving, a shy and unassuming member of the Incubi; they soon became a couple, looking after the library together. As time passed, Miriam had many adventures within and outside the Library, many of them being a direct result of the effects of her being the brightest of the yellow tails of the Realm. But, with all of her growth and experiences, Miriam still doesn’t quite see herself as being overtly sexual or seductive. While not a real problem for her, there’s an undercurrent of cute mixed with a hint of sensuality which is attractive to many and which Tera adores.


Marilyn is Miriam’s TailSelf, a silver-tailed Succubi with chestnut brown hair and very violet eyes of a deeper colour than Miriam’s own. Far more direct and open in her sexuality, Marilyn has a glamorous, predatory nature about her, in complete contrast to Miriam’s own shy and almost completely unaware realization of herself. It is Marilyn’s focus to get her librarian other-self to loosen up a bit and discover just how sensual she could be. Marilyn was responsible for Miriam painting her tail with rouge once before Halloween and turning Miriam into a red-tailed member of the Succubi, still having yellow horns, with long purple hair and an insatiable sexually dominant nature. In the aftermath, Marilyn decided that perhaps being a little gentler in her approach would be better, considering both how Miriam was the brightest yellow tail that had been seen in a century and all that occurred around her.


Miriam has an AngelKitty called Dewey. She appears to be a dark brown Tabby cat with similarly coloured wings who is very outgoing, regularly seeking attention from visitors. Given that the association of cats with libraries is well known, Dewey’s association with Miriam and the Realm Library makes a great deal of sense. Her human form is that of a young woman in her early 20s, appearing to be younger than Miriam. Her physical form is somewhat gangly with brown eyes and light brunette hair in a pixie cut. Dewey’s relationship to Miriam is mainly as an assistant in the library, to help with the many of visitors who ask for help, befriend them, boost librarian morale, and inspire reading. Outside of the library, she tries to encourage Miriam to be a bit more adventurous and explore her sexual nature as it matures.


  • Miriam modified the Pitchfork Decimal cataloguing system to work with almost every language—earthbound and not—represented in the Realm Library.
  • Miriam first came to the library with her mother—a teacher—as a little girl and fell in love with the place.
    Her application to intern at the Realm Library was rejected twice before Tera “encouraged” her acceptance, due to her being a yellow tail and the legends around them.
  • She is an exceedingly bright and a quick learner, having come to her role in the library with only a few minor odd incidents during her internship.
  • Regularly reads fairy tales to the youngest of the Realm while dressed up as a character in the story she reads to them.
  • Wears red-rimmed glasses and red ribbons to tie up her bangs as a nod to her mentor Tera and all she has learned.
  • Irving. Miriam’s boyfriend, has a Tailself named Ike, both of whom are smitten with Miriam as much as she is with them.


  • Miriam has appeared in many stories on Tera’s Blog; she is a major character in the Realm mythos. A list of stories in which she appears can be found here and here.
  • Miriam is one of the few Realm characters who has appeared in other story universes written by other authors.
  • Miriam has appeared in a comic book series as a minor character. She appeared in the fourth issue of Vampire Bloodlines to assist another character’s search for information.

Something different here on the Tale, someone my heart brought to life in his words and brings me no end of joy always…