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15 Sep 16:57

17 years ago today Trump boasted that he now had the tallest building in downtown Manhattan

by Mark Frauenfelder

We already know what kind of a person Trump is. We knew it 17 years ago when he told a TV reporter on 9/11 that his tower was the tallest building in downtown Manhattan now that the World Trade Center had been demolished by terrorists.

13 Jul 01:39

Congress wants to extend the copyright on some sound recordings to 144 years

by Cory Doctorow

Back in March, the House passed the Music Modernization Act, a welcome bill made it easier for musicians to get paid reliably for digital streaming. (more…)

22 Apr 17:24

'An Oral History of Mad Men' is an instant internet classic.

by Xeni Jardin
It's very long. It's very funny. Read the rest
11 Mar 00:32

Blackrock Mountain Adventure Announced For Hearthstone

by Ben Huber


The Hearthstone train never stops! The next large update for the game will feature the Blackrock Mountain adventure, a new campaign made up of five wings, with one being released each week over five weeks. The adventure will have 17 bosses total, 31 new cards, and other items like a new game board and pre-order exclusive card backs. The adventure begins in April for 700 gold per wing, or $6.99 per wing. You can also pick up the whole package for $24.99. It’ll be available on PC, Android tablets, and iPad, but Blizzard also showed off a phone build of the game, and promised that the Android and iPhone version would arrive in the “next couple of months.”

11 Mar 00:26

Anita Sarkeesian on what she couldn't say

by Rob Beschizza
11 Mar 00:13

Apple to Replace AT&T in the Dow Jones Industrial Average

by John Gruber

The Dow is a stupid index — a poor investment and an inaccurate gauge of the market as a whole, due to the arbitrary nature of its membership, and its bizarre use of price-based indexing. The S&P 500 is better in both regards. But it does seem somewhat poetic that Apple is taking AT&T’s spot in the index — Apple’s decade of amazing growth is built on the iPhone, and the iPhone came to market through a groundbreaking exclusivity deal with AT&T.

To be clear, I think AT&T did well through that agreement — the iPhone helped them narrow Verizon’s lead here in the U.S. But what’s telling is the way Apple turned the tables and maintained control over everything: handset design, software design, software updates, the App Store, pricing.

21 Jan 22:05

30 signs that you probably didn't know that these 3-word phrases are the most important article titles in your life!

by jwz
21 Jan 19:34

Paul Revere's 1795 Time Capsule Will Be Opened Tonight (Again)

by Matt Novak

Paul Revere's 1795 Time Capsule Will Be Opened Tonight (Again)

People are understandably excited to see what's inside Paul Revere's time capsule when it's opened tonight in Boston. The capsule was first interred in a cornerstone by Revere and Samuel Adams in 1795, and many news outlets are playing up the idea that the contents are a complete mystery. Except that it's not. Because it was already opened at least once before back in 1855.


13 Jun 01:59

The Problem With World Cup Referees

by John Gruber

Joshua Robinson, reporting for the WSJ:

The world’s most popular sporting event uses a more democratic than meritocratic process for choosing referees. While the World Cup’s 32 teams must play their way into the tournament through a grueling two-year qualifying process, FIFA, the sport’s governing body, pulls referees from more than 40 countries out of a sense of fairness to all of its member associations. It is similar to how basketball’s world governing body plucks officials from around the world to work the Olympic tournament.

It’s a contrast from the meritocracy that determines who officiates the postseason for major U.S. sports.

So even if they’re not crooked, they’re in over their heads.

29 Apr 22:49

On Ethically Questionable Applications

by rands

Tim Fernholz in Quartz:

So if you’re an ardent believer in anonymity, be careful: If you reveal something important enough to be legally protected on one of these platforms, your anonymity might not be secure. The only secrets you can safely reveal on these platforms (and even then, only as long as they’re not crimes) are your own.