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A new Kaiju emerges


My corgi loves chasing RC Cars. So I strapped a GoPro to one… (volume warning)





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Kid reported his father missing




Fontana pays nearly $900,000 for ‘psychological torture’ inflicted by police to get false confession

Kid reported his father missing

Police torture him into making him confess to killing his father

Father is alive and well

This whole thing is unspeakably cruel but here’s some highlights

And then he had to GPS locate his fucking dog.

Oh yeah. Also,

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4th of July Car launch in Alaska


4th of July Car launch in Alaska

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Unexpected Pleasures on Park Point


I drove down to Park Point (Minnesota Point) this morning leaving around 5:30 am. I almost did not head down to the Point for a “shorebird” walk on the beach because around 5:00 am when I looked outside at my house (800 yards above Lake Superior), there appeared to be low clouds, perhaps fog. Our weather has been so nasty I really wanted to bird the big lake, but not in cold fog. Like most mornings before I go birding I decided to check my weather map and live web cams.

My favorite weather app which is available on Android or Apple, is Weawow. I make a donation of a few dollars and look carefully at the hour by hour forecast, and the weather maps (both rain and wind / speed / direction). This weather app is very detailed, and does NOT have advertising or pop-ups. Regardless, the app seemed to indicate a trip to the big lake would work fine.

However, I always check the live Canal Park webcam before heading out. I look at the American flag on the display tug boat, sky conditions, and lake waves. Here is what the scene looked like at 5:08 am … a beautiful calm morning 15 minutes before sunrise. Game on!

My shorebird search was a bust, but the flowering fruit trees just off the main parking lot yielded a rare sight for northern Minnesota … a Red-Headed Woodpecker! This bird was definitely worth the price of admission!!! The bird seemed to be storing food, but the habitat on Park Point would not be my expectation in terms of red-head friendly.

The moral of the story for birding … do your research but then be willing to adjust and have fun!

Red-Head … the Movie! (video link for email subscribers)

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sepulchral-pulchritude:animatejournal: The Pink Phink |...



The Pink Phink | Director: Friz Freleng | Studio: DePatie–Freleng Enterprises | United States, 1964

#everyone including me is so obsessed with cartoons having plots and character arcs that we’ve forgotten animation’s roots: #what if some animal guy was a huge cunt

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Ah, I miss the comfort of the misty forest...















@coruscanttojerusalem this. this is it.

“Sky too big” also gets you on the tops of very tall, sharp mountains, where standing at the top means everything around you except the snow under your feet is blue sky.

Y’all’re joking, but I remember the agoraphobia I had the very first time I spent time in prairie states. There was this terror inside of nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. It went away when I flew back to the East coast.

It was there the 2nd time too, but not quite as strongly.

Even TALKING about it now makes me feel anxious.

Laugh all you want, but when you’re used to driving a few hours and hitting ocean, and an hour and hitting mountains, being surrounded by nothing but flat and Flat and FLAT and knowing that’s all there is for hundreds of miles does things to ya.

Not even slightly joking, though. Flat places give me the horrors. At least when you go up a mountain, you went to see the sky void, and you can hike right back down and hide from it in a nice valley somewhere. Safe little critter under the nice tall trees.

Out in the Flat Places* there’s nowhere to goddam hide from the sky. It’s all nothingness from horizon to horizon, and that nothingness wants to grind you under its boot like an ant, I swear to god.

*Flat Places may vary person by person, but I absolutely am including low hill country because I think it makes it worse. You look at the hills and expect to see mountains but none appears!

I don’t know how you cannot love this view.

Donbas steppe

Truly, at no point would I ever say that such a landscape is not beautiful. I’m not dead to the poetry of these scenes.

But, simultaneously (and that’s the crazy part), the sky triggers my threat response.

And I know friends from plains/field/steppe-country who find it stressful to have mountains “looming” over them (their words, never mine).

Them: comforting wide horizons, I could see any threat coming. Me: I am exposed, I will fall into the sky :(

Me: comforting mountains, sheltering me in the valley. Them: these big rocks will fall on me :(

Large Bird Will Get You

As a child of the misty forest, this open place above is terrifying. (I felt afraid all the way through Kansas). But then, a lot of folks fear them the misty forest. Especially at night.

Photo by Ansel Adams

Photo by Nick Strait

For context: I’m from Scotland, and my spouse @mothman-etd is from Minnesota. I grew up surrounded by forests and hills as far as the eye can see.

When we first started dating, I’d usually only travel to see him in the Twin Cities, except one time, one of his coworkers was getting married up in North Dakota, so we made it into a road trip.

I fell asleep in the car like a true passenger princess and woke up to nothing but flatness, but not just any flatness, no. It had been raining, and the plains were filled with water, so for all intents and purposes, it was like waking up in the middle of the fucking ocean with nothing but too much sky above me and absolutely nothing around us but the endless stretch of water and the empty road in front of us.

When I tell you the primal fear that went through me. It was like falling upwards. It was like gravity just didn’t exist, and there was no limit to how high my panic could rise. I had to do that stretch of the journey with my chair tipped back so I couldn’t see the emptiness. Like a blinkered horse ready to bolt and break all my legs at once in a frenzied panic to escape the Nothingness.

Eventually, we pulled over at a service station, and I can honestly say I’ve never been so happy to see a roadside Subway in all my life.

To add on to @thebibliosphere story, while it was raining it was also flood season. So Joy woke up to this:

All of North Dakota is the same elevation, so nothing stops the flood water. The interstate roads are built just high enough so you can still drive on them so it really looks like you are driving in the ocean when it happens. But not the normal ocean, a still, no waves, quiet ocean with random patches of trees sticking up.

Another fun tibit about this flood season is the Red River, which is the primary source of this flooding, flows north. So as the winter turns to spring the south part thaws first and smashes right into the still frozen part. Basically it’s like turning on your kitchen faucet directly onto the counter instead of the sink.

It sure is an Experience 🥲

the prairies are great— and like all of the “americas” are stolen land

i wonder how much of the “madness” people experienced just came from the fact that it was a new place , a new ecology, an entirely new environment from what they were familiar with and they were likely contending with a ton of other stressors that came with homesteading—trying to brute force home on the land.

maybe the prairies rejected them.

I live in the Northeast Coastal Woodland, but the immensity and flatness of prairies has never seemed frightening or alien to me.

I’ve seen The Ocean, you see.

Also everything that olowan-waphiya said.

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kyraneko: tattedpetticoats:witzmaennchen: the-future-now: These...





These are amazing — and shockingly accurate. Did you know there’s a “Bechdel test” for female scientist biographies?

Follow @the-future-now

Alright, nevermind, don’t write about women like men, write about men like women, this is way better

Oliver Sacks, everyone

Also go read his books they’re really good and very approachable

Seconding the Oliver Sacks books.

Most of them are about psychology/psychiatry, but Uncle Tungsten is about his childhood fascination with chemistry (and history, as he grew up as a Jewish child in WW2 England and everything from his experiences of the war to what childhood was like when a ten-year-old was allowed to go to the pharmacy and buy chemicals that exploded), and it’s particularly amazing.

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Happy World Goth Day!



Remember, there is no one way to be goth.

  • Be aware of the bands that helped form the subculture (Bauhaus, Siouxsie, The Cure, etc.), but also know there are all sorts of goth music subgenres, so explore!
  • Goth is for everyone. If someone tells you that you have to be thin, white, young, able-bodied, etc. to be a Real Goth, ignore them. They’re wrong.
  • Goth fashion is based in DIY and combining random bits until you have a look that makes you happy. Goth fashion isn’t about spending huge amounts of money at various big ‘goth lifestyle’ websites.
  • Always support indie bands, artists, clothing designers, jewelers, etc. when you can. Posting about/promoting them is support!

With much love,

Auntie Jilli

When I was 17, I went away to writing camp.

Which. Yeah.

But I met a girl there, a bright, loud, goofy girl named Dahlia, who had come up to MA from NEW YORK CITY, where she lived.


Anyway, we kept in touch, and she invited me to come stay with her family for the weekend, and somehow, I talked my parents into it.

Mom was REALLY desperate for me to have friends.

Anyway, I took the bus all the way down, by myself. I was quite pleased by this. Showed up with a backpack and no concept of what NYC entailed. Dahlia took me back to her tiny apartment in a brownstone, we dropped off my bag and we were off and running.

She’d gotten tickets, she told me. To a cool club. To see a band called The Cramps.

This is the part where I tell you, for reasons unbeknownst to anyone, especially me, I was wearing a pink Minnie Mouse shirt.

I do not wear pastels. I wasn’t really… a Disney fangirl? Why did I have this shirt? Why was I wearing it? Why did I choose this shirt, of all the shirts I owned, to wear to NEW YORK CITY?

I was an idiot.

I was also awkward and fat and strange, but I went along, bouyed by Dahlia’s enthusiasm. I don’t remember a lot about the club, other than it was loud, and the music was, like, embedding itself in my skeleton, and it had… an aroma.

But I gamely swayed and followed the far, far cooler people around me, punks and club kids all, and finally, went looking for a bathroom. On the second floor, near a sketch looking balcony, the sign for the bathroom pointed off down this hallway, and off I went.

Smack dab into this cluster of Goth locals.

And I remember, to this day, the feeling of being so out of my element that I might as well have been on the moon. I so obviously did not belong, and here I am standing, trying to decide if it’s worth trying to get past these kids.

I remember this one girl. In a black lace and velvet dress, and black lipstick, and fingerless lace gloves. And she kind of smiled, and if you’ve ever been the bullied kid, you know what I mean when I say, my stomach iced over.

And she said, “Hey. Cool shirt.”

I looked down at Minnie. Back up. “Your dress is really pretty.”

(I am super good at social interactions)

“Are you looking for the bathrooms? Don’t use these, people are doing… stuff in them.”

(I did not ask what 'stuff’ meant.)

And she took my arm, like we were friends, and walked me back out of the hallway. Pointed downstairs. “The better ones are in the back.” And she patted my arm and smiled, and said, “It’s a GREAT shirt.”

And then she was gone.

I will remember that Goth girl forever. For a moment of exceptional kindness that made the rest of my trip so much easier. As an adult, I realize she’d probably been bullied for her clothing, for how she looked, and that one moment, and likely thousands more, she decided not to pass that pain on.

Happy World Goth Day. May we all be so true to what makes us happy.

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today in “google AI is fucking useless because it hallucinates things that never happened”, i bought…








today in “google AI is fucking useless because it hallucinates things that never happened”, i bought a couple CVS thermometers that have both been acting up, tried to search if there had been a problem with the whole product line:

there is no record of this product recall. it did not happen. the date “feb 8 2024” is the date someone listed a thermometer for sale on ebay.

Google’s trying to save you the time spent clicking on a site full of AI-generated SEO garbage by presenting the AI-generated garbage right up front! Such efficiency.

#so google probably uses chatgpt right? #because for some time now chatgpt has done this #become utterly insane and make up random bullshit #and nobody knows why

I was under the impression that we did know why: AI isn’t actually a brain and can’t actually think or understand information, so it has no concept of something being true or not, or what markers indicate truth or falsity, or how to synthesize information. It’s putting a bunch of words in a jar, shaking the jar, and then dumping it out, and acting like that means the jar knows how to talk.

Like, in this case, OP asked for information about a recall. The AI knows that, throughout the entire internet, the word “recall” usually is surrounded by information like a date or a number, so it gives you a date and a number. It doesn’t know what a date is or what it’s for or what it means. (It also apparently doesn’t know the difference between “recall” as in “removing a dangerous product from the shelves” and “recall” as in “remembering,” since it smooshes the two together)

what’s that thing again that you can put into ublock that blocks all the ai results from google?

On Github is The Huge AI Blocklist for UblockOrigin. You can import it, the linked ReadMe gives a description on howto.

[ID mostly by @homunculusalphonse : A photo of the Google search results for the phrase “cvs thermometers recall”: “On February 8, 2024, CVS Health recalled its rigid tip digital thermometer with memory recall and fever alarm. The thermometers have a memory recall feature that stores the previous temperature. The item number for the recall is 375235991489.” Both the links attached to this text are from eBay and Pinterest. This module does say “AI overviews are experimental”, in much smaller font. /End ID]

The uBlockOrigin AI blocklist above is super helpful y’all.

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I made a uquiz to find out what member of a doomed spaceship crew you are, take it to find out what…


Engineerd, surprise

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This is the End Goal of Capitalism



I have had strong visions of the need for a specifically geriatric care orientated fast response team for evictions,.

back in 2009 I was working with a teacher from my sister’s school to get hours I needed to get my cna certification back. I was assigned to help with a few residents in what was supposed to be a very nice nursing home. One of the residents I was helping with was unaware and unresponsive at all times. She could not move nor speak and while we were sure she could hear she did not have any way of communicating.

So imagine my confusion when I showed up for my shift to see the other person assigned to her packing up this woman’s belongings.

I asked what was going on and got that they were kicking the woman out. I wondered if they had said where she was going to go and the other aid explained that she hadn’t been told anything but that it was very strange.

I helped pack this woman’s belongings and went to help in another room.

About an hour later I checked up on the unresponsive resident only to see the aid back with her looking extremely distressed.

She let me know that they were sending the woman back to her previous address as the prices for the nursing home had risen and her social security checks no longer covered the costs. Since they hadn’t been able to get ahold of her family the woman’s payments hadn’t been covering the full amount and eventually she missed several payments as the money coming in was ate up by late fees and such.

Thing is her previous home had been sold and her family had moved out of state. So they were taking her to the house of a stranger.

I went and reported this to my instructor and told her we needed to call the state board to report this. While I was doing that they packed the woman into a transport vehicle and drove her away.

They left her in a stretcher in the street.

My instructor didn’t want to rock the boat because the school needed to keep working with this facility so that her students would be able to get their credit hours.

We got into an argument because I pointed out that if she didn’t report it she was also breaking the law as this was a clear case of endangerment.

Our argument attracted the attention of other residents and nursing aids. When they asked what was going on I told them exactly what happened.

Unsurprisingly everyone was upset that the facility has just abandoned a woman who could not move or speak on a street in the middle of summer. It was around 90f out side!

My phone was locked up at the time so I kept badgering the instructor and made it clear I would be reporting the situation first chance I got and I would be naming her too as someone who chose to let this happen.(She kicked me out of her program for this but I did report her to her principal and school board.)

During this a bunch of the residents heard me point out how extremely illegal this was and how dangerous it was. All of the aids were talking to each other. And because they heard me loudly state I was going to report it once I had a phone people started slipping away.

And hour later transport returns with the resident and she is soaked in sweat and red all over. Her aid and I rushed over to clean her and put medicated cream on her skin. While we tried to get fluid in her aid proudly let me know that I reminded everyone that they had the power to help and people started calling the owners, state board, child services even. Two residents proudly told me that they called the police for a wellness check. So many people called and made a scene that the owners scrambled to get the woman back.

A few neighbors who saw the woman dumped even reported them to the police!

The absolute deluge of calls spooked the owners so bad they rushed to get the woman back to the facility before the news found out.

An investigation was started after that. I was told by the instructor that she didn’t feel comfortable having me around even though I was right and that she wouldn’t vouch that I preformed the hours I worked. I would have to start over with another instructor.

I asked her if she thought the part of the course that says you legally have to report neglect and abuse was optional.

Then I got my money back.

My sister let me know that the Owners of the facility decided to follow the law and got a case worker for that woman who found her family and was able to properly move her into a cheaper facility instead of dumping her on the street at a strangers door.

Which they should have done in the first place.

But packing her up and throwing out in the street was far quicker and cheaper. So that’s what they did. Had so many people not fought for her they might have gotten away with that.

I’m not surprised another facility resorted to having that 93 year old arrested. Majority of care facilities are all about money first and the actual residents well being last.

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Google Is Paying Reddit $60 Million for Fucksmith to Tell Its Users to Eat Glue

by Jason Koebler
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Google Is Paying Reddit $60 Million for Fucksmith to Tell Its Users to Eat Glue

The complete destruction of Google Search via forced AI adoption and the carnage it is wreaking on the internet is deeply depressing, but there are bright spots. For example, as the prophecy foretold, we are learning exactly what Google is paying Reddit $60 million annually for. And that is to confidently serve its customers ideas like, to make cheese stick on a pizza, “you can also add about 1/8 cup of non-toxic glue” to pizza sauce, which comes directly from the mind of a Reddit user who calls themselves “Fucksmith” and posted about putting glue on pizza 11 years ago.

Screenshots of Google’s AI search going awry have gone repeatedly viral and highlight how hellbent the company is on giving its customers the most frustrating possible user experience while casually destroying the livelihoods of people who work for or make websites. They also highlight the fact that Google’s AI is not a magical fountain of new knowledge, it is reassembled content from things humans posted in the past indiscriminately scraped from the internet and (sometimes) remixed to look like something plausibly new and “intelligent.”

A joke that people made when Google and Reddit announced their data sharing agreement was that Google’s AI would become dumber and/or “poisoned” by scraping various Reddit shitposts and would eventually regurgitate them to the internet. (This is the same joke people made about AI scraping Tumblr). Giving people the verbatim wisdom of Fucksmith as a legitimate answer to a basic cooking question shows that Google’s AI is actually being poisoned by random shit people say on the internet. It is an indictment of Google’s artificial “intelligence,” not of Reddit or of the internet’s shitposters.

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“Did you know the Italians have 200 different words for pasta?”







“Did you know the Italians have 200 different words for pasta?”

Now available in Inuktitut syllabics.

I beg your pardon?? Italians have more than 250 words for pasta (or even 400, if we count all the types that aren’t on the market anymore)

That’s the trouble with the Inuit. Always underestimating the true number of Italian words for pasta.

The world vs. Italy when the topic is pasta

>that aren’t on the market anymore

I’m sorry, are you saying Italy as a whole just straight up retires types of pastas like LEGO sets?

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It’s like how conservatives regularly insist that businesses have every right to discriminate when…


It’s like how conservatives regularly insist that businesses have every right to discriminate when deciding who works for them but shit themselves when a business won’t hire unvaccinated people.

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To The Person Who Walked Past The Window - Jordan Bolton


To The Person Who Walked Past The Window - Jordan Bolton

My first book ‘Blue Sky Through the Window of a Moving Car’ is now available to pre-order! Get it here -

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Computers are very simple you see we take the hearts of dead stars and we flatten them into crystal…




Computers are very simple you see we take the hearts of dead stars and we flatten them into crystal chips and then we etch tiny pathways using concentrated light into the dead star crystal chips and if we etch the pathways just so we can trick the crystals into doing our thinking for us hope this clears things up.

How does it feel to be the most Galaxy Brained person in this entire thread

Well that certainly belongs on the post

22 May 02:31

Perhaps one of the most succinct depictions of the importance of recognizing journalistic tone


Perhaps one of the most succinct depictions of the importance of recognizing journalistic tone

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When you let your dog raise a kitten


We had a fuzzy orange half-persian cat that was raised by our golden retriever -- they just adored each other. You couldn't even tell that the cat was sleeping with the dog because they were the same color. When they played the cat would end up sopping wet from all the golden drool because it would chew the cat like the dog was doing at the end


When you let your dog raise a kitten


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Remembering the Rebellious Spirit of Joe Zucker

by John Yau
Late artist Joe Zucker (courtesy David Nolan Gallery)

Joe Zucker, who passed away on May 15 at age 82, once told me a story that I have repeated many times, often to students. In the late 1960s, shortly after he and Chuck Close became close friends, Close moved into the building where Joe had his studio. Soon after, he asked Joe to be one of the subjects of his monumental, black-and-white photorealistic portraits. Like the others in this group (Philip Glass, Mark Greenwold, and Richard Serra), the painting “Joe” (1969) was based on a clinical, mugshot-like photograph of Zucker taken by Close. According to the New York Times obituary for Close in August 2021, the paintings were “indistinguishable from photographs when seen in reproduction. When seen in person, they had a monumental, uncannily imposing presence. The giant, expressionless faces gaze back at viewers with vaguely discomfiting inscrutability. At a close distance, the paintings turn into landscape-like fields of facial details, with every hair, pore, wrinkle and blemish greatly magnified.” 

Made during the late ‘60s, when Frank Stella’s “what you see is what you see” mantra dominated much of the art world’s thinking, Close upended this relationship by making paintings that changed depending on your viewpoint. Zucker, who possessed a smart, sardonic streak, decided that he would reroute the smooth flow from photograph to painting, raising another question: Would the painting still be telling the truth if Joe altered his appearance? Always thorough in his undertakings, Joe used hair tonic to slick back his hair. He put on a white shirt and tie, and stuffed wadded tissues into his cheeks. He said he wanted to look like a used car salesman, which he did.

Joe wasn’t just being flippant. He had a deep-seated need — at once intellectual and emotional — to push past all conventions, starting with painting itself. More than any other artist of his generation, Joe rejected the conventions associated with Abstract Expressionism, particularly its subjectivity. He was not interested in what Harold Rosenberg called “Action Painting” or Clement Greenberg’s insistence on flatness and paint-as-paint. He reached this understanding early in his career. When the gallerist John Corbett asked about his grid paintings, made between 1963 and ’68, he responded: “As an undergraduate I was paralyzed by having to paint a shape. Having been confronted by a blank canvas I had the epiphany that how a canvas was woven was really a solution to my problems, because it was referring to the canvas as an object, not as an illustration or illusion, but merely repeating its corporeal existence.” Joe recognized that clarifying painting’s corporeal existence was central to his project. 

Zucker had a profound, innovative understanding that painting (like the changing human body) was a combination of form, content, and process, and that “truth to materials” could be expanded beyond art materials, such as oil paint and steel. He was guided by a highly analytical intelligence, a sharp sense of the absurd, and a refusal to settle into a signature style, material, or process. His imaginative transformations of materials such as cotton balls, sheetrock, pegboard, crates, woolen mittens, and gloves are unrivaled. His paintings could be both hilariously absurd and deadly serious. No one else has walked this tightrope with such precision and grace. 

What elevates these works — they are not painting, sculpture, abstraction, figuration, or any hybrid — into their own inimitable domain is a combination of wild imagination and seriousness. He used cotton balls to make paintings of the antebellum South, reminding viewers that one of the roots of racism is American capitalism. These works also deflated the idea that there is such a thing as a “pure” painting. How could a painting be pure when it’s painted on cotton duck? It is a false ideal. In the scenes that Zucker chose to depict, segregation was obvious and violence often felt imminent. There is nothing traditional about this or other subjects that Zucker pursued with unparalleled rigor. For him, craft and art-making were inseparable, and the materials for both were available at the hardware store. He loved art, but not how it had become an exalted form. His engagement was visceral and intellectual, body and mind. 

In 2013, he had an exhibition, Empire Descending A Staircase, at Mary Boone in Manhattan. The show’s title suggests the work was celebrating the centenary of the 1913 Armory show, specifically the debut of Marcel Duchamp’s painting “Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2” (1912), while exposing the myth of America’s moral superiority. In order to address these two divergent subjects, which I cannot imagine anyone else doing, Joe scored a piece of sheetrock measuring either eight-by-two feet or four-by-four feet into a grid of quarter-inch squares. He then flaked off the protective paper, leaving the scored gypsum exposed in a grid that consisted of thousands of small but distinct sections and methodically applied one monochromatic dot of watercolor at a time, ranging from light gray to black. At first, it is not clear what Joe is painting. The dots hark to the cotton balls of the early weave paintings, an aggregation of units or cells, each similar and unique: Art as a living thing, not dead matter. It is only after prolonged looking that we see the columns and capitals holding nothing up. Our protections fall away. 

Joe’s paintings were more than art-about-art. Using gypsum board, a staple of house building, he implicated us all. I will always love him for showing me that you could live in this world with humor and despair, and never lose sight of beauty and the joy of making something whose existence was not guaranteed. 

21 May 22:57

cicaklah: android-and-ale: toesockstoks: ...






watching this was a religious experience

I have never been more motivated to learn a new hobby

Needle felting is the best hobby!!! And I should do this honestly. I have so many slightly fucked sweaters…

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pants around my ankles. puke everywhere—in my hair, all over the front of my shirt, in the hair on…


pants around my ankles. puke everywhere—in my hair, all over the front of my shirt, in the hair on my legs, on my underwear. drying on my glasses. get the vacuum out. stumbling, pissing myself, one shoe missing. fucking faded off that madam

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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Myth

by Zach Weinersmith

Click here to go see the bonus panel!

Sometimes I save a rant for 10 years and finally decide it's not a thinkpiece, it's a stupid joke.

Today's News:
21 May 17:39

Hanging out with old people rules because after a while they trust you enough to confess to murder…


Divorce was good for men's life expectancy












Hanging out with old people rules because after a while they trust you enough to confess to murder totally unprompted

Wait what.

Sometimes old ladies had to kick the ladder out from under their stepfathers when they were girls and that’s valid

oh, my little old lady murder story was her replacing the medication in her abusive husband’s capsules with rat poison.

“back in the day, our grandmothers worked on their marriages and didn’t get divorced!” nah, friend, they COULDN’T get a divorce so sometimes they killed their fuckin husbands. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My grandma murdered her first husband the first time he beat their daughter.

My college was next to an assisted living facility and one time we went over there to draw people’s portraits so we could get practice drawing older people. The lady I was drawing idly told me that she “dealt quite handily with her first husband” while making a stabbing gesture. Five minutes later she requested I make sure not to draw her double chin. I honored that request.

So when I was a child my grandmother told all these great stories about growing up in the Alaskan wilderness. Amazing bad ass stories about her and my great-grandmother. I recently asked my mom why my great-grandmother moved from Texas to Alaska in the first place. Turns out my Great-grandfather was abusive to my great grandmother for years and she lived with that until the first time he hit my grandmother, who was like three at the time, my great-grandmother got him very drunk and beat him to death then moved to Alaska to hide from the cops.

Men don’t realize their life expectancy went up thanks to divorce.

Figure 9.3 shows that the number of males killed by intimate partners dropped by 71.4% between 1976 and 2002. Researchers and advocates for battered women attribute this dramatic decline to the widespread availability of support services for women, including shelters, crisis counseling, hotlines, and legal measures such as protection and restraining orders. These services offer abused women options for escaping violence and abuse other than taking their partners’ lives. Other factors that may have contributed to the decline are the increased ease of obtaining divorce and the generally improved economic conditions for women.



My mom is a gastroenterologist and she once told me that the old wives’ tale of people who died of "stopped digestion” was pretty much made up to cover up for women who got fed up with their abusive husbands and slipped some rat poison into their dinner (esp in rural areas). Local doctors knew who these men were (everyone knew) and the community pretty much nodded along when the death certificate said natural causes. The widow would dress in black for a couple years and basically go on with her life.

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and now I want @dragonpyre to do this analysis on the map of Remnant from RWBY for us











reminder to worldbuilders: don’t get caught up in things that aren’t important to the story you’re writing, like plot and characters! instead, try to focus on what readers actually care about: detailed plate tectonics

@dragonpyre any chance you could elaborate on this

I grew up learning about land formations. Seeing fictional maps that don’t follow the logic and science of them makes me upset

What are the most common sins you’ve seen relating to this? I wanna know


Why is the mountain range square. How did the mountain range form. Why is there one singular volcano in the center. Why does it act like a composite volcano but have magma that acts like it’s from a shield. If it’s hotspot based volcanic activity why is there only one volcano.

And then the misty mountains!!!! Why isn’t there a rain shadow!! And why is there a FOREST where the rain shadow should be!!!!!!!!

So what is a rain shadow?

Wind blows clouds in from the sea, but mountains are so tall the clouds can’t get past ‘em, so you get deserts on the windward side of mountain ranges because clouds can’t get there to water the land, or do so only very rarely.

this is because, as clouds are forced upwards by rising land, they cool and dump their rain. so the side of the mountain facing the ocean (or an inland sea, or a great lake) gets all the rain as the clouds are squeezed out, and the opposite side gets nothing.

my favorite thing is the american great lake snowbelts! so, the 'flow’ of weather across north america, in very general terms, blows from the northwest on down south and east to the gulf of mexico.

so the wind is blowing from west to east, and in the winter it’s a dryer wind than in the summer because it’s colder. but after blowing across a great lake for a hundred miles, the wind is wet again. and that wet turns into snow. so for all of these lakes, the big cities are on the west side, not the east sides, because the east sides absolutely suck to live on.

the sole exception is buffalo, NY, which literally has to be there because, unfortunately, that’s where all the important canal stuff between lake ontario and lake erie is happening.

also this always strikes me as cool, check out where cleveland is:

it’s right at the edge of that snowbelt. and you see way more cities west of it than east, too.

#but again. mordor looks like that becaue sauron made it#and he’s an ass

On a Watsonian level, sure.

On a Doylistic level, Mordor looks like that because plate tectonics was a fringe, ludicrous, laughable theory that nobody outside serious geology nerds had ever heard of until scientists proved seafloor spreading in the early 1960s. The first edition of the LotR trilogy was published in 54-55. We literally did not know that plate tectonics was real until almost a decade after the book was published, so obviously, it was not something Tolkien could have been considering as he made his maps.

I don’t know enough meteorological history to know when white people figured out about rain shadows and added it to geology classes, or what would have been taught about volcanoes and such. But any education Tolkien got on the subject would have been in childhood/adolescence; his college education focused on the liberal arts, not the sciences, and his professional study was linguistics and the middle ages. So anything Medieval and earlier European authors wrote about he had a pretty good chance of knowing about. But not much exposure to modern science. So his science knowledge was probably limited to “what English schools taught at the turn of the 20th Century.”

I mean, it’s true he didn’t know about plate tectonics, but he did know what mountains look like, and that it’s not normally That. And it wasn’t his style to break that kind of norm without cause.

LotR has recurring themes of the reckless imposition of one’s will on the natural world creating ugliness, an order you thought was inherently an improvement that in fact is inferior to what you have displaced. (Typified by reckless tree-felling; a reflection of the despoiling of the English countryside and the world by Progress.)

Mordor is a rectangle because Sauron is an asshole.

and now I want @dragonpyre to do this analysis on the map of Remnant from RWBY for us

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