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14 May 11:46

Unintentional framework

by CommitStrip
17 Nov 01:50

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Vampire


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Come to think of it, probably any mythological creature has some legitimate grievances with humanity.

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17 Nov 01:46

Earth-Like Exoplanet

Fire is actually a potential biosignature, since it means something is filling the atmosphere with an unstable gas like oxygen. If we find a planet covered in flames, it might be an indicator that it supports life. Or used to, anyway, before the fire.
27 Oct 22:57

Foucault Pendulum

Trust me, you don't want to get on the wrong side of the paramilitary enforcement arm of the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service.
27 Oct 20:41

A Nice Day

by Reza
05 Sep 15:27


by Doug


And more trees.

05 Sep 15:20


02 Sep 13:01

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Digital Arts


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I keep trying to think of a joke, but I just can't improve on the profundity of the red button comic.

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02 Sep 12:59

Love Song

by Reza
02 Sep 12:52

Geologic Time

Ok, well, we'll be sure to pay you sometime soon, geologically speaking.
30 Aug 19:15


My brother once asked me if there was a function to produce a calendar grid from a list of dates in Google Sheets. I replied with a single-cell formula that took in a list of dates and outputted a calendar. It used SEQUENCE(), REGEXMATCH(), and a double-nested ARRAYFORMULA(), and it locked up the browser for 15 seconds every time it ran. I think he learned a lot about asking me things.
30 Aug 18:51

It’s an art

by CommitStrip

30 Aug 18:50

Stop messing around

by CommitStrip

30 Aug 18:44

Front-End Traditions

by CommitStrip

30 Aug 18:37

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30 Aug 18:22

Cientistas nos anos 90 e agora

by O Criador

Um meteoro não cairia (literalmente falando) mal =)
tag: buraco negro

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19 May 01:09

Comic for March 30, 2019

by Scott Adams
21 Apr 21:58

Zero Risk

by CommitStrip

21 Apr 21:56

How to Take a Serious Look at What You're Doing

by Scott Meyer

It’s eight years later, and men’s deodorant scents continue to be nonsense. I currently favor “Cool Wave,” myself, because who doesn’t want to smell like a cool wave.

Note: they don’t specify what it’s a cool wave of.

Note from Missy: At least guys get scents other than flowers, even if they’re mysterious waves. If you’re a woman who thinks floral scents are disgusting, there are very few options.  If someone made a deodorant that gently smelled of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, or Froot Loops, or pepperoni pizza, I’d stock up on that shizz immediately.

As always, thanks for using my Amazon Affiliate links (USUKCanada).

21 Apr 21:55

Portrait of a Parent Reading

by Grant
21 Apr 21:55

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Profound


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I wonder what the longest-payoff prank ever pulled was. Are there any that span generations?

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21 Apr 21:55

Follow Your Dreams

by Doug
21 Apr 21:54

Burro (II)

by ricardo coimbra
Outra tira da série publicada no zine LIMITES DO WALMOR
21 Apr 15:30


by CommitStrip