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Barbra Streisand in Heol Senni Bettws Newport

by meganyates90

Barbra Streisand (born 1942) is an American-Jewish actor , film director , film producer , screenwriter , composer and singer-songwriter . She was nominated for Tony Awards for her work in I Can Get It for You Wholesale and Funny Girl . Streisand repeated the last role in the film debut Funny Girl , and she won the Oscar for best female lead for this portrayal. Then she starred in the movies Hello, Dolly! (1969), The Owl and the Cat (1970), Our Best Years(1973) and A Star Is Born (1976).

In 1983, she became the first woman to write the script for, produce, direct and even star in a major studio film. She did this with the directorial debut Yentl . It won a Golden Globe for best musical, and Streisand won an award for best direction (the only woman as of August 2016 with this award). After Yentl , she directed the films The Prince of Tide (1991) and The Two Faces of the Mirror (1996). She was also a film producer for these films, and was the executive producer in connection with the film company First Artists on Barbra strikes loose (1972), A star is born (1976) and One in the middle of the snout(1979). [2] At Yentl , she was also a screenwriter . [3]

She was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in 1964 for her guest role on the talk show The Judy Garland Show . [4] [5] Streisand has also recorded several television specials, including My Name Is Barbra (1964), A Happening in Central Park (1968) and Barbra Streisand… and Other Musical Instruments (1973). Several of Streisand’s concert films were also broadcast on television, including Barbra: The Concert (1994) and Timeless: Live in Concert (2000). Through the film company Barwood Films , Streisand has produced a number of TV productions, including In the Service of Silence (1995),The Long Island Incident (1998) and The Right to Family (2001).

Streisand’s career began with a nightclub performer. In 1963, she won a Grammy Award for Best Album of the Year for her debut album The Barbra Streisand Album . Streisand then recorded several records that are considered classic reproductions of cabaret and theater music . She participated in the TV special My Name Is Barbra to promote the album My Name Is Barbra . It became the first of several TV productions. She began with modern pop music in the late 1960s to mixed reception and returned to theatrical music in 1985 with The Broadway Album .

She was nominated for Tony Awards for her work in I Can Get It for You Wholesale and Funny Girl . Streisand won the Oscar for best female lead for the portrayal in the film debut Funny Girl and has since starred in several film musicals. She won an Oscar for best song with Paul Williams for the song ” Evergreen (Love Theme from A Star Is Born) ” from A Star is Born and became the first woman to win an Oscar for composing a song.

In 1983, she became the first woman to produce, direct, write the script for and even starred in a major studio film. She did this with her directorial debut Yentl , which won an Oscar for best original music . The drama film also won a Golden Globe for best musical, and Streisand became the first female director to win a Golden Globe for best director. After Yentl , she directed the films The Prince of Tide (1991) and The Two Faces of the Mirror (1996). Streisand is also known for his work with film music and has sung four of the songs on the American Film Institute’s list of film history’s 100 best songs .

Barbra Streisand has received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame . She is also one of the few people to have won the four major industry awards in the United States ( Oscar , Tony, Emmy and Grammy). She is today one of the best-selling artists in the world and has sold a total of 245 million albums worldwide. In September 2014, Streisand with the album Partners became the first musician to top the US album chart with one or more of his albums in all of the last six decades.

She was born Barbara Joan Streisand on April 24, 1942 in Brooklyn , New York as the second child of Diana (born Ida Rosen) and Emanuel “Manny” Streisand. [7] The mother was a soprano singer growing up and considered a career in music, but became a secretary at a high school instead; his father was a teacher at this school, and they married in 1930. [8] [9] Streisand family is of Jewish origin: Grandfather Isaak Streisand was a Polish-speaking Jew from Berezhany in Galicia who immigrated to the United States in 1898. [10] His grandparents on the mother’s side immigrated from Russia , where her grandfather worked as a tailorand cantor . [11] [8] Barbara Streisand was named after great-aunt Berthe. “Barbara” is “Berthe” in Yiddish . [12]

The role interpretation of Susan Strasberg in the play Anne Frank’s diary made an impression on Streisand.
Photo: Friedman-Abeles

In August 1943, his father died at the age of 34 from side effects after an epileptic seizure . [13] The family lost almost everything they owned, and the mother took a job as an accountant. [9] Streisand has since said that she felt excluded when she was growing up because she did not have a father. [13] The mother married Louis Kind in December 1950 and had a daughter, Rosalind Kind, in 1951. [14] Louis and Diana later divorced.
Education and career ambitions

Streisand started at a yeshiva school in Brooklyn when she was five years old. [13] As a child, she dreamed of becoming an actress. [13] Streisand became known in the neighborhood as “the girl with the nice voice”. [13] Her first appearance was at a parent-teacher meeting at school. Streisand was invited to sing at weddings and summer camps and audition for a contract with record label MGM Records when she was 9 years old. When she was 13, she got help from her mother to record a demo they could submit to the record companies. [15]

Although she was aware of her singing talent, she wanted to become an actress first and foremost. The dream came true when she saw the play Anne Frank’s diary when she was 14 years old. Susan Strasberg , who played the lead role, made an impression, and Streisand wanted to emulate her playing style. [15] She read books about actors such as Eleonora Duse and Sarah Bernhardt , plays by William Shakespeare and Henrik Ibsen and drama theory by Konstantin Stanislavsky and Anton Chekhov . [15]

She attended Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn from 1955 to 1959. Here she became an honorary student in three subjects. The school was close to a cinema that showed art films , which Streisand was interested in. [16] Streisand gained his first stage experience in the summer of 1957 as an extra at the Playhouse in Malden Bridge, New York . Then she also had minor roles in the plays Picnic and Desk Set . [15] Streisand returned to Brooklyn to continue his education, but opted out of drama classes to try his hand at practical stage experience. [17] After high school, she went to New York to get roles. [17]The mother was dissatisfied with her daughter’s career choice, but it gave Streisand the strength to continue: “I wanted to prove to my mother that I could become a star.” [18]

1960–1962: Breakthrough and record contract

Streisand worked as a doorman during a production of The Sound of Music in 1960 when she heard that the casting manager was looking for more singers. [18] Although she did not get a role in the play, the director encouraged her to include the singing talent on her CV. [18] [19] The proposal led Streisand to consider a singing career in addition to his acting career. She asked her boyfriend Barry Dennen to take audio recordings of her that she could offer to any employers. Streisand participated in a singing competition at Lion, a gay nightclub in Greenwich Village . [20] Streisand sang two songs there and won the competition. [21]She was invited back and earned a reputation at the nightclub. [22] Eventually, she changed her name from “Barbara” to “Barbra”, since the second a -en in the name was never pronounced. [22]

Heol Senni Bettws. She was eventually invited to a rehearsal for the nightclub Bon Soir, and got her first real gig in September 1960 when she was the opening number of the comedian Phyllis Diller . [21] [23] Streisand developed his distinctive style after his girlfriend showed off her record collection with artists such as Billie Holiday , Mabel Mercer , Ethel Waters and Édith Piaf . She gained a new respect for pop singing and decided to pursue a singing career. [21] According to author Christopher Nickens, she began to create sensitive figures as she sang, giving the singing voice a greater emotional register. [21]