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07 Aug 08:50

Eternal – Part I by TeraS

by TeraS

I’m going to be setting aside Morgane’s story for the balance of August and the reason for this will become, I think, rather clear as this particular story unfolds. For you see, there are some truths that are …

Eternal – Part I
By TeraS

There are many things which the Queen and King of the Realm have in common. If not sharing in all of each of their particular likes, certainly there are some personality quirks which appear to be very obvious to those around them. Their birthdays being the most so, which surprises no-one. Neither really expects anything special to happen; they don’t go looking for adoration, flamboyant events, or such things. It simply isn’t who either of them are.

My niece is so terribly set in her ways about this. Her Eternal, my dear friend, even more so, if that’s possible. Honestly, it’s frustrating at times when his demure personality comes to the fore about the topic of his birthday, in particular. He’s well aware that in spite of his commentary–or perhaps to spite that, to my own amusement–his protestations will fall upon deaf ears.

The plans had been percolating in my thoughts for some time as the calendar turned over, the date circled in red appearing there on the bottom edge. I had been gathering my thoughts, my index finger tapping the date in question when his voice announced his arrival. “What are we pondering today, Simone?”

This was in jest, of course. He would never say or consider thinking such things in a way to give offence. From the first moment we met, there was a connection between us, an understanding. We all speak of him looking “right,” of course, that being not a consequence of being our King. It really wouldn’t matter in the slightest if he wasn’t, after all, a bright soul, one who loves freely and who openly is captivating.

My reply held as much teasing: “Where am I going to find a duck and a hose at this time of the afternoon.”

I do so enjoy his smile, as he knows he started this: “Never should have told you about that cartoon.”

Taking a sip of tea and strategically setting the cup right over the circled date, I regard him through my silver-rimmed glasses: “Humour is an artful concept, young man. One should be able to appreciate it when it is well done.”

I do appreciate our banter. It’s not a battle or a struggle to some sort of victory. It’s a bit of lightness to carry the other parts of the conversation to where they will end up. Casting my thoughts to the time when he first appeared, my pleasure in knowing him brings a smile that I’m sure makes him wonder what I’m thinking about.

I’d seen dear Cassiopeia challenge Tera for the throne, and that saddened me more than I have ever let on. Centuries later, the truth came out of course, but at the time all that I knew was that I would lose one or both of them to the throne. Neither had an Eternal which meant nothing but terrible things for the future. They both had their opinions, they both believed they were right. They couldn’t be, of course. How wrong that thought was then, and I’m ashamed that I couldn’t trust in this sorting itself out.

Our family has always loved libraries. It seemed like one of us was always in the Realm’s library, lost in the depths of the stacks with one or another of the books calling for our attention. In the midst of the strife between my nieces, I’d secreted myself in one particular reading room I adored. Far up in the upper floors, an enormous skylight and bay windows showing the skies above and the Realm far below. It was my private place to, as my dear mother said, gather wool and make up my mind about things.

Being the Receptionist, the Guardian of the Realm, I’m far more attuned than most to how things are. I had been feeling the tension, the loss, the confusion of our kind, and it weighed on me. It was quarter to three in the morning in that moment when I felt something change in the texture of the Realm. Looking into the night, there wasn’t a physical change, it was something else that I couldn’t explain at that instant.


Tera’s voice calling out shook my thoughts, and I turned to find her by the doorway. She was wearing the long red jacket that would become her trademark look in the years to come, my first thought was how she looked perfect, but of course she would. I was a terrible influence on her, so her mother said with a wink many times. “Tera?”

“I want you to meet someone.” The skyline of the Realm left my attention as I watched Tera hold out her hand and he entered, his hand slipping into her waiting one. I would have to be blind not to see how right they were for each other. I would have to be stupid not to see the love they shared. In that first moment seeing them together, there was no question what the next words would be.

“This is my Eternal, Keith.”

It was an awkward moment to be sure. I was close to tears, words failing as their love took root in the Realm. I felt the change, the tension ebbing slightly away both around and within me. In that moment, I knew that it would be better, that this mortal brought here by the rightful Queen would be the one to make a difference.

They shared a kiss, then Tera left the room, leaving me alone with the blue-eyed human she loved. I didn’t expect him to close the space between us, take my hand and kiss it in the formal way before taking me in his arms, my own finding their way to holding him, my tail wrapped possessively around his waist. I looked into those so-blue eyes, I felt the love he held, the brightness of his soul …

… and then he started to explain.

If i didn’t know his soul, the story would be impossible to believe. That he loved Tera more than life, but he also loved Cassiopeia as his first love. My silver-tailed niece had come to the mortal world long before Tera had found him, fallen into love and revealed the truth of the Realm. The Cassiopeia he loved wasn’t the one of the here and now, exactly. It was the Cassiopeia in the future–which was confusing, he admitted–but he would love her from afar until the moment happened and all was right again.

But that didn’t matter. He loved them both and, in knowing that, my fear of losing my nieces to the throne faded away. Of course I could accept the three of them being Eternals, of course I would do whatever had to be done to make that all come true. I would have to hide the truth for a long time, he made clear, but, in the end, Tera’s dream of what the Realm could be, would be.

I saw Tera in the doorway waiting for my verdict on her Eternal, hoping that I would approve. Our eyes met and there was only one word needed: “Yes.”

Because of a mortal with blue-eyes that shared a dream eternally.

My thoughts return to the present, where my dear friend waits on the other side of my office desk with a concerned expression. “Good memories?”

Raising my tea to him the answer came easily: “Always.” Then came the bemused smile my niece and I shared: “We’re still going to celebrate your birthday.”

He didn’t look at all disappointed in the revelation that plans were afoot, of course, not that I would expect him to be. It could be as simple as a cupcake with a candle in it for all he cared.

It was going to be somewhat more than that …

06 Aug 10:25

Asking Scientists Questions

'Does the substance feel weird to the touch?' is equally likely to get the answers 'Don't be ridiculous, you would never put your hand near a sample. We have safety protocols.' and 'Yeah, and it tastes AWFUL.'
29 Jul 01:13

Taking or making directions

by Jessica Hagy

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25 Jul 12:12

Demon girl - DTIYS OC by Gorchart by RobertaBurattiniAs found...

Demon girl - DTIYS OC by Gorchart by RobertaBurattini

As found at:

23 Jul 22:10

Hawkman & The Atom and Jack of Hearts

by Ross


This is another of those covers where the final product looks relatively simple to achieve.  Take a splash page featuring JOH, and then drop in the other two heroes on top of it, right?  This wasn't quite that easy, as I had to do a lot of prep work with the initial image before anything could be added to it.  I thought this would be a good candidate for a little behind the scenes view of a cover in progress.  I hope you enjoy these mid-creation peeks, I'm considering making this a semi regular feature of the blog going forward for whenever there's a cover that has a deceptively tricky element in its creation.

20 Jul 23:55

dasha-aibo: mr-system-of-a-downer: ms-pizza...







found these on twitter that might be helpful to all rpers who want to make sure their themes and carrds are accessible to all

consider this for themes as well

Many TUMBLR users need to learn this

Please don’t bring color theory into this

It says white and red is good right there

20 Jul 01:56

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20 Jul 01:52

Heatwave Distractions: colouring and models!


Some ideas if you’re stuck inside trying not to melt with boredom or bored kids today and have a printer:

Build and/or colour something?

What about… 


✨Gladiator Paper Dolls (Free!)


✨The Olympians Colouring Book

Colour while learning about the gods and ancient art!


✨Build Your Own Ancient Greek Columns✨

Print in colour or take off the colour layer to add your own polychrome! Simple structure that slots together.


✨Ancient Greek Pots✨

Seven Ancient Greek pottery styles to colour in and learn about


✨Achilles’ Chariot

Build a colourful model of Achilles chariot, based on examples of Mycenaean/Bronze Age chariots from frescos. (Includes optional Hector 😬)


✨Trojan Horse

Build a version of the Wooden Horse with a little Odysseus to accompany it.



Black and white. Includes Achilles’ hut, the Achaian fortifications, the Walls of Troy and Skaian Gates, and the Trojan Horse, as well as 53 characters! (Excluding Paris – he’ll be in an file update…)


✨The Knossos Throne Room and LABYRINTH!

Build two incredible multi-layered playsets: the throne room, based on Knossos and Arthur Evans’ ‘recreation’ (and almost to scale) and the Labyrinth, with moving walls and playable as a game!

Also available separately:

✨Knossos Throne Room

✨The Labyrinth

Figures included in each!

I hope these provide a nice distraction, and good luck keeping cool! Remember to keep those blinds down and wear a cool damp towel round your shoulders! And even more luck if like me your child is far too young for any of these things and just wants to go outside 🥵

19 Jul 12:28

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Thorn


Click here to go see the bonus panel!

I'm just courting the medievalist audience for profit.

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18 Jul 12:40

Freefall 3776 July 18, 2022

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16 Jul 23:26

Dearest by TeraS

by TeraS

Tomorrow, at least in the time and space where these words will be found, is rather important. Perhaps in the story that follows the meaning will be found; perhaps it will not be, save for one that will know. For this is a story that is meant for my …

By TeraS

For Elliot …

It is said that time is an illusion, a spectre of thought which mortals use to mark out the moments which appear and recede or can be just seen over the horizon which exists in the dimension where they reside. There are moments within time where we suddenly realize how much of that has passed by. We mark out milestones in those moments, events when we recall how things began and where they are in the here and now.

On this particular speck of dust within a larger universe, a companion turns about its mate, forever showing the same side to the souls below as they go about the trials and tribulations of their times. During the brightness of day, it fades into the background–occasionally noticed, but the bringer of light holds sway of these times. It is when the world turns, the geometry changes, and day gives way to dusk and then night that the companion takes over the bringing of light. The light reflected from its ashen grey surface gives the companion its place in the dark skies above, casting its influence upon the world below with more presence than what otherwise is noted by most.

Counting the time, it is a baker’s dozen times ten from the moment begun to the moment which approaches. In another means of counting, the time marks the completion of one circle of this speck, marking the point where a soul notes the moment of another’s progression as a result. Still a further means calculates the event as the roughly five thousandth, five hundredth and forty-second point from which something began which made the moment possible.

For a particular ebon-maned woman, who occasionally can be found with red horns and tail, but always with a bemused smile, this is all true and more. But beyond this comes the focus of all of these calculations, reflections, and realizations. She recalls the times before, the notes passed through the ether, the words spoken between souls with an understanding. One particular word has been present since the first hello, echoing through the ages to the present time.

It can be the beginning of a letter from one to the other, a simple word to open the dialogue from before and begin the transition towards the reply and thoughts to be shared before moving onto the discussion of what is and what each hopes will be. Further, the word expresses a friendship cast from time past to times to be, a hint of the adoration she has for him, knowing that he holds for her, and the place in which their understanding comes from. Being called Dearest, after all, is more than the word itself.

It is a word that for these two souls has meaning which cannot quite be expressed fully. The notes made here give a hint, but don’t quite express the relationship they have found in the simple expression of the word with each time it is spoken. Perhaps the word is akin to something more, which only two dear friends can hold within the friendship they cherish beyond the word given.

She looks out the window to find the moon peeking over the horizon and casts her thoughts above. She wonders if he is well, if something good came today for him. She recalls the stories about sending thoughts to the silvery moon and how they might find their way to the one being thought about. She considers this, how the moon is so very central to them both in name and existence. The clock on her desk gains her attention and she finds that in this moment the moon connects them by its position, the curvature of the Earth, and the instant in time.

The thought comes easily, the words are heartfelt and true as they have always been. She passes them in her voice to put them out in the world, to be carried by the moonlight above across the distance towards the one they are meant for. They will never be heard by his ears, but he carries the knowledge of them from the first hello onwards.

The two words have meant something more which is wrapped around the words themselves. The words that have carried on through, holding a promise made. The words which follow are the expression of a friendship, an understanding, and–most cherished of all–the sharing of the moonlight between them.

Hello, Dearest …

16 Jul 01:46

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Eff


Click here to go see the bonus panel!

That said, eff that guy.

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16 Jul 01:45

Succubi Image of the Week 753

by TeraS

Succubus - Wedding Dress by CountessGrey

Finding art of Succubi in wedding dresses is something rather rare overall. Perhaps that’s not something considered often as a theme and I think that’s a bit of a shame. That said, not all succubi are exactly good, some of them are quite evil. But then there are those, like this week’s image, that are so very naughty…

Succubus - Wedding Dress by CountessGrey

Succubus – Wedding Dress by CountessGrey

This delightfully striking work of art is by the artist CountessGrey on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this work here.

The gown is just so striking and perfect for her form, pose and expression. There’s a feeling of her being quite dominant and powerful, which I rather love. But it’s more that hint of what else lurks within her character that make me wonder and smile…


13 Jul 01:26

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Crabs


Click here to go see the bonus panel!

Be careful not to join the SMBC patreon, because it's got inappropriate-

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12 Jul 12:39

Morrigan Aensland by 深瀬 四季(noie)As found...

Morrigan Aensland by 深瀬 四季(noie)

As found at:

11 Jul 12:17

Don't mind her.

09 Jul 10:56

Divine Inspiration (redrawn!)

06 Jul 23:54

Thanks for being thoughtful.

by Jessica Hagy

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06 Jul 01:41

Guest Post: Tyler Miles Lockett’s Orpheus’ Series

06 Jul 01:40

Guest Post: Tyler Miles Lockett’s Orpheus Series


I’m ecstatic to bring you this guest post, which introduces the beautiful and haunting work of illustrator Tyler Miles Lockett in his new works based on Ancient Greek Mythology.

The beginning and end of Orpheus and Eurydice’s story.

See the full series of illustrations in the image post – click here!

Tyler Miles Lockett is an award-winning illustrator who studied Illustration at Parsons school of design in NYC. Having worked in video game art he now pursues his personal passion projects while living around the world as a ‘digital nomad’. He is currently working on a series of Greek Mythology illustrations that will be compiled as a book – one to look out for!  

Tyler in his own words:

I’ve always been passionate about art, growing up drawing warriors and fantasy landscapes, growing up watching 80’s movies like ‘The Neverending Story”, and “The Dark Crystal,” and playing tons of video games and watching tons of 90’s Japanese cyberpunk OVA’s Animation.  After studying Illustration… I worked as a senior concept artist on American Mcgee’s “Alice: Madness Returns” video game… Now I’m embarking on a whole new chapter, diving deep into something I’m really passionate about; Greek Mythology!  Come along for the ride! I’m happy to have you aboard, and I look forward to hearing from you on Instagram or Discord!

Jenks says:

Tyler’s work appeared on Twitter and smacked me in the face with its colour, texture and overall impact. The shapes he uses are so natural, layered and layered over textures and brushwork that make it appear alive, whilst immediately creating a recognisable scene from mythology and telling a story within a single frame – like Ancient Greek pottery or the single-panel frescos from Pompeii. And yet these beautiful, beautiful renditions of the gods and mythical creatures have the most haunting horror-film eyes. It’s a relatively simple detail but I am obsessed with this portrayal: no, they are not mortal. Yes, they will do what they want with you and not care afterward. It’s a brave and original way of picturing these divine beings as more supernatural and distinctly superior to us mere mortals, rather as you might think they were originally imagined.

You can find out more about Tyler’s work, see his other finished works and behind-the-scenes videos on his Twitter and Instagram, buy prints of his work, or join him on his Discord server, all accessible here:

See the main image post with the complete Orpheus series here:

04 Jul 14:02

Miss America and Miss America

by Ross


This is a pairing that I have been meaning to get to for years, and what better day to do so than today? I hope all of my USA visitors have a great holiday today, enjoying time with family and friends! For those outside the USA, I hope you have an awesome day too!

04 Jul 14:01

Side Quested!

Ale and I have been working on a new project. Over the last ten months, we've been working on Side Quested. It's a medieval fantasy romance comedy for young adult and adult audiences. The world is a rough place right now, and we are cramming as much cuteness into these pixels as humanly possible. It's heavily inspired by Ranma 1/2 and other old-school manga, and if you want magic, dragons, and 19-year-olds making really terrible mistakes which anger the very gods themselves, Side Quested is for you.

This doesn't endanger AGAHF or its update schedule. We've waited to make sure we can meet all of our obligations on this comic before we started on the second. But we also wanted to do something fun, something joyous...something with monsters that can be defeated with courage and magic.

Side Quested starts on July 7.
It's mirrored on Tapas.

It goes without saying, but we wouldn't have been able to do this at all if it wasn't for our Patreon supporters. Thank you all so much!

A Girl and Her Fed's Patreon is here.
Side Quested's Patreon is here.
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24 Jun 14:14

Wonder by TeraS

by TeraS

I’m hoping to return to Morgane’s story next week, though I will admit that I’ve been saying that for a few weeks now. Still, the time will come and I’ll get there. As for this week, something for Father’s Day for my Eternal, something in which there is …

By TeraS

A long time ago, before the Realm, before horns and tails, my Eternal made something very clear to me: the only thing that mattered to him was me. I should have known that explaining what would never be for us wouldn’t matter. He made it very clear that being together mattered more than anything that had been taken away from us.

Love, you see, comes in all sorts of forms. There is eternal love shared between souls, the love of family, love in ways that don’t fit into a specific explanation. They are all forms of love in which we find the wonder of being held in that presence and what comes from that love.

In a place called the Realm there live two Eternals who found each other and in doing so made their dreams real, all save one. Except that wasn’t exactly true; the universe works in mysterious ways after all.

In time, the red-tailed couple discovered two blue-tailed daughters to love and be loved in return. A dream made real in this universe, a hope brought to life, and a wonder never expected to be true. Said to be impossible, faith managed to make the dream possible.

In this universe, a woman watches her Eternal with their daughters. She’s captivated by the sight before her. She marvels at his love, how complete it is; there’s no hesitation or concern to be seen. She watches the two blue-tails hug their father and wish him love on this day, not that they don’t every day, of course. But today has special meaning, after all.

In another place, a human realm, two Eternals note the date on the calendar. It’s somewhat melancholy, much like another day in May. She looks at her Eternal and sees in her mind the father he would be. She sees the two daughters in that other universe, knows she wishes she could have given him such children.

She wonders what might be if the impossible comes to pass. Goddess, after all, had made the impossible happen once, giving a path for a mother to prove to everyone that they were wrong three times over. Goddess had given this universe her Eternal and made the dream of eternal love their reality.

It’s a wonder what they have. But she still wonders, muses, and tells stories of that other realm where two blue-tailed daughters have a father and mother to love. The wonder of that world still has many stories to be told, but one thing will always be: the wonder of her Eternal’s love wherever they are together.

24 Jun 12:07

Commitment Phobia

I'm sure it will be fine

22 Jun 13:15

Proper Introductions

Oh hi

21 Jun 01:28

ichigoyt: Astronomical Events June 2022 J...


Astronomical Events June 2022

June 10 - Daytime Arietid Meteor Shower. This meteor shower is active from 14 April to 24 June, producing its peak rate of meteors around 10 June. Over this period, there will be a better chance of seeing meteors whenever the shower’s radiant point – in the constellation Aries – is above the horizon. The radiant point may culminate after dawn and so the shower is likely to produce its best displays shortly before dawn. At its peak, the shower is expected to produce a nominal rate of around 50 meteors per hour.

June 14 - Full Moon, Supermoon. The Moon will be located on the opposite side of the Earth as the Sun and its face will be fully illuminated. This is the first of three supermoons for 2022. The Moon will reach perigee, the lowest point of its orbit, on June 15 and may look very slightly larger and brighter than usual.

June 16 - Mercury at Greatest Elongation West. Mercury reaches greatest western elongation of 23.2 degrees from the Sun. This is the best time to view Mercury since it will be at its highest point above the horizon in the morning sky. Look for the planet low in the eastern sky just before sunrise.

June 21 - June Solstice. This event occurs at 09:05 UTC. The North Pole of the earth will be tilted toward the Sun, which will have reached its northernmost position in the sky and will be directly over the Tropic of Cancer at 23.5 degrees north latitude. This is the first day of summer (summer solstice) in the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of winter (winter solstice) in the Southern Hemisphere.

June 21~30 - Planets Parade. Shortly before dawn, a “Planetary Marathon” will be possible. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus & Neptune will be observable at the same time. Most will be bright enough for the unaided eye while Uranus & Neptune will require an instrument. The Moon will also form multiple conjunctions with the planets over this period. Make sure to plan your observing session to find the best opportunities for your location, as this event lasts for multiple days.

Moon Phases

- First Quarter: 07 June / 14:49 UTC

- Full Moon: 14 June / 11:51 UTC

- Last Quarter: 21 June / 03:11 UTC

- New Moon: 29 June / 02:53 UTC

Clear skies and remember, This is your friend!

20 Jun 22:54

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Incomplete


Click here to go see the bonus panel!

Before you email me, try to write out a proof!

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18 Jun 10:54

Ancient Greek Mythical Creatures Book Launch – 10 days left!


In case you missed it, I have a new Kickstarter launch going for my new (and very colourful!) ABC book for children, and the companion Colouring book, full of Ancient Greek Mythical creatures!

The launch went extremely well, with the initial order amount being reached in a matter of hours! It is now 475% funded, with 10 days still left to go! Around 50 of each book have been ordered, which to me, just doing this myself, is amazing! Thank you so much if you have ordered a copy of either book already!

The ABC book has an ancient-artwork-inspired illustrated image of a mythical creature alongside the letters of the English alphabet and a two-word legend on each page to introduce the letter and character. The Colouring book version has line-art versions of all the creatures and more, plus a brief outline of the creature’s mythology and art notes for where the inspiration for the image came from. 

Both books are available as a bundle, along with a free set of five colourful vinyl stickers of my favourite creatures (thanks to the stretch goal!) Or, you can order a copy of either book individually, or PDF printable versions of the Colouring books, to make colouring pages for yourself or your school classes. 

If you like the look of these and haven’t ordered yet, come and have a look at the whole campaign! 

All the best, 


16 Jun 12:45

Another wingman

by Brad Guigar

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