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26 Oct 05:26

virginiagentlenerd: rogeyroo: sashimi rolling, they...



sashimi rolling, they hating

This is honestly the content I am here for, every day. 

26 Oct 05:26

art: Artist: Clemens...


Artist: Clemens Rothbauer


25 Oct 23:21

Convierte en imágenes reales los dibujos de su hijo de 6 años

by Troy


Dom es un niño de 6 años al que le gusta mucho dibujar. Incluso tiene una cuenta en Instagram donde sube sus dibujos preferidos. Pero esa cuenta es compartida; su papá también la utiliza para subir sus creaciones: reproducciones hiperrealistas de las obras de su hijo.

Animales de todo tipo, coches, bicicletas, personas... inocentes dibujos infantiles que acaban convertidos en seres y artilugios sorprendentes y, en la mayoría de los casos, bastante perturbadores.









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How to Sofa (via imgur)

How to Sofa (via imgur)

25 Oct 23:18

refinery29: Watch: Regular women and celebrities, many of whom...


Watch: Regular women and celebrities, many of whom have survived sexual assault or harassment, are banding together to tell Trump “It’s not okay”

In the cases of all the women who spoke out in the video, there was no justice. Their assaulters and harassers walked free because either nobody believed them or there was nothing they could do. The Trump tape was one of many final straws. "We’re not gonna take it any more,“ Amber Tamblyn said. “Like, for real, we’re not.”

Gifs: Humanity for Hillary


25 Oct 23:15

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I have fruit polos and lollypops be jealous.

omg do many people not know what fruit polos are? they are heaven

In America, we call them lifesavers. They can be chewy or hard candy. 

polos aren’t chewy and they also come in mint.

this week on: britan thinks its special

This week on america copies everything from Britain.

This week on: Britain steals things from other countries.

things are heating up in the candy fandom

24 Oct 07:28

flawlyssa: Leslie Odom Jr. discusses diversity at The Hollywood...

22 Oct 08:44

teroknortailor: the saddest thing to read in an article about parents of trans kids is “i didn’t...


the saddest thing to read in an article about parents of trans kids is “i didn’t sign up for this” like yes you did. yes you fucking did. you signed up the minute you decided to have a child and i’m fucking appalled that you even thought to say that, because having a child means loving and celebrating them unconditionally. when you decided to have a child you signed up for a trans kid, a not straight kid, a mentally ill kid, a mentally disabled kid, a physically disabled kid, and a chronically ill kid all at once and you don’t get to idealize any of that away goodbye

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(via Cyanide & Happiness (

21 Oct 09:39

Generation X Doesn't Want to Hear It


Earlier generations have weathered recessions, of course; this stall we’re in has the look of something nastier. Social Security and Medicare are going to be diminished, at best. Hours worked are up even as hiring staggers along: Blood from a stone looks to be the normal order of things “going forward,” to borrow the business-speak. Economists are warning that even when the economy recuperates, full employment will be lower and growth will be slower—a sad little rhyme that adds up to something decidedly ­unpoetic. A majority of Americans say, for the first time ever, that this generation will not be better off than its parents.

New York Magazine

Generation X is sick of your bullshit.

The first generation to do worse than its parents? Please. Been there. Generation X was told that so many times that it can’t even read those words without hearing Winona Ryder’s voice in its heads. Or maybe it’s Ethan Hawke’s. Possibly Bridget Fonda’s. Generation X is getting older, and can’t remember those movies so well anymore. In retrospect, maybe they weren’t very good to begin with. 

But Generation X is tired of your sense of entitlement. Generation X also graduated during a recession. It had even shittier jobs, and actually had to pay for its own music. (At least, when music mattered most to it.) Generation X is used to being fucked over. It lost its meager savings in the dot-com bust. Then came George Bush, and 9/11, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Generation X bore the brunt of all that. And then came the housing crisis. 

Generation X wasn’t surprised. Generation X kind of expected it. 

Generation X is a journeyman. It didn’t invent hip hop, or punk rock, or even electronica (it’s pretty sure those dudes in Kraftwerk are boomers) but it perfected all of them, and made them its own. It didn’t invent the Web, but it largely built the damn thing. Generation X gave you Google and Twitter and blogging; Run DMC and Radiohead and Nirvana and Notorious B.I.G. Not that it gets any credit. 

But that’s okay. Generation X is used to being ignored, stuffed between two much larger, much more vocal, demographics. But whatever! Generation X is self-sufficient. It was a latchkey child. Its parents were too busy fulfilling their own personal ambitions to notice any of its trophies–which were admittedly few and far between because they were only awarded for victories, not participation.

In fairness, Generation X could use a better spokesperson. Barack Obama is just a little too senior to count among its own, and it has debts older than Mark Zuckerberg. Generation X hasn’t had a real voice since Kurt Cobain blew his brains out, Tupac was murdered, Jeff Mangum went crazy, David Foster Wallace hung himself, Jeff Buckley drowned, River Phoenix overdosedElliott Smith stabbed himself (twice) in the heart, Axl got fat. 

Generation X is beyond all that bullshit now. It quit smoking and doing coke a long time ago. It has blood pressure issues and is heavier than it would like to be. It might still take some ecstasy, if it knew where to get some. But probably not. Generation X has to be up really early tomorrow morning.

Generation X is tired.

It’s a parent now, and there’s always so damn much to do. Generation X wishes it had better health insurance and a deeper savings account. It wonders where its 30s went. It wonders if it still has time to catch up.

Right now, Generation X just wants a beer and to be left alone. It just wants to sit here quietly and think for a minute. Can you just do that, okay? It knows that you are so very special and so very numerous, but can you just leave it alone? Just for a little bit? Just long enough to sneak one last fucking cigarette? No?

Whatever. It’s cool. 

Generation X is used to disappointments. Generation X knows you didn’t even read the whole thing. It doesn’t want or expect your reblogs; it picked the wrong platform.

Generation X should have posted this to LiveJournal. 

21 Oct 09:39

(via Stephen Reacts LIVE To The Third Presidential Debate -...

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per temeritas

by zaaitverwarring
21 Oct 09:25

Caution: Police Dog

A video posted by K-9 Maximus (@k9_maximus) on

Caution: Police Dog

20 Oct 22:45

gifsboom: Swimming Sloth. [video]


Swimming Sloth. [video]

19 Oct 10:55

"Don’t be seduced into thinking that that which does not make a profit is without value."

“Don’t be seduced into thinking that that which does not make a profit is without value.”

- Arthur Miller, playwright and essayist (17 Oct 1915-2005)
19 Oct 10:22

the-real-eye-to-see: This girl became the youngest designer in...


This girl became the youngest designer in history represented at New York fashion week!

Our schools are so hateful, racist and cruel! It is too hard for girls like Egypt “Ify” Ufele to ignore these bullies! She overcomed all these troubles and showed what she can! And I’m very proud of her!

She is turning a negative into a positive!

#Chubii Line

And check her pink t-shirt. She’s awesome!

19 Oct 10:22

Facing #streetart #wallart #marvista #losangeles #california ...

#streetart #wallart #marvista #losangeles #california (at Los Angeles Brakeless)

19 Oct 10:22

thejusticethatissocial: thebestsophist on Michelle Obama’s...

19 Oct 10:22

theartofanimation: Alexander Jansson  - ...

19 Oct 10:22

saltywiings: Salty Wings in an image / our...


Salty Wings in an image / our favourite
19 Oct 10:22


19 Oct 10:22

catsdogsgifs: Me on the 405

19 Oct 10:22


19 Oct 10:22

theavc: The slowed-down Chipmunks are both brilliant and...


The slowed-down Chipmunks are both brilliant and terrifying

By now, we’re all pretty used to people speeding up vocal samples to make them sound like Alvin And The Chipmunks. It’s how Kanye West launched his career. But what happens when you slow down Alvin And The Chipmunks so much that the vocals sound like they were sung by a regular human? As it turns out, you get an amazing collision of pop vocals and sludge-filled doom metal instrumentals.

Toronto-based electronic musician Brian Borcherdt, best known for his work with Holy Fuck, is the mind behind chipmunkson16speed, which is the result of finding both a bunch of old Chipmunks records and a suitcase record player with 16 RPM setting.

More at

Oh man, this is actually amazing.

19 Oct 10:22

iguanamouth: mintchocolatechimp: After Death I got a bone to...



After Death

I got a bone to pick with your urban legends.

Original comic by @iguanamouth!  First of many of their comics I hope to do in the future.

holy Shit

19 Oct 10:21

mindblowingfactz: In 2015, more Americans were killed by...


In 2015, more Americans were killed by toddlers than Terrorists. source

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image via republicbuzz

Next time a politician tries to talk about keeping us safe from terrorists, remember this little factoid.

19 Oct 10:21


19 Oct 10:21

theartofanimation: Radisson Claire  - ...

19 Oct 10:21

esotericaroma: totally-toasty: sizvideos: Two disabled...




Two disabled friends build a forest around their village

In a thousand years there will be fables about these two

Yes, and we should start by telling it today..pass it around and pass it on…