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16 Jun 16:54

WildStar is in the Humble E3 Bundle… for non-players

by Eliot Lefebvre
Getting WildStar for only a couple of dollars seems like a pretty solid deal, especially when that means an extra 30 days of game time. Sure, the game is going free-to-play, but it’s not there yet. But existing players who decided to jump on the Humble Bundle’s E3 ticket bundle just for that code got a bit of a surprise [...]
16 Jun 16:54

Castle Crashers Remastered Announced

by Jem Alexander

Castle Crashers [official site] is being remastered, despite only being released… oh, eight years ago? Yeah, fair enough then. I guess The Behemoth realised that they’ve not managed to outdo themselves in the years since, so may as well try and sell us the same game again. And we’ll buy it, because Castle Crashers remains the best side scrolling co-op brawler since the days of the Mega Drive. Though, PC people will need to wait a little longer than our Xbox One counterparts.

… [visit site to read more]

16 Jun 16:54

Razer's VR kit gets Android support and position tracking

by Steve Dent
Razer recently launched its Open Source VR intiative, complete with a virtual reality headset to get more developers into the VR game. The initial launch notably lacked Android support and positional tracking hardware, but it's now filed those holes ...
16 Jun 16:54

'Metal Gear Online' evolves its stealthy multiplayer in 'The Phantom Pain'

by Xav de Matos
At the same two-day preview event where we got to spend hours at the helm of Hideo Kojima's next (and possibly last) Metal Gear Solid game, publisher Konami confirmed a handful of details about its online component. Metal Gear Online in The Phantom P...
16 Jun 16:54

Razer refreshes wireless Mamba with 16,000 DPI sensor, adds wired Tournament Edition

Razer Mamba 1

There’s a new Razer Mamba in town. Actually, make that two new Razer Mambas. Razer’s big new gear for E3 2015 is a revamped Chroma Mamba, with the original’s wireless/wired functionality, plus a wired Tournament Edition that also fits into the Chroma line of RGB LED peripherals.

Both mice use the same new 16,000 DPI laser sensor that can track at up to 210 inches per second, with a total of 9 programmable buttons (two thumb buttons, two index finger, and tiltable scroll wheel). The wireless model weighs 125 grams, while the wired Tournament Edition is 133 grams with its braided cable.

The wireless Mamba lasts for 20 hours of “continuous gaming” according to Razer; probably more if you have the mouse set to 1000 Hz report rate, or potentially more at a less power-hungry report rate and depending on how active your movements are. The previous Mamba claims 16 hours of continuous gaming.

One other feature differentiates the two mice: the wireless/wired Mamba uses “new Adjustable Click Force Technology,” which, according to the press release, “allows gamers to freely adjust the level of click force needed to activate the left and right mouse buttons, from distinct clicks for high accuracy actions such as sniping in FPS games to lighter presses for rapid fire action needed for MOBA games. The Razer Mamba’s Adjustable Click Force Technology is capable of up to 504° turn, providing users with a total of 14 distinct choices to set their signature click feel for a more personalized gameplay.”

The Tournament Edition doesn’t have this feature. Since it’s aimed at esports gamers, it’s presumably already dialed in to a fast, low click force.

The most interesting thing about the new Mambas, to me, is that 16,000 DPI sensor. Remember, higher DPI hardly always means better—in fact, higher DPI can actually mean poorer for a gaming mouse—but I want to see how this high DPI laser sensor stacks up against the Pixart 3366 used in the Logitech G502 and G303; that sensor is currently outfitted to scale up to 12,000 DPI with no performance loss, and is the best gaming sensor on the market today.

Both the Mambas will be available in Q3 2015. The wireless model is priced at $150. The Tournament Edition is $90.

Razer Mamba RGB PNG View 6

16 Jun 16:53

Superhot is a whirling ballet of bullets

by Colin Campbell

A lot of people are looking forward to Superhot, which is due to launch later this year, not least the 12,000 Kickstarter backers who funded this curiously appealing game to the tune of $250K.

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16 Jun 16:53

Basically How 90% of E3 is Going to Go


16 Jun 16:52

Super League brings competitive 'Minecraft' to US movie theaters

by Nick Summers

Arcades used to be the go-to place for gamers to come together and test their skills in friendly matches. While quarter-fuelled cabinets have fallen in popularity, the online eSports scene has exploded, resulting in huge tournaments and sell-out crowds. Super League Gaming, despite its name, wants to recreate the social, recreational arcade atmosphere for a new generation of games and players. For starters, it's planning a 28-city tour in the US, where it'll be hosting Minecraft competitions inside 80 AMC, Cinemark and iPic movie theaters. The game isn't exactly known for its competitive multiplayer, but organisers hope to stir up some friendly rivalry with PVP matches and casual building sessions.

The "league" will start with an introductory tour from June 15th to August 28th, before a more structured six-week competition kicks off on September 14th. The organisers say their goal is to support other, more traditional eSports games in the future, but feel that for now Minecraft is best-suited for its "minor league" vibe. It's not an eSports league in the traditional sense, but for casual players it could be a novel way to compete.

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Source: Super League Gaming

16 Jun 16:52

Rare Replay lets you rewind certain games, has documentary clips

by Matt Leone

Microsoft has a simple pitch for its new Rare collection: 30 games for $30 to celebrate Rare’s 30th anniversary.

Following the announcement on Monday, Microsoft held a press event with the game on display, so now we know a bit more about what’s in the package.

I tried out a handful of the 30 games at the event, and all ran smoothly without any obvious issues. For certain older titles there’s an option to add scanlines by clicking in the right analog stick, and on others there’s an option to rewind the games, but for the most part the games remain untouched. So you’ll get online play for the games that had it originally, like Perfect Dark Zero, but you won’t get it added in to older games like Battletoads.

Outside of the games...

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16 Jun 16:52

World of Tanks Xbox One Release Date Revealed

by Xerin
World of Tanks

Wargaming is going to release World of Tanks for Xbox One on July 28th, with preloads start July 10th and a short beta series running July 11th and 12th. You'll need Xbox Gold in order to play, but outside of that the game will be cross-platform between the original Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

The game will make its way to Xbox One on July 28, 2015, with newly upgraded visuals and first-ever cross-platform multiplayer between the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions.


Wargaming and Xbox are also ready to give dedicated tankers the opportunity to preload the game on their consoles starting July 10. Tankers can also get an early taste of the action by participating in the “Xbox One World of Tanks Beta Weekend” on July 11 and 12.

So there isn't much more really to talk about, in a little over a month Xbox One players will have an awesome tank game to play and the Xbox One's library of free-to-play games will increase. Which is great news for tank fans who love the 360 port, but have long since upgraded to the Xbox One.

16 Jun 16:52

20th Anniversary Accessories To Go With The PS4 You Didn't Get

by Mike Fahey

If you were lucky enough to acquire one of the 12,300 limited edition 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 consoles , then has Sony got the accessories for you! Otherwise, here’s some gray stuff.


16 Jun 16:52

Why isn't GoldenEye in Rare's HD game collection? Here's their answer

by Nick Robinson

One of Microsoft's most interesting announcements from this E3 is Rare Replay, a collection of 30 Rare Software games spanning the past 30 years, all available for just under 30 dollars. And while many of Rare's most iconic franchises appear in the collection — the Banjo-Kazooie, Perfect Dark and Viva Piñata franchises are all represented in their entirety — one of the company's most well-loved games of all time is absent: GoldenEye 007 on the N64. But why?

While some might assume the game's non-appearance may have something to do with Rare's attempted GoldenEye XBLA remake way back in 2008 and the resulting licensing kerfuffle between Nintendo and Microsoft that ensued, Rare insisted that isn't the case. Speaking to Polygon at an E3...

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16 Jun 16:52

Doom Isn’t About Chainsaws, Guns And Gore, It’s About Moving Sideways

by Nathan Ditum

Doom [official site] came to the Dolby Theatre as E3 began. Bethesda’s showcase event included an in-depth look at a game we already knew about, the announcement of a game that we already knew about and the blood-spattered reveal of a game we’ve been playing (in various forms) for most of our adult lives. Doom is back. Nathan Ditum was on-site for the live demonstration, and squinted through the gore and melee animations to find the rhythm of the past.

It’s a strange and difficult thing, to bring back a classic game. During the in-game demonstration of id’s new Doom at Bethesda’s E3 showcase, crowd reaction suggests that this particular reboot is on the right track. There are cheers when our hero punches a demon’s head clean off with an outrageous melee attack. There is a round of appreciative applause when an arm is wrenched off at the elbow and the palm used as a key (clever!). And there are delighted gasps as a demon is torn in the manner of a strongman phonebook trick, a wet fleshy tear from the jaw down.

… [visit site to read more]

16 Jun 16:51

Virtual Schoolgirl Demo Now Goes International

by Brian Ashcraft

In Summer Lesson, there’s studying, singing, and head shaking. Lots of head shaking.


16 Jun 16:51

Sword Art Online Is a Lot of Fun Even without Its Main Character

by Richard Eisenbeis

Sword Art Online focuses almost exclusively on its hero, Kirito—and when it doesn’t, it tends to follow the main female lead, Asuna. But what happens to all the other characters when Kirito and Asuna are busy with the main story? The answer is this manga: Sword Art Online: Girls’ Operations.


16 Jun 16:50

Shenmue 3 Just Hit $2 Million, Setting a New Kickstarter Record

by Brian Ashcraft

Shenmue 3 isn’t only the fastest game to raise a million dollars on Kickstarter, it’s also the fastest game to raise two million dollars.


16 Jun 16:50

Shirtless Brock Makes for One Sexy Pokémon Figure 

by Brian Ashcraft

In Pokémon Red and Blue, Brock was the leader of the Pewter Gym, appearing in-game sans shirt. Hence, this new, macho figure.


16 Jun 16:50

Meet Fiesta, The Undead Skylander With His Own Mariachi Band

by Mike Fahey

With attacks that spawn adorable skeletal bandmates and a ride that was once his coffin-shaped kids bed, Skylanders: Superchargers Fiesta is an unliving, unbreathing example of why I love this stupid series.


16 Jun 16:50

Obsidian 'super excited' for South Park sequel, even if they're not making it

by Owen S. Good

Ubisoft's surprise announcement of a sequel to South Park: The Stick of Truth, which will be developed in-house, left many wondering how the original developing studio, Obsidian Entertainment, felt about it.

They're cool with it, basically.

"We are super excited to see another South Park game getting made, and can't wait to play it ourselves," Feargus Urquhart, the CEO of Obsidian Entertainment, said in an email to Polygon.

Urquhart pointed to the ongoing projects keeping Obsidian busy, such as Armored Warfare (which is in Steam Early Access) and Pillars of Eternity, which launched in March and has many new features coming. "Internally, [we] are coming close to 200 people working on games," Urquhart said.

So, it makes sense that this...

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16 Jun 16:50

Lady Beserkers & Corpse-Carrying In XCOM 2 Footage

by Alec Meer

Another lifeboat for me reach out to in the endless sea of E3 hype is Firaxis’ XCOM 2 [official site]. Clearly it’s hardly a dead cert they’ll get it right, especially given that Civ Beyond Earth eroded some faith that the studio is willing to go outside its comfort zone, but there’s no game in vidyaland that I’m more excited about right now. Even though all we’ve been given so far is context. That’s just changed: here’s footage there’s footage footage now hooray footage

… [visit site to read more]

16 Jun 16:50

E3 2015: The Crew announces ‘Wild Run’ expansion

by Eliot Lefebvre
The world of The Crew is getting a big upgrade later this year. Part of that is just a visual upgrade that’s coming along with the game’s new Wild Run expansion, but it also comes down to new driving options. The expansion will introduce three new types of vehicles – motorcycles, dragsters, and monster trucks, all of which will allow [...]
16 Jun 16:50

You can bounty hunt rogue agents in The Division

by Justin Olivetti
Looking for a fun place to vacation next year? We do not recommend The Division’s Dark Zone, unless you find a lawless area of player conflict and terrifying threats an ideal destination. A new blog post on the upcoming title talks about its specially designed PvP zone. The Dark Zone isn’t a mere pit in which to kill each other [...]
16 Jun 16:50

Heroes of the Storm: Lost Vikings Build Guide

by Megna
Heroes of the Storm: Lost Vikings Build Guide
Heroes of the Storm


The Lost Vikings can be split up to gather experience or brought together for a fight. They can push lanes very well in the late game as well as put out some nice dps in a fight. They are by far the most micro intensive hero in Heroes of the Storm today, requiring 150+ APM in high level games. They also require massive map awareness, leaving you looking at the minimap for most of the game.

Guide Updated: September 17th



You're able to split the Lost Vikings to quickly soak XP across all lanes 

Has undergone significant changes recently, weakning their split lane potential 

Capable of pushing well late game

Olaf has had his heal reduced (though it's still potent)

Their damage potential is high, especially as a three or when using their elite 

They no longer gain reduced death timer (boo!)

Olaf heals quickly (but used to heal even quicker!)




(Z) Go Go Go! – Rather than a traditional mount, the Vikings are able to receive a 30% speed buff that lasts for 4 seconds. As the cooldown is 30 seconds, this will often be available when you just need that extra bit of mobility.


(Trait) Viking Hoard – Given that each individual Viking is not particularly durable, this trait can help them withstand non-lethal damage, especially as the game goes on and you collect more health globes. Being able to regen health quickly means they can get back into the fight, which is really all any Viking wants in life.


(Q) Spin to Win! – This will be your main source of burst damage when in melee range of Heroes or mercenaries, and can also be used for wave clear. It will be most effective if multiple Vikings are in position to hit enemies, as activating the ability will make all 3 Vikings use it. Keep that in mind, as it will interrupt any of your channels, including Hearthstone.


(Q) Norse Force! – This is a decent defensive tool, although it was nerfed considerably due to how strong it used to be. If all three Vikings are alive it will be a fairly potent shield, which can be helpful if you feel that deaths are coming too quickly.


(W) Jump! – This can be used either aggressively to chase after your enemies, or defensively (often in conjunction with Go Go Go!) to escape. Jump! can help to avoid crowd control, or even get out of it. If you target a Viking who is not currently CC’d, all Vikings will jump, allowing them to circumvent CC to a certain degree. Again, keep in mind that this will cancel anything you’re currently channeling.


(W) Nordic Attack Squad – If you’re looking for a build focused more around basic attacks, this can fulfill that purpose. It can also be useful if the enemy team is very tanky but lacking in damage, allowing your Vikings to chunk down the large HP bars. However, the utility offered by Jump! is generally preferred.


(E) Viking Bribery – When looking to go crazy with soaking experience or split-pushing, taking this at level 1 can be quite helpful. At 80 stacks, you’re capable of having one Viking go off and take a Golem (or other Easy) camp, while the other two are able to continue to soak. Of course, you will need to account for the time that Viking is not in a lane, so coordinate with your team if you choose to go this route.


(R) Longboat Raid! – The high potential damage output (though not as insane as it was in the past), and extra survivability granted by virtue of a “second health bar,” make this Heroic have a lot of upside to it. Just keep in mind that positioning is going to be extremely important due to a lack of mobility. You especially don’t want to give your enemies the chance to destroy the boat early, as stunning all three of your Vikings for 1.5 seconds can be quite painful.


(R) Play Again! – This Heroic can be useful on larger maps, if you intend on split-pushing. As long as your team has reasonable damage to put out in a team fight, Play Again! will allow you to split-push, then have all 3 Vikings join a fight, as long as one of them is alive. Again, communicating your plans with your team will be extremely important if you choose this tactic.


Level 1: Explosive Attacks

Provides Baelog with 100% extra damage from his splash attack to non-heroic targets. Helps a great deal with lane clear during early soak.

Level 4: Erik The Swift

Permanently increases Erik's movement speed by 10% and as long as he's moving, he'll heal. It's great for pushing and escaping lanes. 

Variable: Pain Don't Hurt is a great alternative as it allows Baelog to gain additional healing when using auto attacks or double from enemy Heroes.

Level 7: Spin to Win!

Activate to have each Viking deal 250 (60+10 per level) damage to nearby enemies. This ability does a ton of damage if all Vikings are within range of an enemy.  It also clears minions well. 

Variable: Activate to have each Viking gain a 500 (120 + 20 per level) to 100 (240 + 40 per level) point shield, increasing in strength for each Viking alive.  This is great for surviving and stopping that pesky burst damage. 

Level 10: Longboat Raid!

Hop into an unstoppable Longboat that fires at enemies, dealing massive damage while also allowing you to launch a mortar that does even more damage.  This DPS machine has made 243 players and a dog quit Heroes of the Storm with cries of "OP" and "Blizz Plz Nerf".

Level 13: Jump!

It's sad to see Jump available only at level 13 after the recent update, but it's still a must for keeping your Viking's alive. A 1.5 second immunity doesn't seem long, but used properly it'll save your life. 

Variable: Hunka' Burning Olaf is a good alternative as it deals 75 (18+3 per level) to nearby enemies. Great for wave clearing or allowing Olaf to do more than tickle the enemy heroes. 

Level 16: 64 KB Marathon

You gain an additional 40% movement speed when activating Go! Go! Go! In addition to that, you'll also break free from all roots and snares. A must. 

Variable: Large and in Charge - When Olaf charges enemies, stun them for 1 second.  It is good if you need a stun.  It can be unreliable, unless you keep Olaf out of the fight for the stun. 

Level 20: The Sequel! 

Although previously an innate trait, The Sequel! now lowers your death timer by 50% It's pretty important and a must have for competitive matches. 

Variable: Every 5 seconds, your next basic attack will deal 90 (14 +4 per level) to the target and 230 (21 +11 per level) damage to all nearby mercs and minions.  It basically clears the minion wave. 


The Vikings have unique matchup threats and for the most part, they rely on the rest of their team to support them while they soak lane. I'd argue you shouldn't be fighting enemy Heroes one on one, but if you must, here are the ones you should look out for.  



Falstad: Dodge the Hammers! He's capable of quickly ripping through you all. 


Thrall: Don't let Eric or Baelog get hit by his snare. If you do, you're pretty much dead. 


Kerrigan: Her stun alone will almost kill Eric and Baelog. It's even worse if she's taken Ultralisk as it'll pursue you until at least one of your Vikings is dead. 


Nova: Snipe deals a tone of DMG to Eric and Baelog to the point where unless you use Jump instantly, one of your Vikings will die. 


Sylvanas: Incredibly annoying to pair against as her Black Arrows keep you at a distance and prevent your lane push. 


Valla: Q and W = Dead Eric and Baelog. There's sometimes little you can do to stop Valla's poke. 


Kael'thas: Juggling multiple Vikings against Kael'thas is a headache and avoiding his large AOE even more so.  


Jaina: Similarly to Kael'thas, Jaina is one of their worst matchups. Cone of Cold + Blizzard can pretty much wipe you out. 



1. Your goal is to reach level 10 before the enemy team and you should do this by splitting your Vikings across all three lanes. 

2. Baelog and Eric don't have much health regeneration and as a result, you need to watch them closely. 

3. Beware of AOE abilities as they can slaughter your Vikings in a very short space of time. Until level 20, you'll feel the cooldown. 

4. Don't try to solo any Hero with only one Viking.  They are weak when alone. 

5. Remember to constantly move your camera across all lanes - don't ignore your Vikings or leave them unattended for long. 

6. The Lost Vikings are probably the hardest Hero to learn in Heroes of the Storm and as such, you shouldn't enter Hero League until you're at least level 10. 

15 Jun 22:48

Trials Fusion expansion features a cat riding a unicorn

Trials Fusion

The biggest announcement of E3? No, don't be silly. Nevertheless, the Trials Fusion expansion pack—called Awesome Level Max—does let you play as a cat riding a fire-breathing unicorn. If that isn't worth a news post on this site, I don't really know what is.

Beyond that, what's it all about? The trailer's description reveals all:

"Get ready for our biggest Trials Fusion DLC pack yet with 30 all-new tracks plus 10 Supercross tracks, 30 unexpected and various challenges to complete, unicorn bike & cat rider, 5 new garage items and more than 130 fresh new Editor objects."

Also announced, the Trials Fusion: Awesome Level Max Edition, which features the base game, the six DLC packs of the season pass and this new expansion.

Trials Fusion: Awesome Level Max is out on July 14.

15 Jun 22:48

The Division is releasing March 8, 2016

TCTD screen Turret e3 150615 4pm PT 1434323966

We got a look at some new gameplay footage of Ubisoft's upcoming online shooter The Division at E3 on Sunday. We also got a release date: March 8, 2016.

You can watch the E3 trailer below, and we'll have a preview after Ubi's conference ends.

15 Jun 22:12

Ubisoft is making another South Park RPG, but this time it's about superheroes

by Michael McWhertor

Ubisoft is once again partnering with South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker for a new role-playing game: South Park: The Fractured But Whole. This time, the boys of South Park will take on the role of superheroes in an all-new adventure.

The sequel to South Park: The Stick of Truth is being developed by Ubisoft in San Francisco, Parker and Stone confirmed during Ubisoft's E3 2015 press conference.

Parker and Stone described the game as a follow-up to The Stick of Truth that further explores the origins of the New Kid and the powers of his butthole. Parker and Stone promised to explore the depths of buttholes.

Continue reading…

15 Jun 22:08

Time to change your master password, LastPass was hacked

by Roberto Baldwin

Password-management service LastPass announced today that it "discovered and blocked suspicious activity" on its network on Friday. While the company says that there is no evidence that user vault data (a user's stored passwords) was taken or that accounts were accessed, it did acknowledge that user email addresses, authentication hashes, password reminders and server per user salts were compromised. LastPass is confident that its encryption is strong enough to make attacking those stolen hashes with any speed difficult. But yeah, if you're a LastPass customer you should change your password. Even though LastPass recommends you change your password if you have a weak master password or use that password on multiple sites, you really should change your master password -- and switch on multifactor authentication -- just in case.

Dear LastPass User,

We wanted to alert you that, recently, our team discovered and immediately blocked suspicious activity on our network. No encrypted user vault data was taken, however other data, including email addresses and password reminders, was compromised.

We are confident that the encryption algorithms we use will sufficiently protect our users. To further ensure your security, we are requiring verification by email when logging in from a new device or IP address, and will be prompting users to update their master passwords.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but ultimately we believe this will better protect LastPass users. Thank you for your understanding, and for using LastPass.

The LastPass Team

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15 Jun 21:40

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst features full free roaming

Mirror's Edge 3

Previously, EA told us that Mirror's Edge: Catalyst wasn't a sequel. Now we know what they mean: it's a prequel. Or a reboot or something. Whatever it is, it will tell the origin story of Faith; a story that I would imagine is mostly about stylishly running across rooftops.

The big news of EA's press conference is that Mirror's Edge: Catalyst will allow for full free roaming, with no levels nor loading screens. As you explore city, you'll find missions, time trials, environmental puzzles and races. Y'know, the stuff you can do while running and/or jumping.

There's a release date, too. Mirror's Edge: Catalyst will be available on February 23, 2016.

15 Jun 21:40

Adobe brings its handy mobile design apps to Android

by Billy Steele

Back in October, Adobe delivered a new suite of mobile apps to iOS devices. Keeping its promise to include the Android faithful as well, the company's Photoshop Mix, Color CC, Brush CC and Shape CC are now available for download over at Google Play. Creative types running Google's mobile OS on their devices can expect to easily transform a photo taken with a phone into vector art with Shape CC, make images edits with Photoshop Mix and build a collection of hues with Color CC. If you fancy iOS, there's a new color capture app called Hue CC. With this bit of software, capture colors from photos to create custom Looks that can then be applied to videos in Premiere and After Effects on the desktop or Premiere Clip on a phone or tablet. All of the mobile apps are free to use, but Creative Cloud subscribers can take advantage of desktop compatibility and cloud storage for all of the stuff created while on the go.

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15 Jun 21:39

EA shows off its stable of upcoming sports blockbusters

by Edgar Alvarez

As expected, EA took the stage at E3 2015 to showcase the next installment of its popular sports franchises. That, of course, includes FIFA 16, Madden 16, NBA Live 16, NHL 16 and Rory McIlroy PGA Tour. This year, like most others, EA Sports is focusing on evolution rather than revolution, so people familiar with these titles won't notice any major change. But that's not to say some things haven't changed. In the case of FIFA 16, for example, there are all-new defensive mechanics, which will help you defend better ground against attacking players. For NBA 16, EA Sports revealed an app that can take your picture and then use it as a custom character's face -- the most impressive part about this is how it only takes a couple of minutes.

Madden 16, meanwhile, comes with a completely overhauled passing game, designed to assist quarterbacks, receivers and defenders in coverage. You'll see improved passing for specific routes, for example, allowing you to choose different types of catches -- including one that lets players attack the ball at its highest point. As a defender, on the other hand, you can play the receiver instead of just the ball, which should make it harder for anyone to score on you.

Rory Mcllroy PGA Tour, Madden 16, NHL 16, FIFA 16 and NBA Live 16 will be released on July 14th, August 15th, September 15th, September 23rd and September 29th, respectively. You can check out the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One trailers for a few of these below.

Check here for everything happening at E3 2015!

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