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14 Jul 11:24

theWAREHOUSE comic 834 Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe

by carlh

theWAREHOUSE comic 834 Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe

The title of today’s comic, of course, a play on Gandalf’s, “Is it secret? Is it safe?”

So I got a neat little gift from one of our fellow readers, Brian, who sent me a link to an iPhone game he’s been working on. It’s called Chock A Block and I do recommend you guys check it out. It’s free to play a version that shows some ads, but the full version is only 99 cents. It’s a fun sliding block puzzle game that I’ve been puttering around with for the last few days.

I’m not very good at it, but it does have a “zen” mode that you can just keep playing even if you stink…but you can definitely get into it and strategize and actually figure it out – it’s very full featured. Do please check it out here (you can watch video on how it’s played and everything): Claymore Games – Chock A Block

Great for killing time on the bus or in conference calls!

(note: I was not at all paid for the endorsement, he just sent me the game for free.)

02 Jul 10:36

Rocking Horse

by Neil
01 Jun 10:11

Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing

by John Farrier


This sport is, like, real! Participants race downhill in Barbie-branded Power Wheels cars. The competitions are cutthroat and few drivers even reach the finish line. But the winners gain glory to last for generations.

At the link, you can watch four videos of these races.