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08 Dec 16:55

bookavore: mcnallykids: Ursula K. Le Guin refuses to blurb a...



Ursula K. Le Guin refuses to blurb a story collection with no female writers. 

“Gentlemen, I just don’t belong here.” This is what a badass sounds like. 

100% perfect letter.

12 Nov 19:37

The Mystical Origins of Fruit and Vegetables Photographed by Maciek Jasik

by Kate Sierzputowski
Chelsea Pearson

Abso-Fruitley blazed.


Although it’s recommended we eat five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables daily, many are unaware of the origins, mythology, and symbolism many of our favorite healthy foods hold. Several of the most common vegetables took thousands of years to cultivate, the watermelon was originally known for being bland and buried with pharaohs as a water source in the afterlife, and Buddha considered the pomegranate one of the three most blessed fruits.

Photographer Maciek Jasik is fascinated by the tales behind fruits and vegetables and seeks to reintroduce these mystical qualities back into their being through his eerie depictions of squash, pineapples, horned melons, and others. “The Secret Lives of Fruits and Vegetables” aims to bring back the characteristics “that have been lost amidst the clamor of nutritional statistics,” says Jasik. “Each offers its own indelible powers beyond our narrow habits of thought.”

Jasik achieves this by his use of color and deeply-hued smoke bombs, poking small holes within his subjects to make the smoke subtly waft or flood from the inside. Not sticking to a particular color scheme, the images all convey vastly different moods, an eggplant appearing to be involved in a dark alchemical experiment as the pineapple looks like it is straight from an upbeat advertising shoot.

You can see more vegetative smoke-filled photographs from the NYC-based photographer on his Tumblr and Instagram.











12 Nov 19:31

Men Laughing Alone With Salad

by A B
Chelsea Pearson

All joking a salad.

12 Nov 19:28

how many great stories have started with "one day batman was looking out for crime"? the answer: all of them

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November 6th, 2015: I think about Batman a lot, you guys. NO REGRETS.

– Ryan

12 Nov 19:26

here is a comic about how to make new friends as an adult; as an adult with SEVERAL friends i am qualified to write this

Chelsea Pearson

Must love dogs. There will be dogs. There better be dogs.

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November 9th, 2015: This comic isn't about Batman, and yet... I'M STILL THINKING ABOUT BATMAN!

– Ryan

02 Nov 21:07

Send Me an Angel (Real Life song)

Chelsea Pearson

It is also a song about a boy, aunt becky, and a choreographed bmx dance scene at the dance:


The song is about a man who asks himself whether he will find true love.


28 Oct 04:58

Rube Goldberg Device Features Anthropomorphic Ball that ‘Rescues’ His Friends

by Christopher Jobson
Chelsea Pearson

My hero.

Complete with its own theme song, this Rube Goldberg machine made for Japanese educational television program PythagoraSwitch features a brave little red ball named ‘Biisuke’ who rescues his other friends from being trapped elsewhere in the device—And then they all escape together while running away from bag guys! The team behind the program designs a shorter contraption for every single episode of PythagoraSwitch, but this longer one was created for an extended episode over the summer. You can see 200 additional clips from the show at varying levels of quality on YouTube. (via Twisted Sifter)

27 Oct 17:26

Talk to the hand

Chelsea Pearson

Because the face ain't listening

Link (thanks, Brandi!)

23 Oct 18:59

three vows safe

by kris
Chelsea Pearson

The Machine: Bride of Pin-Bot


a match manufactured in heaven

22 Oct 18:11

Whoomp! (There It Is)

Chelsea Pearson

Whoot there it is I thought you knew

Members of 95 South claim that Tag Team copied their work. “Whoot, There It Is” was released in March of 1993, 2 months before “Whoomp! (There It Is)”. Both singles were recorded in Atlanta. Tag Team member DC claimed that the phrase, ‘Whoomp! There It Is’ was coined by strippers from Florida working in Atlanta. DC was a DJ at an adult entertainment establishment in Georgia during that time. 95 South however, were Miami based which lead most believe DC was either simply lying and knew about the track, or he was actually unaware that the phrase the Florida strippers were repeating in Georgia was from an already released track. It seemed highly unlikely, if not impossible, for a professional DJ to be unaware of such a widely played track, especially when considering the Florida strippers he DJed for, requested their own music to dance to.[2]


20 Oct 21:39

Blade Runner Voight-Kampff Tests Part II

Blade Runner Voight-Kampff Tests Part II

20 Oct 21:39

Blade Runner Voight-Kampff Tests Part I

Blade Runner Voight-Kampff Tests Part I

19 Oct 21:30

Great Job, Internet!: In 1976, Steve Martin performed stand-up for an audience of dogs

by Marah Eakin

Like Bill Murray, Steve Martin pretty much made his bones by being both funny and up for anything. Take, for instance, his 1976 appearance on The Carol Burnett Show, which Mental Floss just called to our attention. In the clip, below, Martin does his stand-up not for Burnett’s audience of living human beings, but for four dogs that sit on the stage in front of him, lapping up all his puns about poodles, newspapers, and “canned barks.” Just watch out for that dog whistle. Seriously, the whole thing is adorable, and not just because Martin is so damn charming.

19 Oct 21:15

Freaky as shit realistic dog masks

19 Oct 21:05

Where's the beef?


FOX News has used the slogan in twelve online headlines for various topics since 2001.[5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16]


16 Oct 03:21

Extremely Well Trained Dogs

by A B

15 Oct 22:17

Bizarre paintings of mecha robots attacking East European peasants of the early 20th century

The Polish artist Jakub Rozalski, who goes by the sobriquet “Mr. Werewolf,” has produced an amusing series of steampunk-ish canvases in which serene and idyllic rustic landscapes of what seem to be Eastern Europe (Rozalski’...

15 Oct 22:05

SpongeBob sings Black Sabbath’s ‘War Pigs’ and it’s excellent!

Chelsea Pearson

Generals gathered in their asses
Just like witches at black asses

I have no clue how on earth I missed this video as it’s almost a year old now. But I did. Thankfully WFMU tweeted it yesterday and hipped me to this excellent video of SpongeBob belting out Black Sabbath’s “War...

15 Oct 22:02

NASA Releases Trove of Over 8,000 HD Photos from the Apollo Moon Missions

by Christopher Jobson
Chelsea Pearson

There's a starman waiting in the sky
He'd like to come and meet us
But he thinks he'd blow our minds

Astronaut John L. Swigert, Jr., Apollo 13 Command Module Pilot, holds the “mailbox,” a makeshift device used to purge carbon dioxide from the Lunar Module that played a significant role in saving the doomed astronauts lives. Apollo 13 Hasselblad image from film magazine.

During the course of the Apollo space program astronauts were charged with enduring unknown perils, conducting science experiments, piloting spacecraft, walking on the surface of the moon, and comprehending sights, sounds, and physical stresses never before experienced by humans. All the while, they were also asked to snap a couple thousands photographs of practically every moment with a modified Hasselblad camera.

Last Friday, for the first time ever, NASA uploaded the entire catalogue of 8,400 Apollo mission photos to Flickr spanning Apollo 7 (the first manned test flight in 1968) through Apollo 17, the final lunar mission in 1972. The effort to bring the photos online was lead by Kipp Teague of the Project Apollo Archive who first began scanning camera film magazines on behalf of the Johnson Space Center in 2004.

While we’re all used to seeing the more iconic photos like Blue Marble, the Apollo 11 bootprint, or this image of Buzz Aldrin, this random assortment of mundane moments and blurry horizons seems to highlight the humanity of the entire endeavor. Collected here are a few of our favorite shots, and you can see thousands more organized by mission on Flickr. Digg and PetaPixel also have collections of their favorites.














15 Oct 22:00

I Survived: British Edition Part III: Ronald

I Survived: British Edition Part III: Ronald

15 Oct 22:00

I Survived: British Edition Part II: Martin

I Survived: British Edition Part II: Martin

15 Oct 22:00

I Survived: British Edition Part I: Patricia

I Survived: British Edition Part I: Patricia

15 Oct 22:00

Crock-Pot Fuckin’ VHS, Sunset Magazine Adult Video Library, 1977

Chelsea Pearson

Baby, you got a stew going.

Crock-Pot Fuckin’ VHS, Sunset Magazine Adult Video Library, 1977

15 Oct 21:47

Some Disney comics I made for a mini zine years back but didn’t...

Some Disney comics I made for a mini zine years back but didn’t post all of them online anywheres! Here you go.

15 Oct 21:44

Superman and Batman. Who's better? Let's find out!

by Kerry Callen
Chelsea Pearson

Really seals in the flavor.

For decades, fans have argued who is the better superhero, Superman or Batman. It recently occurred to me that the best way to determine this is to see how they’d fare if one replaced the other on their comic covers. Will one fare better than the other? This should decide once and for all who's superior! I selected six covers and then created six alternative images.

First up, Superman #32. Superman is being hit by multiple lightning bolts--

--while Batman is screaming multiple obscenities. Winner, Superman.

Next, Action Comics #357, featuring kids with kryptonite. Looks like Superman is in loads of trouble--

--Batman, not so much. Punk kids. Winner, Batman.

Let's look at a fairly famous cover, Batman #497, where Bane broke Batman's back--

I always thought this Batman cover should have had a sound effect on it. Otherwise, it merely looks like a visit to the chiropractor. Regardless-- Winner, Superman.

Next, Detective Comics #583. Batman is cooler when he's surrounded by bats!

Superman is not cooler when surrounded by supers. Winner, Batman.

Two wins for Superman. Two wins for Batman. It's a close race! Let's take a look at a cover that has both heroes on it, World's Finest #54--

Now, let’s replace Batman with Superman and Superman with Batman.

It appears they are both equally as awesome! Suck it, Robin. Tie!

Lastly, Detective Comics Vol. 2 #37, the deciding image! Batman lives in a mansion and has a butler--

Winner, Batman!

22 Sep 14:48


21 Sep 17:42

Pope vs. Wind

by A B
Chelsea Pearson

It is really just an invisible man playing a mean joke.

16 Sep 22:26

oh-whiskers: oh-whiskers: Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Jesus...

Chelsea Pearson

Oh Gawwwd, I'm dying. knock knock knock! knock knock knock! knock forever more HEY!



Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Jesus Christ Superstar" rap on Comedy Bang! Bang!

16 Sep 22:21

Here you go.Animation: Drue Langlois

Chelsea Pearson

Never forget.

Here you go.

Animation: Drue Langlois

16 Sep 22:14

Raphael (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Chelsea Pearson

They forgot cool but rude.

He is generally the most likely to experience extremes of emotion, and is usually depicted as being aggressive, sullen, maddened, rebellious, and from Canada.

Link (thanks, Matt!)