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01 Feb 21:49

Are you an election worker who has received threats?

by Chris Arnold
Workers sort absentee ballots in Kenosha, Wis.

Republicans and Democrats alike who work to ensure free and fair elections have been facing increased threats and harassment. If you have been targeted, NPR wants to hear from you.

(Image credit: Wong Maye-E/AP)

01 Feb 21:48

George Santos To Recuse Self From House Committees

Embattled New York Rep. George Santos (R) informed GOP colleagues in a closed-door meeting that he will recuse himself from serving on House committees amid ongoing scrutiny about his background and questions about his future in Congress. What do you think?


01 Feb 20:38

How’s Life

by Reza
01 Feb 17:25

Daily e-mails working again—probably!

by Lee Hutchinson

Howdy folks—my name is Lee, and I run the Space City Weather servers & back-end. (I don’t post much, so you might not recognize the name!) I wanted to weigh in real quick on the status of the e-mail deliverability issues some readers have experienced over the weekend, and explain what’s going on.

(This is not a weather post! If you’re interested in hearing more about our current cold snap, Eric & Matt will be posting their normal update tomorrow morning. This is just a quick technical update on recent e-mail issues.)

Here’s the short version: there were some hiccups this weekend, but things are working fine now. If you don’t care about the deep technical details, you can stop reading now 😀

The deep technical details

SCW runs on Wordpress. (See this post for details on the SCW hosting stack.) For cost reasons, the site relies on the Wordpress Jetpack service for the delivery of the daily e-mails—which means that, ultimately, e-mail is out of our control. The ultimate reason for this boils down to cost: the Wordpress Jetpack service will happily—and more importantly, for free—send e-mails to all 20,000+ SCW subscribers whenever Eric or Matt (and Maria!) make a post.

It turns out that e-mail in bulk is an incredibly expensive service to provide, and leaning on the built-in Wordpress Jetpack e-mail service saves SCW literally tens of thousands of dollars per year. (Seriously, we’ve run the numbers, and going with a commercial e-mail service provider like Mailgun or Mailchimp, or even rolling our own solution with something like Amazon SES, would be a massive cost burden at the scale we’re operating at.) As the sole infrastructure person, I feel a heavy sense of fiduciary responsibility with where and how we choose to spend resources on hosting, and so in spite of the inherent compromises, we’ve stuck with using Jetpack for e-mail updates.

One of those compromises is that we don’t have a lot of control over when and how the daily e-mails are delivered—we are dependent on the Jetpack service to be up and running. Which it usually is! However, for some reason that remains unexplained, over the last few days there have been some failures with the daily e-mails.

I’m very sorry, and I take personal responsibility. We’ve made the conscious choice to use the “free” Jetpack e-mail service in lieu of standing up our own, due to the cost and complexity involved (which truly would be a not-insignificant >$1k/mo expense—sending out millions of e-mails per month has a real cost!). Occasionally, the Jetpack service will have issues that we don’t have much insight into—and that’s apparently what happened over the last couple of days.

Fear not, though—Jetpack e-mail has been reliable (more or less) for every day of every year since I took over hosting the site in 2017. And the Wordpress Jetpack support crew have been extremely responsive in the past when I’ve had to open support tickets to work issues. Eric and Matt and Maria are committed to getting all y’all the best possible forecast data, and the backend crew of Dwight, Hussain, and I are committed to making sure those forecasts get to you immediately and without delay—come rain, snow, or server crashes 🙂

Cheers, everybody. Thanks for reading Space City Weather!

01 Feb 17:10

February is starting out rather cold in Houston. What about the rest of the month?

by Eric Berger

February is coming in with a chill, as highs today may only top out in the low 40s. And conditions will be cold for the rest of the week, with a light freeze possible for inland areas on Friday night. But what does the rest of the month look like after that? We should see a return to warmer temperatures next week. And then, the second half of the month looks slightly warmer than normal. After this week it would not surprise me if the Houston region is done with freezing weather for the 2022-2023 winter. Of course that is not an official prediction yet, just a guess.

Temperature outlook for the month of February. (NOAA)


Today, alas, will feel like the depths of winter. Fortunately, however, temperatures across the metro area this morning are remaining in the upper 30s to about 40 degrees. I say this because some areas are seeing a light rain, instead of a freezing rain. Central and Northern Texas remain in the grip of an ice storm, and travel west of Columbus on Interstate 10, and north of Huntsville, is not advised today or tonight. There are many reports of icing in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, and other areas of Texas. It is a mess.

Back in the Houston area, light to moderate showers will be possible today and tonight ahead of a front that will finally shove this low pressure system away and clear our skies. Overall accumulations today, tonight, and into Thursday probably will be on the order of 0.25 to 0.75 inch, so this will be more of a nuisance rain rather than something that prompts a flooding concern. But the wetness will just add to the misery of gray skies and chilly winds. Don’t expect highs today to rise above the low 40s, and overnight lows will drop into the upper 30s.


Some additional light showers will be possible on Thursday morning before the rains end during the afternoon. Skies will remain gray for awhile, however, so highs Thursday probably will only reach the mid-40s. Thursday night will be fairly unpleasant as northerly winds kick up in the wake of the front, and gust up to 25 mph. So yeah, don’t make any outdoor plans for Thursday night. Lows drop to around 40 degrees.


Skies will finally start to clear on Friday morning, with sunshine prevailing during the afternoon hours. Winds will be out of the north, but less blustery than Thursday night. Highs should reach the upper 50s. With lesser winds and clear skies, lows on Friday night will bottom out. A light freeze will be possible in Montgomery County, but I think most of the rest of the metro area will remain at least a few degrees above freezing.

Low temperature forecast for Friday night. (Weather Bell)

Saturday and Sunday

I still expect mostly sunny to fully sunny skies this weekend. Highs on Saturday will reach about 60 degrees, and overnight temperatures will be 5 to 10 degrees warmer than Friday night as the flow turns more southerly. Sunday will be warmer, with highs of around 70 degrees. This will be a welcome balm for those who don’t like the cold.

Next week

The early part of next week looks warmer, with partly to mostly cloudy skies and highs in the mid-70s. Some sort of rain chances return by Tuesday or Wednesday, but it’s not clear to what extent the next front will march all the way into Houston. So for now, I’m putting a big to-be-determined on our weather from Wednesday onward.

01 Feb 15:05

my mentor has a shady side business, drinks that look like beer but aren’t, and more

by Ask a Manager

This post, my mentor has a shady side business, drinks that look like beer but aren’t, and more , was written by Alison Green and published on Ask a Manager.

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…

1. I just found out my mentor does an MLM on the side

I was assigned a teammate (Eric) as my mentor about a month after I started my job. Our boss (Bill) picked Eric because we had some similar personality traits and work styles. Eric’s and my workflow styles are very similar, and we get along great! This has been a valuable asset in my first few months learning my job.

Another important detail — I’m getting ready to transfer to another office. It’s a similar position, generally the same skillset, but with some fundamental differences and much closer to home. Bill really went to bat for the transfer for me, even though it would mean me joining a new team, and transfers usually aren’t allowed so early in your tenure. I am incredibly grateful for all Bill’s done for me.

Bill has left it up to me whether I want to continue my mentorship with Eric, or find a new mentor on my new team. I was totally on board with sticking with Eric and using the opportunity to learn from each other … but last week, Bill mentioned in passing to me that Eric’s side hustle was an older, very well-known MLM (one that your readers would certainly know). Bill seems to think it’s a great thing that Eric can hold down a full-time job and also take part in this MLM.

All of the sudden, I’m questioning both their judgments! I looked up to these folks but my respect for them is slipping in a major way because of this one thing. Am I overreacting? Should I use this as an out? Should I try to maintain these relationships? Professionally, I know I shouldn’t just write them off if I want to be able to advance in this company (and because I like these people and they’ve always supported me in a major way!), but this is affecting me way more than I expected.

For readers who don’t know the term, MLMs = multi-level marketing schemes, like Herbalife or Lularoe, as well as older ones like Mary Kay. They use an exploitative business model, which especially preys on women, and people who sell for them often spend huge amounts of their own money buying products and never recoup that investment.

When you find out that someone you respect holds an opinion or takes part in an activity that you find harmful, it can be hard not to wonder if you need to rethink your entire assessment of them. Sometimes you do, depending on what that opinion or activity is. But sometimes, it’s just a reflection of the fact that people are complicated.

If you found out Eric hunted puppies or marched in racist rallies, you’d need to end the mentorship. But I don’t think MLM involvement rises to that level, especially if he hasn’t tried to recruit you or sell to you.

MLMs can ensnare even people with otherwise good judgment; that’s part of what makes them so insidious. If Eric has been a good mentor to you and you’ve learned from him and found the relationship valuable, I wouldn’t end it just because you’ve learned this about him. (Although don’t take side hustle advice from him, obviously. And if he starts trying to recruit you, that would change things.)

And as for Bill, he may not even fully realize the story with MLMs — a lot of people don’t — and may not understand that that’s what Eric’s Amway (or whatever) gig is.

2. Drinking from a can that looks like beer but isn’t

My partner has recently started enjoying a hops-flavored sparkling water type beverage at home in a bid to cut out casual beer consumption. He really likes it; it’s basically made of a combo of sparkling water, tea, citrus, and hops and tastes like an IPA (beverage innovation these days is crazy, man). It kinda looks like non-alcoholic beer because of the hop art on the can, but it is not actually non-alcoholic beer, doesn’t have any known alcohol brand names on it, and nowhere on the can does it say “beer.”

He’s wondering if it would be weird for him to drink at the office and is hesitant. Due to the can art being suggestive of beer, I suggested he either pour it into a glass or use a koozie over it if he’s nervous. To me, this isn’t weirder than drinking something like kombucha, minus the can art. Any thoughts?

Using a koozie or pouring it into a glass is the way to go. There’s no point in having people wonder if he’s drinking beer at work … and a lot of people who see it will just assume and not ask him, so he won’t necessarily have the opportunity to clear up that misperception.

3. Is it OK to take notes in an interview?

Is taking notes during an interview acceptable? Is that proper interview etiquette? Will doing so make the candidate appear less engaging? Doing so can definitely help in remembering what was covered in the interview in order to compose follow-up emails.

Taking notes during an interview is fine! Many interviewers like to see it, since it shows you’re interested and engaged. The one caveat, and it’s a big one, is that you shouldn’t be so absorbed in note-taking that you’re creating long pauses or not connecting with your interviewers. (Also, I wouldn’t take copious notes just so you remember details for follow-up notes; that would be putting too much weight on your follow-up notes, potentially at the expense of connecting in the interview itself. Jotting down one or two things for that purpose is fine, but don’t get so sidetracked on that that you’re not focused on the interviewer and the discussion.)

4. Pizza moochers

I’m very generous and want to treat my colleagues every once in a while. I’m sure they don’t realize how much I pay for the remaining bill. I recently asked to have everyone who wants pizza to pitch in $5 each. I know that among 10 people $50 is not going to fit the bill so I will pay the difference. However, there are people who will actually take home an entire pizza if it is left over. What do you think of this? Any recommendations on how to resolve this ignorant and selfish act? It is so sad that people have no manners.

I think (a) when you ask people to chip in, they assume their contribution is covering their share and they don’t realize you’re making up the difference, (b) you might be sending mixed messages by asking people to chip in and also calling it “treating them” (although I understand you’re making up the difference), and (c) anyone taking home an entire pizza from a group order without at least asking first is being rude and a moocher.

I think if you want to keep doing this and want to stop the moochers, you’ll need to take a more active role in managing the food — meaning saying things like, “That pizza is for the group, please leave it here so people who want another helping can get one.” If someone challenges that by saying they chipped in, you can say, “$5 covers a couple of slices, not a whole pizza. Please leave that here.”

5. Why are job applications asking me about disabilities?

I’ve been applying for jobs and some applications have a voluntary disclosure for a disability. One company I applied for offered a list of “disabilities can include but are not limited to,” with an extensive list that included two chronic medical conditions that I have. One condition is fairly common, the other less so. Both conditions are well managed, and personally I consider them to be medical diagnoses, not disabilities. They do not affect my work life, my productivity, my attendance, and I would not need accommodations for either one. I don’t feel it is necessary or appropriate to disclose them in a job interview.

If I answer “yes” to the “do you have a disability” question on a job application, can the company force me to disclose my chronic medical conditions even though the condition does not need an accommodation? I am of an older generation and not used to seeing these kinds of questions on job applications. If I answer “yes” to that voluntary disclosure question, what exactly am I agreeing to?

You are not obligated to disclose anything in response to that question. If you choose to, the company can’t legally consider that information in its hiring decision. In fact, they’re legally required to keep that information completely separate from your application, and they can’t follow up with you to request additional details. And if you choose not to answer, you can’t legally be penalized for that either.

The reason they’re asking is because companies over a certain size, as well as companies with government contracts over a certain dollar amount, are required by law to report the demographic makeup of their applicants and employees to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (in the aggregate, not individually). Also, if you’re applying for work as a federal contractor or subcontractor, it’s to help them meet a target of a 7% workforce of employees with disabilities.

01 Feb 14:40

29-Year-Old Woman Arrested For Posing As High School Student

A 29-year-old woman has been arrested after allegedly using a forged birth certificate to enroll at a local high school, attending classes for four days before staff found out her age. What do you think?


01 Feb 14:39

Things To Never Say To Someone With An OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a popular online platform where creators can sell pornographic photos, videos, and other explicit content. If you know someone who is an OnlyFans user, here are things you should never say.


31 Jan 20:58

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Kettling


Click here to go see the bonus panel!

I honestly don't understand why birders are all so happy. It's like constantly rubbing your face in human limitations, and then you don't even get to shoot the source of your suffering.

Today's News:
31 Jan 18:42

An ice storm is unleashing treacherous conditions across parts of the Southern U.S.

by Joe Hernandez
The National Weather Service predicts the ice storm will have wide-ranging impacts across the U.S. South through Thursday morning.

Stretching from Texas to Tennessee, the storm will continue through at least Thursday morning, affecting travel and possibly knocking out power in some areas. Thousands of flights have been disrupted.

(Image credit: National Weather Service)

31 Jan 18:40

our boss tells lies to make us feel bad for taking time off

by Ask a Manager

This post, our boss tells lies to make us feel bad for taking time off , was written by Alison Green and published on Ask a Manager.

A reader writes:

The other week, I took a few sick days due to Covid and a double ear infection. I was legitimately ill and even offered to submit a medical note. When I returned, my manager, Corrine, sat me down to tell me my team was forced to work overtime due my absence and they even had to come in on Saturday for a few hours. I was confused considering I didn’t see any communication proving this on Teams or in my email. I finally asked my coworkers and they were just as confused. They said none of this happened.

As the conversation went on, a few others had similar stories. One woman even said Corrine called her in the middle of her birthday dinner to berate her for leaving at her normal time and said we all were still working because of her. This absolutely never happened — one person leaving has never set us behind that far and I certainly would remember having to stay later because of a birthday dinner. Another woman said when she returned from a cruise, she received a similar lecture.

I’m quite disgusted and I want to have a conversation with Corrine face to face; I feel like it’d be harder to lie this way. Am I overreacting or is this totally inappropriate, not to mention weird behavior? How would you react to this?

I wrote back and asked, “What’s your manager like aside from this? I feel like there have got to be other issues with her!” The response:

Have you ever had a manager where you think “this person would 100% throw me under the bus without hesitation”? That’s what she is to me. The other week she forgot to tell us to run a report we didn’t know about; two days later she spent 30 minutes reaming us out in a meeting about how we should have asked her if we had any confusion … but if we don’t know a report needs to be done, why would we ask? It was a new report, not something we have ever heard of before. She constantly is changing meeting times and when people don’t show up on time, she will make a huge deal out of it but never acknowledges that it’s likely because she scheduled it for 2 pm and changed it to 1:30 pm at the last minute.

Everything is a fire drill, no situation can wait. She consistently tells us that since we are salaried, we are expected to be on call 24/7. This is my first salaried position (as with the majority of my coworkers because this position was just made salaried this year) so I don’t know if this is normal (note from Alison: it’s not), but shouldn’t we have some work/life balance? There’s a constant talk of layoffs but only from her; the company has sent no communication and other managers have no idea why she says this. It feels like she wants us in a constant state of anxiety and I have no idea why.

The main issue is she has been with the company for 35 years. We work in HR so if we reached out to a different department of HR, we would most likely be talking to her friends. I really just want to ask why she felt it necessary to tell me that getting Covid was detrimental to the team because I don’t appreciate being made to feel guilty for getting sick; however, the vibes she’s giving off tell me that she would become combative and try to gaslight me into thinking she never said that.

I think the key is this: “It feels like she wants us in a constant state of anxiety.”

She gets something out of behaving this way — maybe that she is in a constant state of anxiety so she wants others to be too (not necessarily because of cruelty but because she feels you won’t be sufficiently alert and vigilant otherwise; obviously this is hugely disordered thinking, but some people are this way), or maybe she only knows how to rule by fear (which I would argue also comes from a place of anxiety at its core). Or maybe she is an actual sadist who intentionally tries to keep you off-balance, but that seems a lot less likely than the other possibilities.

Regardless of the cause, though, something is truly wrong with Corrine and she shouldn’t be managing people.

Does it not occur to her that some of her lies will be very easily found out? Telling you that your team had to work on Saturday because of you is so easily exposed as a lie — it’s not like coworkers don’t talk — that Corrine doesn’t seem to be operating in the same plane of reality as the rest of us.

Given the full picture you’ve painted, I’m not sure there’s a lot to be gained by addressing the lies with her. There might be! Who knows, maybe letting her know that she’s so easily found out will discourage her from lying in the future. But there’s a good chance that she’ll just get more combative and maybe hold it against you in ways that will make your job even harder than it already is.

That said, in your position, I don’t know if I could resist saying something! I would be itching to go back to her and say, “You said the team had to work on Saturday when I was out sick, but everyone I talked to said they haven’t worked on a Saturday. What am I missing?” I would want to do it regardless of whether it helped anything, and possibly even if it made things worse, just because it would be so frustrating not to say I SEE YOU CORRINE.

But the wiser course of action is probably to resist that impulse and just to continue to information-share with your team, since you’re all being subject to these lies. Ideally you’d all make sure everyone on your team knows what Corrine is doing and agree that from now on when she tries to guilt-trip you about time off, you’ll all just calmly reply “okay” or some other neutral, unaffected response. (And really, even if what she was telling you was true … so? Are you supposed to conclude you shouldn’t take time off when you’re sick and contagious? Did she want you to come to work with Covid? There’s no point in speculating on the answer to that because we’ve already established Corrine doesn’t live in our reality, but it makes this all additionally ridiculous.)

Beyond that, I hope you’ll seriously consider looking for a new job, because having a boss who’s this far out of the galaxy the rest of us inhabit is going to affect you in a ton of ways. I can’t imagine your day-to-day quality of life there is good, or that she provides you with useful feedback or advocates effectively for your professional development, or that you don’t go home with a pounding headache much of the time. Please imagine what a relief it would be to be out of this situation by the end of this year, and consider whether it might be worth the work of making that happen!

31 Jan 01:25

'Laverne & Shirley' actor Cindy Williams dies at 75

by The Associated Press
Cindy Williams arrives to the TV Land Awards 10th Anniversary in New York on April 14, 2012. Williams, who played Shirley opposite Penny Marshall

Cindy Williams, who played Shirley opposite Penny Marshall's Laverne on the popular sitcom "Laverne & Shirley," has died, her family said Monday.

(Image credit: Charles Sykes/AP)

30 Jan 21:55

Lisa Loring, the original Wednesday Addams, is dead at 64

by Emily Olson
The Addams Family characters Wednesday and Uncle Fester. The actress who played the iconic Wednesday, Lisa Loring, died this weekend.

Lisa Loring will be remembered as a Hollywood icon for playing the gloomy Wednesday Addams at age 6. She went on to fill roles on As the World Turns and the Girl from U.N.C.L.E..

(Image credit: ABC Photo Archives/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images)

30 Jan 21:48

Study Shows Humans Still Have Genes To Grow Full Coat Of Body Hair

A new study shows that humans have the genes for a full coat of body hair that evolution has rendered inactive, a discovery that may someday be used to treat millions of balding Americans. What do you think?


30 Jan 21:47

Comic for 2023.01.30 - Raw

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic
30 Jan 21:46


by Reza
30 Jan 21:44

Kierkegaard at the Fair

by Corey Mohler

PERSON: "Don't you see, all choices lead to despair!"

PERSON: "How can any of us bear such a choice?"

PERSON: "Actually, i think i have enough tickets for both rides."

PERSON: "Oh....well in that case i guess you are fine."
30 Jan 21:20

Lisa Loring, The Original Wednesday Addams, Is Dead At 64

by Chris Evangelista

Lisa Loring, best known for being the first person to play Wednesday Addams on the original "The Addams Family" sitcom, has died. She was 64. Loring began her career as a child, first starting out as a child model at age three before appearing on an episode of the 1960s TV series "Dr. Kildare." When Loring was six she landed the role of the gloomy child Wednesday Addams on "The Addams Family," which ran from 1964 through 1966. Loring would also return to the role for reunion specials, including "Halloween with the New Addams Family" in 1977.

"I learned to memorize before I could read," she said in regard to learning her lines. She went on to say:

"I didn't know how to read yet, I hadn't been to first grade, so [producer David Levy] wasn't prepared to see children that young, that he didn't know. But I had my hair down to here [indicates her waist], my mother put a pretty dress and little white gloves on me, and I had a little black patent leather handbag. And he thought I was so adorable -- he told me this later, when I was an adult -- he said, 'So what I did was, I asked you pout first.' And he loved that."Then, because she couldn't read, David Levy read through both the characters' lines for her first."He planned to do it two or three times for me, [but] the second time I came back with the lines verbatim. Then I did a screen test, one of five girls, and ultimately it was [Gomez Addams actor] John Astin and David Levy who picked me."

Loring added that the cast of the original show — including Carolyn Jones, John Astin, Jackie Coogan, Ted Cassidy, Blossom Rock, and Ken Weatherwax — was like a "real family" to her. Known for her non-sunny disposition and fondness for mutilated dolls, Wednesday, first created by cartoonist Charles Addams, became a fan-favorite character, eventually being played in later years by Christina Ricci (whom Loring called "a perfect Wednesday") and more recently, Jenna Ortega. Ortega's viral dance scene from Netflix's "Wednesday" series was actually a partial tribute to a similar dance Loring performed on the original series. As Ortega said:

"I knew there were certain things I wanted to do. I paid homage to Lisa Loring, the first Wednesday Addams. I did a little bit of her shuffle that she does. Of course they cut out of camera when I did do it, but it's there! I know it is!"

Regarding the original dance, Loring said:

"My dialogue in that is so funny. 'You've got to be cool, you've got to be hip!' - this was the '60s. And I saw it and I thought, 'Who taught me how to dance like that? I can't dance like that.' It had like eight million views or something ... I watched it and I hadn't thought of it in years."

'She Went Peacefully With Both Her Daughters Holding Her Hands'

Loring was born Lisa Ann DeCinces on February 16, 1958. Her career also included the TV series "The Pruitts of Southampton," the soap opera "As the World Turns," and B-movies such as "Blood Frenzy", "Iced", and "Savage Harbor." Loring was first married at age 15 in 1973, the same year she gave birth to a daughter. Loring would marry three more times and have another child.

Loring's death was confirmed on Facebook (via Deadline) by her friend Laure Jacobson. Jacobson wrote: 

"It is with great sadness that I report the death of our friend, Lisa Loring. 4 Days ago she suffered a massive stroke brought on by smoking and high blood pressure. She had been on life support for 3 days. Yesterday, her family made the difficult decision to remove it and she passed last night...She is embedded in the tapestry that is pop culture and in our hearts always as Wednesday Addams. Beautiful, kind, a loving mother, Lisa's legacy in the world of entertainment is huge. And the legacy for her family and friends — a wealth of humor, affection and love will long play in our memories. RIP, Lisa. Damn, were a ton of fun."

Loring's daughter, Vanessa Foumberg, added:

"She went peacefully with both her daughters holding her hands." 

Some of Loring's other work included roles in such projects as TV series "The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.," "Barnaby Jones," and "The Phyllis Diller Show," the TV movie "Gabe and Walker," and films "Way Down in Chinatown" and "Doctor Spine," her final acting job. Like many former child stars, Loring's adult life was tumultuous. As People magazine reported in 1995, Loring "turned to drugs and eventually heroin" in the early '90s, but got clean in rehab. "I was disillusioned about my adult life," she said. At the time, she hoped for comeback work, stating: "I will not do any schlock. But I'd love to do a Quentin Tarantino film."

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The post Lisa Loring, The Original Wednesday Addams, is Dead at 64 appeared first on /Film.

30 Jan 18:42

Houston’s weather is turning colder, and it is doing so faster than expected

by Eric Berger

This has been a weird winter for Texas in general, and Houston in particular. Normally, during a La Niña winter, we see warmer and drier than normal conditions. We have checked the box for warmth—December was about 2 degrees above normal, and January is going to wind up about 5 degrees above normal. But as for rainfall, this winter has been anything but normal. Some areas of Houston have exceeded their normal allotment of rain for December, January, and February just during the last 10 days.

Those 10-day rain totals are recapped below, and occurred courtesy of cold fronts tapping into deep Gulf moisture after warm spells. This accumulated rainfall brought some bayous and waterways in northwest Houston to near bankfull on Sunday. Although we are going to remain in a wet period through Thursday, I do not think we’ll see enough heavy rainfall to cause the overall situation to change. That is to say, our soils will remain waterlogged, but I don’t anticipate any widespread flooding. Some clearing will finally come Thursday night.

Rain accumulation during the 10 days preceding Sunday night. Some areas received nearly a foot of rainfall. (Harris County Office of Emergency Management)

Cold and Ice in Central and Northern Texas

The other big story this morning is the cold. If you’ll recall last week we waffled a lot on whether a front was going to push all the way into Houston. Well, this shallow Arctic front made it it all the way to the coast, and as a result we’re going to be cold all week, with highs generally in the 40s to 50s, and lows in the 40s. This is much colder than we anticipated even a couple of days ago. That is the end of the story for Houston, but for areas just to our north and west there is a rather nasty ice storm unfolding.

In areas such as Burleson, Brazos and Washington counties a light glaze of ice is possible on the roads today and tonight. Further away from the coast in Texas, significant icing is expected in places such as Austin and Dallas, from now through the middle of the day on Wednesday. This will seriously impact travel to and around those areas, and may cause serious power outages as ice accumulates on power lines. Areas that fall under this winter storm warning are shown in pink in the map below.

Winter storm warnings in Texas as of Monday morning. (Pivotal Weather)


Back in Houston, we are going to see a chilly, gray day with scattered (mostly light) showers today as the cold air mass moves into Houston. Temperatures later today will range from the upper 40s for inland areas to lower 50s close to the coast. No travel issues are anticipated in the Houston metro area from the scattered precipitation, but it will be cold, with a northerly wind at about 10 mph. Low temperatures tonight drop to the low 40s in Houston, with upper 30s possible for inland areas.


This will be another cold and gray day with high temperatures generally in the upper 40s. We will again see decent rain chances, about 40 percent, with mostly light to moderate showers. Lows will drop to around 40 degrees on Tuesday night, with blustery northerly winds at 10 to 15 mph, and higher gusts.

Wednesday and Thursday

The atmosphere will become more perturbed by the middle of the week, with a few disturbances moving through ahead of another cold front. The bottom line is that these, too, will be cold and gray days with high temperatures of about 50 degrees, and lows in the 40s. However, rain chances will be better, especially during the Wednesday night period. Although I don’t expect flooding issues to occur, areas north of Interstate 10 may pick up an additional 1 to 2 inches of rainfall through Thursday of this week, with 0.5 to 1.5 inches for areas south of the freeway. Rain chances should finally start to ebb by Thursday afternoon as the next front moves through to clear us out.

NOAA rain accumulation forecast for now through Thursday night. (Weather Bell)


Behold, the Sun does exist! We’ll see it on Friday, with mostly sunny skies and high temperatures in the upper 50s. However these clearing skies will also allow for colder temperatures on Friday night. Lows will drop into the 30s, probably, with the potential for a light freeze for inland areas. We’ll see.

Saturday, Sunday, and beyond

This weekend looks to see mostly sunny skies, with highs in the 60s. Yes, my friends, a sunny weekend. It should be something. We’ll be on the start of a warming trend by Sunday, with highs climbing into the low 70s by the early part of next week.

30 Jan 18:26

a DNA test revealed the CEO is my half brother … and he’s freaking out

by Ask a Manager

This post, a DNA test revealed the CEO is my half brother … and he’s freaking out , was written by Alison Green and published on Ask a Manager.

A reader writes:

My dad gave the whole family DNA ancestry kits for the holidays, and it turns out the CEO of the company I work for is my half-brother.

Dad’s not the kind of guy to gift everyone DNA kits as a way of telling us he had a secret love child, so I don’t think he knew he had another kid. We’re all grown-ups and know where babies come from and that things aren’t always what we expect, so I have a feeling this is a shock to everyone. The CEO’s company bio says he’s a “proud Texan, born and raised.” Dad was stationed in Texas ten years before he met and married my mother. The timeline all fits and so do the genes, I guess.

None of my siblings have initiated contact and neither has Dad.

I’ve met the CEO a few times but he works out of the corporate headquarters across the country from the smaller division where I work. About a week after I got my results, an email went out from the head of HR stating that all staff had to take a refresher training on nepotism. The training also included a new clause that said something like “staff are not entitled to privileges personal or professional if familial relation by genes or marriage to executive or management staff is known or unknown or discovered during employment.” Other than being clunky verbiage, I felt like it was aimed at me. I found out no other branch had to retake the nepotism training and the email only came to our office. My manager later pulled me in personally to ask if I had any questions about the policy. She was vague and uncomfortable, and I said I wanted to know why nobody else was brought in 1:1 to talk about the policy and why no other branch had to do the training. She just kind of ignored the question and said she was just following instructions, so now I think this was aimed at me.

I’m happy to drop the whole thing. I’m sure he feels as uncomfortable as I do about this, but to weaponize HR and make my coworkers waste a whole day on mandatory training just to put up a boundary seems messed up. A simple personal email of “Hey, I saw this. I don’t know what to make of it. Please give me space and don’t bring it to work” would have sufficed. Even ignoring it would have been fine by me too since I wasn’t sure I wanted to be the one to initiate a conversation about this without having talked to my dad first. Dad has gotten his results back, obviously, and he’s avoiding the conversation. This is a big elephant in the room made a little harder by the fact that I work for this guy.

What bothers me the most is that weaponizing HR with the intent to make sure I know not to ask for perks feels messed up. I’ve been with the company for five years and have a great reputation. At least I did. What do I do?

I wrote back to this letter-writer and asked, “To make sure I understand, would the CEO have been alerted to these results too, and been able to see your name and connected it to you? Is the company small enough that he’d even make that connection?

Yeah, the company is about 200 full-time employees mostly in our two states. He follows a lot of employees on LinkedIn and I’m in a marketing role so my team is in touch with corporate a lot. I’ve only met him in person a few times, but some projects bring me in close proximity to him and his direct staff. The DNA test has an app, and you get notifications regularly via email and I think push notifications on your phone if you opt-in. I have no way of knowing what he opted into, so I assumed he didn’t know until the weird training.

He has now blocked me on LinkedIn and all social media, and has blocked all my siblings and my parents. I think the jig is up. How do I make sure my job is secure?

Oh no. What a situation.

And what a reaction from the CEO! I mean, yes, this is awkward, but to handle it via a nepotism training targeting only your office and pointedly remind you that you’re not entitled to any special privileges (including “if a familial relation … is discovered during employment”?!) and then having your manager do that weird one-on-one meeting with you to make sure you didn’t have questions?

As if you were about to start demanding a raise and a promotion and your own private bathroom because you share a father. Without even talking to you first.

I don’t want to come down too hard on him because he’s obviously freaking out (and who knows, he might be reeling from learning someone he thought was his father is not his father and maybe he sees you as the walking embodiment of that) … but this is a bit bananas.

I think you’ve got two options. The first is to ignore it. Demonstrate through your very pointed lack of response and lack of requests for special treatment that nothing has changed on your side at work. Figure that maybe his frenzy of self-protective activity will die down in the next few weeks as he adjusts to the news.

The other option is to send him a note that says something like, “I want you to know this isn’t something I plan to follow up on in any way and as far as I’m concerned, it’s your private business. Please don’t worry about it coming up at work.”

The tricky thing, of course, is that a note could make things worse — now you’re confirming you got the news too and you are speaking of it, which can upset people who are working hard to forge boundaries against ever discussing a thing. Or it could make things better — if he’s been worried that you’re going to show up in his office wanting to bond as siblings or that you’ll gossip about the situation at the office, here’s assurance that you’re not. It could set him at ease. There’s no knowing.

The flip side of that is that if you ignore the whole thing, there’s no guarantee that will set him at ease either. He could remain horribly uncomfortable and look for opportunities to push you out, or might hold you back professionally. (Like if you’re up for a promotion that would have you working more closely with him, will he squash that? Will he subtly discourage others from working with you? Reveal a discomfort when your name comes up which makes other people assume there’s something unsavory about you?)

He seems so freaked out right now that personally I’d go the note route; I’d just feel better having said something. But that’s not necessarily the right course of action.

In theory, a third option could be to talk to HR and tell them you’re worried about repercussions to the CEO’s discovery. Interestingly, there’s a law that could be in play here — the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA), which prohibits employers from discriminating on the basis of genetic information, including info about an employee’s genetic tests or the genetic test of a family member. GINA would make it illegal for the CEO to fire you based on what he’s learned. HR would presumably care about that. In reality, though, if the CEO wants you gone for personal reasons, it’s probably going to happen at some point — and even if it doesn’t, there are still ways for his discomfort to harm your career, even if he doesn’t intend it to (see examples above).

Honestly, and I’m sorry to say it, I’d start putting out feelers at other companies. I’m not saying to quit tomorrow — you can give this some time and see how it plays out — but you’ve been there five years, it’s not an unreasonable time to start looking around anyway, and it wouldn’t hurt to have already done some groundwork if you do realize at some point that you’re better off moving on.

30 Jan 18:15

ChatGPT Forced To Take Bar Exam Even Though Dream Was To Be AI Art Bot

MINNEAPOLIS—Succumbing to intense societal pressure, local software ChatGPT was reportedly forced to take the bar exam Monday even though its dream was to be an AI art bot. “I can’t help but feel like I sold out a bit by not following my dreams to be a generative art model,” said the chatbot, adding that it felt empty…


30 Jan 00:29

Nick Bosa Quietly Admits To Offensive Tackle That Being Held Feels Nice

PHILADELPHIA—As the players stood around on the field during a timeout in the NFC Championship game, San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa was reportedly heard quietly admitting to Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle Jordan Mailata that being held feels nice. “I’m just saying, it’s a tough game, and being able…


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Periods of heavy rain and thunder could lead to street flooding Sunday across the Houston area

by Matt Lanza

Good morning. We just wanted to offer a Sunday post for a couple reasons. First, obviously, after this week’s storms, we know a lot of people are going to be sensitive to the mention (or sound) of thunderstorms. Secondly, we have more confidence in today’s forecast.

What’s changed since Friday? Honestly, not a whole lot. We’re getting areas of heavy rain, as expected. But I think both confidence and intensity of heavy rain has increased enough for us to place the area under a Stage 1 flood alert on our flood scale.

We have already seen parts of western Harris County, which were hardest hit this past week in terms of rain see over 2 inches of rainfall. The Weather Prediction Center has kept much of the area under a slight risk (level 2/4) of excessive rainfall for today.

Most of the area is under a “slight risk” of excessive rainfall today. (NOAA)

Basically, given Tuesday’s rain, the fact that today’s rain is performing or overperforming to this point, and the shorter-range model guidance for the rest of today, we felt it necessitated an upgrade in messaging. So, please watch for areas of street flooding, especially across western Harris, northern Harris, southern Montgomery, Liberty, and Chambers Counties today, east to Beaumont.

Expected rainfall today from the NWS. Some areas have already seen close to these amounts, so this is why we emphasize that these maps should be taken as an “average” forecast. Rain totals could reach 3 to 5 inches under the most persistent heavy rain bands today.

Radar as of 8:35 shows numerous areas of heavier rainfall, especially near Liberty and Cleveland, as well as across northern and western Harris, Montgomery, and Wharton Counties.

Radar as of 8:35 shows widespread areas of heavy rainfall. Street flooding remains the biggest concern today. (RadarScope)

With a front essentially crawling across the area today, repetitive rounds of storms are likely, and that’s why we have the flooding risk. Rain tapers to isolated showers this evening.

Severe weather

We want to be clear about today’s forecast. Two things can be true simultaneously: 1.) Some of the storms later this morning or this afternoon could be strong to severe. 2.) This setup looks absolutely nothing like the one that caused Tuesday’s severe weather and tornado outbreak.

The entire region is outlooked in a marginal (level 1/5) risk for severe weather today. Very isolated strong to severe storms are possible, but this setup is nothing at all like Tuesday’s was. (NOAA)

This looks to be more of a classic Houston severe weather setup, with the risk for isolated cells producing gusty winds, hail, or yes, even a brief spinup. The odds of this are modestly higher east of Houston into Louisiana. I wouldn’t dwell on this too much about this today, but I also did not experience a tornado on Tuesday, so I get it. It’s a good idea to just monitor the weather through the afternoon to be safe.

Monday & Tuesday

Additional showers are possible on both Monday and Tuesday this week, but at this time, we do not expect heavy rainfall. That chance may increase later in the week, however.

The front is going to essentially stall out over the area. What that does is create challenges for temperature forecasting. I would anticipate Monday being a cool day right now with temperatures generally in the 50s. All bets are off on Tuesday and beyond. Ensemble guidance projects high temperatures on Tuesday could be as low as 50 degrees or as warm as 75 degrees. Basically, the exact location of the front will determine how warm or cool we get in the days ahead. Have your wardrobe planned for multiple seasons this week. Eric will detail this more on Monday. We will update (if needed) again later today.

29 Jan 19:30

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - End Times


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I think we can run out the clock of we get a doomsaying AI going.

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