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20 Jan 18:21

PacSafe Z400 Anti-Theft Messenger Bag

submitted by Jonathan Tayag

Having a bag to carry your valuable essentials is pretty convenient, but someone out to grab your stuff probably feels the same way. In one brief moment, you can kiss all your belongings goodbye. That is, unless you're carrying a bag designed to beat burglars at their own game, like Pacsafe's Intasafe Z400 messenger bag. It's built from the ground up to seriously resist theft so you can carry with confidence as you go about your commute.

With lightweight stainless steel wire in the Z400's shoulder strap, good luck to anyone who tries to cut the bag away off your shoulder. eXomesh slashguard material reinforces the bag's poly canvas exterior to guard against pickpockets attempting to slash holes into the bottom of the bag to grab your stuff. Its zipper pulls also come together at a single anchor lock point Pacsafe calls the Roobar, making it convenient for you to secure the bag. RFID security adds to the Z400's physical defenses, which is great for keeping your passport and cards safe against electronic identity theft.

With 19L capacity and room to carry both a 15" laptop and 10" tablet, there's plenty of room to keep your everyday essentials safe. The interior also comes with internal pockets and storage compartments to keep it all organized.

Peace of mind is one lock away. The only thing you have to worry about is figuring out which color works best for you. Pick up the Pacsafe Instasafe Z400 at the Amazon link below.

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20 Jan 18:21

Mininch Duoket

submitted by Everyday Carry

"Conceived by Mininch — the guys who came up with the Tool Pen, Tool Pen Mini, and Wrenchit — Duoket this time isn’t a tool but is equally ingenious. Duoket is both a jacket and bag, switching between the two at a whim with nothing but a zip/unzip and making it easier to tackle chilly morning commutes without having to deal with carrying your jacket by hand in the evening. The jacket’s multitude of interior zippered pockets become the bag’s inner compartments so that everything stays right where it should be without having to reorganize ever time it transforms. As a bag it’s got both grab handles and a removable shoulder strap and..." (via GearHungry)

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20 Jan 18:20

Orient Ray Raven II

submitted by Ed Jelley

Whether you're in the office or out and about, a diver is one of the best types of watches you can wear for everyday use. Dive watches sport best-in-class water resistance, great legibility, and tool-like durability. The Orient Ray Raven II is no exception. Besides the standard dive watch features, it has a blacked-out PVD coating that adds extra durability and a stealthy appearance that'll look great on your wrist no matter the occasion.

The watch has 200M of water resistance, which is more than enough for swimming and diving. The solid metal caseback and screw down crown add an extra barrier against water and dust. It’s easy to read the time too. The Ray Raven’s large hands and indices are treated with Super Luminova paint. It casts a bright green glow when charged by the sun or your EDC flashlight and lasts for hours. Like most dive watches, the Raven Ray II features a unidirectional bezel for tracking elapsed time. Setting the bezel is great for timing anything from how long dinner has been in the oven to length of a workout.

The Raven Ray II stays ticking thanks to its in-house automatic movement. The watch is powered by the motion of your wrist, so as long as you wear it everyday, it'll keep running. The case measures in at a conservative 41.5mm, ideal for most wrist sizes. You can grab one for yourself via the link below.

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20 Jan 18:20

Before & After: Erica & Spencer’s Brooklyn Apartment Combination — Sweeten

by Nancy Mitchell
(Image credit: Sweeten)

Erica and Spencer's one-bedroom apartment in Windsor Terrace was just the right size for the two of them — that is, until two turned into three, and they started thinking about finding a little extra space for their growing family. As luck would have it, they found the perfect place without even having to move. After discovering that their neighbors' 750 square foot apartment was on the market, they quickly snapped it up and set about combining the two units.


20 Jan 18:20

Chickpea Butter Is a Protein-Packed Alternative for Anyone with Peanut Allergies

by Claire Lower on Skillet, shared by Andy Orin to Lifehacker

You can do a lot with a can of garbanzo beans. You could whip up some hummus, use the liquid to stabilize some meringues, or even transform the chickpeas into a sweet, peanut butter like spread that’s not only packed with protein, but safe for those with peanut allergies.


20 Jan 18:19

Today's Best Deals: Madden 17, True Wireless Headphones, TurboTax, and More

by Shep McAllister on Deals, shared by Shep McAllister to Lifehacker

Madden 17, truly wireless headphones, and a $2 LED bulbs lead off Friday’s best deals.


20 Jan 18:19

The Debts That Don’t Go Away When You File for Bankruptcy

by Kristin Wong on Two Cents, shared by Alan Henry to Lifehacker

A lot of people think bankruptcy means all of your debts are immediately forgiven and you start over with a clean slate. That’s not often the case. Not only are your assets often liquidated, some debts also aren’t even dischargeable in bankruptcy.


20 Jan 18:19

How to Make Your Voice Heard in Politics Between Elections

by Beth Skwarecki

You don’t need to wait four years before you get your next say in how the government is run. Presidents get a lot of coverage, but there are also plenty of day-to-day decisions in government, both national and local, that shape our laws and lives. Here’s how you can make your voice heard before election day rolls…


20 Jan 18:16

A powerful and quiet Workstation

by cellmate707

According to the manufacturer is the computer’s noise level of 18 decibels, which it claims is the quietest in the class of Intel Core 2 Quad-based systems.

Celsius W370 is based on a standard PC platform and can in addition to the Core 2 Quad processors are available with processors from Intel’s Core 2 Duo family. With a personal platform as a base system goes Fujitsu Siemens have created an affordable workstation for users who require more than an ordinary personal computer, but do not have the need for expensive high-performance workstations.

Fujitsu Siemens has chosen Nvidia chipsets up to Quadro FX 1700 to manage the Celsius W370’s graphics handling and the system also supports Blu-ray.

An unusual detail is in datorchassiet integrated LCD screen that displays system status regardless of whether the operating system is started or not.

Since the debut of the netbook market

From the end of November, Packard Bell to deliver its first netbook in the European market. Packard Bell’s philosophy has quite clearly been waiting to see how the netbook market develops. But now it has been realized that the small portable low-cost computers are in demand and has achieved great sales success.

With dot Packard Bell claims to offer a netbook that appeals to the general computing public more than competitors’ products, which it believes is more targeted to the business world.

Dot is not much different from the previously launched netbooks. The processor is normally an Intel Atom N270 clocked at 1.6 GHz, RAM is 1 GB and the screen is 8.9 inch with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. As storage media has installed a conventional hard drive of 160 gigabytes. Three USB 2.0 ports, Wi-Fi interface, 802.11b / g, a five-in-one memory card reader and an integrated webcam is equipped with a dot. As an option, Packard Bell will offer a 3G module.

Some operating systems other than Windows XP dot will not be offered with.