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10 Jan 03:55

Feeling Tough Now, Big Guy?

09 Jan 06:06

Sometimes Jesus Isn't the Answer

Sometimes Jesus Isn't the Answer

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28 Nov 00:38

It Sure Will Be, Anyway...

28 Nov 00:33

November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving, geeks!
27 Nov 23:24

Door to Door.

by Ryan
27 Nov 23:21

Torsdag 27 november

by Gävlebocken


Hej alla bockälskare runt om i världen! Dags att resa på sig, ännu en gång. Tänk att vi ses igen för den 48:e gången. Vår kärlek håller än :-)

Jag känner mig inte alls gammal och redo för pension. Hoppas du håller med mig? Titta gärna förbi Slottstorget idag. Mina ben ska visst komma på plats idag och om någon dag så står jag upp igen. Och glöm inte bort att komma på festligheterna nu på söndag. Vi börjar kl 15. Du vet var du hittar mig :-) 
Om du inte kan komma så kan du följa invigningen på en webbkamera som en kär vän har satt upp. Du hittar den visst på Den har visst tittare i 120 länder. Riktigt kul! Nu måste jag gå och fixa till mina halmstrån och röda band. Jag vill ju vara fin på söndag.

Hi all my Gavle Goat friends around the world. At last it's resurrection day. Who would ever have guessed that we would meet again for the 48th time? True love never dies...

If you're passing by Gävle this weekend, please pay me a visit. The inauguration and festivities is on Sunday at 3 PM. As always you will find me at the Castle square in the centre of Gävle. A friend of mine has also installed a webcam and he told me that the webcast has viewers from over 120 countries around the world. Maybe you're one of them? You'll find the webcast on Now I'd better go and  brush my straws and fix my giant red ribbons to look my very best on Sunday. 

26 Nov 19:01

Every Server Knows This Feeling

26 Nov 18:56

Can't Talk. Need Coffee.



26 Nov 18:56

How to Rake in the Customers

26 Nov 18:55

This Happens Far Too Often

26 Nov 18:54

A Clear Winner

26 Nov 18:54

Could Your Cubicle Use a Little Sprucing Up?


Maybe Erik might get into papercraft

26 Nov 17:47

Hold on tight.

by Ryan
26 Nov 02:33

Hark, A Vagrant: Broadside Ballads 2

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These broadside images come to you courtesy of the hard working history folks at the University of California's English Broadside Ballad Archives!

In order:

A Godly Warning for All Maidens
Anne Wallen's Lamentation
The Husbandman's Delight
A New Merry Ballad
An Excellent Song
A True Sense of Sorrow

And of course, the merchandise plug! We have new whiteboards, hot off the press@

The store has updated with lots of exciting new things! Including Wee The People drawings.

Clicking on the image will take you to the store. Hooray!!

26 Nov 02:28

Knicker Sticker

by drew


21 Nov 17:54

Ready to Add the Santaur to Your Christmas Tree?



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19 Nov 19:19

Sage Advice

19 Nov 18:47

stop your twerkin

Today on Married To The Sea: stop your twerkin
18 Nov 17:37

Calvin and Hobbes for November 18, 2014

14 Nov 20:47

Thank You, T-Rex Nativity

14 Nov 20:13

November 13, 2014

I'm contributing to this calendar by the cartoonists of The Nib.
14 Nov 20:07

Calvin and Hobbes for November 13, 2014


Sounds like me in the morning

12 Nov 22:06

Chick-fil-A Manager Bans Employees From Using Slang

10 Nov 01:37

light them on fire



light them on fire

10 Nov 01:27

Underwater treadmill

by drew
07 Nov 05:22

Messy Eater

by Jason Poland

Just all over the place.

The messiest.

The Robbie & Bobby tumblr and twitter get all over the place too, but they’re totally worth it.

07 Nov 05:15

Excuse me, sir.

by Ryan
07 Nov 05:14


by Ryan

It's funny because everyone sucks at golf.....

06 Nov 22:57

My Tax Dollars at Work?

by Paul Ramsey

Some days I feel like I'm king of the world, and some days I feel like the weak little fool that I am, and today is one of the latter.

I have written previously about the upcoming systems re-write in the British Columbia natural resources sector. This is a big one. Over $100M will be spent on IT services and software. Before you spend that kind of money, you should be clear about what the business value is, about why this big moon-shot of a project is the right thing to do, relative to the other options.

You should prepare a business plan. I wonder what that looks like?

I know something about data management in the natural resources sector, so I was actually interested more in the implementation plans than the business plans, I FOI'ed:

Any business case documents or presentations; System development timelines or development plans; Software or product comparisons

Potentially, this could be a lot of material, at least the FOI person thought so. They suggested I narrow my request:

...they’ve stated that the first option, “starting from the original request but limiting to only documents delivered to Doug Say”, would be the best option for narrowing the request and making the fee smaller, as he would be the only one conducting the search and this would significantly reduce the amount of time that would be spent on searching for records...

So, they were OK with my more limited request, that's great. Until they send back the fee estimate:

28.5 hour(s) to locate and retrieve records @ $30.00/ hour = $855.00
31.5 hours(s) to produce records @ $30.00/hour $945.00
31.5 hour(s) to prepare and handle records for disclosure @ $30.00/hour = $945.00
1 disc(s) @ $4.00/disc = $4.00
2400 scanned electronic copies of paper records @ $0.10/page = $240.00
Total $2989.00

Fortunately, they accept VISA, Mastercard and Amex. Actually, no. Chastened, I reduce my request yet further:

I feel like I’m fishing with hand grenades here. Can I just have a copy of the business plan and delivery plan (project milestones and expected deliverables?) without an overview I’ll never figure out what to rationally ask for.

So now we're down to 1-2 documents, no need for a big expensive search, the fee dogs are called off. No doubt, I'll get my documents shortly. The deadline rolls around:

I am writing to ask that you grant a 30 business day extension to the above-noted FOI request. The additional 30 days are required in order to obtain further information from the Ministry as to the status of the records in their submission to Cabinet.

OK, I'm not a total a**hole, I can be patient here. And heck, they are making a good faith effort so ensure I can see the docs by checking them against cabinet submissions. What an awesome crew. 30 business days go by:

We are nearing the end of the review of the records for this request, however we will require some additional time to have it completed. I am writing to request that you grant a 10 business day extension so that we may provide a complete response to this request.

Again, I'm a man of infinite patience, particularly when a "complete response" is in the offing! By all means, squire, take your 10 business days! 10 business days go by:

Please see the attached documents in response to your FOI request with the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations.

Oh, frabjous day! Calooh! Calay! Let's open up our giftie and see what the FOI elves have brought!

  • A signature page.
  • A contacts page.
  • The first 3 lines of the table of contents, the remainder redacted because it constitutes "policy advice or recommendations". That's right, the table of contents is policy advice.
  • The first page of the executive summary.
  • The first page of the "narrative" section (with the middle part of that page redacted for "policy advice" reasons).
  • The first page of the "investment context" section (with the end part of that page redacted for "policy advice" reasons).

That's it! The remaining 185 pages of this 204 page business case are withheld! You want to know the reasoning behind the expenditure of over $100M on IT services and software? Too f***ing bad, chump.

Yep, feeling totally played for the chump. They will spend that $100M, by god, and they will spend it without anyone outside the "yes, minister, yes deputy, yes director" echo chamber seeing the rationale or commenting on it.

Update: I did vent a little back at the FOI officer (which, let's be clear, isn't really fair, he's just the messenger here):

I'm concerned that this "process" is a farcical waste of your time. If you're going to redact the entire document, save yourself the effort and tell me ahead of time, "BTW, the whole thing will be redacted". Why even pretend, at this point? Who reviewed this document and decided on the redactions?

To which he patiently replied:

I apologise for not making you aware ahead of time that very little information would be released. I was hoping by this time that more information could be provided to you, however the Ministry informed that nothing has been implemented with regard to the initiatives, so the majority of the records are required to be withheld [em. mine] at this time. Should you wish to request these records at a later time, please feel free to contact me before submitting your request to determine their status and whether or not more information would be made available at that time.

I'm not sure how the implementation or not of things bears into their releasability, perhaps an FOI expert could drop some wisdom in the comments. It seems like the ultimate Catch-22, "we'll explain the reasoning behind our decisions once they are set in stone and cannot be changed".

04 Nov 05:50

Best Sleep Ever


This is how I felt when we lived near Main St and I was on EI.